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I’ve been devoting myself to helping my sister, but I’m quitting today


According to her childhood promise, Charlotte has been devoting herself to helping her sister.

She had endured no matter how foolish it seemed, but when she entered school, she broke.

Her sister made a fool of Charlotte at the school.

──── It was so bad that even the most excellent sister couldn’t take it, and Charlotte becomes isolated as soon as she enters school.

If the next three years are wasted as it is, the Viscount’s daughter Charlotte has no future.

Cause if she can’t find a fiancé by the time she graduates from school, Charlotte, the daughter of a weak aristocrat, has no happy future.

If she goes on like this, she would marry an old man who is as old as her father.


Weighing her relationship with her sister and her future, Charlotte makes a decision.

“I want to marry a nice person and live a peaceful life! So ──── I’ll quit being my sister’s foil today!”

Charlotte, who quit being her sister’s foil, shows her true ability and overwhelms even the teachers!

Charlotte, who knows neither restraint nor hesitation, pushes forward to grasp a happy future!

Raws: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7491hb/

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Might want to fix the whole “Yurisys” translation for “Ulysses” made me laugh tho

  2. I have 2 sides : Oh my precious children!! and I’ll chop your head clean off before you can pray…

  3. Loose lipped Lionel strikes again

  4. This isn’t a story about the MC growing up and developing pharmaceutics. This is a story about a boy who…

  5. Well at least he’s finally realizing that he’s a complete pushover

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