Chapter 42

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Chapter 42- Jealousy and impatience (Scarlet side)

Having successfully passed the qualifying round, I peered at the venue from the players’ corridor as I prepared for the quarterfinal match.

The venue, called the Eto World dome, was surrounded by a barrier to protect the spectators and the waiting players.

This was done because the magic division, unlike the other divisions, could cause a lot of damage to the surroundings.

It’s not easy to break the barriers, since they were put up by all the teachers of magic….. But this year, Charlotte is here, so I’m worried. That kid is likely to destroy the barrier with just one hand.

With a melancholic look, I touched the translucent barrier and turned to the purple-haired beauty with a blue cloak.

My sister, who is facing the other player within the barrier, looks forward with a dignified attitude that does not make her look uneasy.

She looked comfortable, although her opponent was in second grade.

“── So, we’ll now begin the preliminary match between Joshua Freddie Thomas, second year D, and Charlotte Luna Meyers, first year C. Please take a stance, both of you.”

Joshua and Charlotte thrust their palms out in front of them as the voice of the MC, made louder by loudspeaker magic, rang out.

The audience was excited about the upcoming seventh game and the players raised their magic power.

“No instant death magic allowed. Please begin────.”

The last preliminary match finally began as Joshua and Charlotte opened their mouths almost simultaneously.



In the face of the fire magic that was deployed as if it were the first move, Charlotte invoked a defensive intermediate magic.

The multiple spears of flame that appeared were like rain falling on Charlotte, but they were blocked by the barriers that she had deployed.

It was translucent and surrounded her in a circle, repelling the flaming spear. Thanks to this, Charlotte was not injured at all.

“Even though it’s the same intermediate magic, it’s not an easy thing to prevent my Fire Lance. I’m going to give it my all────, “Fire Tornado”!”

Deploying a magic that ranks high among intermediate magic, the opposing player created a tornado of flames.

Fire Tornado, a combination of fire and wind, is a magic that chooses its user.

There is no doubt that the other player is an excellent mage. But, however, it will not work for….. Charlotte.

“Go and strike down my enemies!”

Joshua pointed at Charlotte and set the flaming tornado in motion.

The tornado of flames began to move forward in accordance with his will, slowly closing the distance between him and Charlotte.

The speed is not so fast that you can avoid it if you want to, but the purple-haired beauty does not move from her spot.

Then ──── she was hit by a tornado of flames.

With a dry, gurgling sound, a cloud of dust rose up and covered Charlotte’s figure.

The bright red flames stayed where they were, scattering sparks of fire.

Although there is a barrier, it will not be able to withstand such an attack ──── While everyone was thinking, the tornado of flames disappears.

When the dust that had risen gradually settled and visibility became clear ─── the hall was in an uproar.

This is because the girl who was thought to have collapsed was standing there without a care in the world.

“Ah, impossible ……! How could you have endured an attack like that?”

“The barrier magic she used was protection, right? I don’t think it can withstand the Fire Tornado……”

“Maybe she put a lot of magic into the barrier or maybe her magic is just too strong….”

Upset, fear, and envy …… swirled in the hall, Charlotte took a step forward.

Along with that, the translucent barrier also moves forward a little.

“This time it’s my turn ──── << Lightning Shot >>”

Charlotte pointed her fingertips forward with her index finger and thumb up and chanted, something laser-like shot out of her index finger.

It flew with a bang and was so fast that there was no time to prevent it from hitting Joshua in the side.

At that moment ──── his body convulsed and he fell backwards.

He rolled over on his back, his eyes white.

I didn’t expect lightning magic! I knew she could use ice magic, but I didn’t expect her to be able to use lightning magic, which is rarely used. ……! How many talents is that girl blessed with? ……!

I clenched my fists and cursed the reality of inequality, “Why is it that Charlotte is able to use……?”

I stared at the purple-haired beauty, overhearing the moderator declaring the outcome of the victory.

Charlotte is my sister! I am her older sister! There must be no younger sister who is better than her older sister! Otherwise…

“Otherwise, I won’t be ──── happy!”

I wrinkled my brow and let out my true feelings without any falsehoods.

My body trembled as my emotions soared.

While my head was filled with anger and impatience, Charlotte and the other player left after the seventh game.

Well, the unconscious Joshua was just carried out on a stretcher. ……

“──── Next, we will move on to the eighth match of the quarterfinals. Players, please enter.”

I hurriedly released my tightly clenched hands as I was urged to enter.

My emotions, which had been raging as if cold water had been poured on me, quickly calmed down and I became calm.

I put my hand over my mouth and looked around, relieved to see that no one was around.

I can’t let anyone see me like that. …… Especially not His Highness Leo.

“I’ll have to be careful next time …….”

I muttered to myself, took a small deep breath, and looked ahead.

The barrier on the aisles has been temporarily lifted and the opposing player had already begun to enter.

“Is Scarlett-san here yet?”

I took a glance at the buzzing crowd and slowly walked out.

As soon as I stepped into the venue, the barriers in the corridors were immediately reestablished.

I need to spend as little magic as possible to win. If Charlotte continues to win…… no, she’ll win for sure. Just to fight me…..

So I need to conserve as much magic power as possible.

Staring at my own palm, I stopped in the middle of the hall and looked up.

“So, we will now begin the quarterfinals between Lilliana Ciel Holden of Class 3-D and Scarlett Rosa Meyers of Class 3-A. Please take a stance, both of you.”

I looked at Liliana-san, who I had met in the semifinals last year and held out my hand.

Lilliana, who was looking at me with a nervous expression, also held out her palm to me.

“You can’t use instant death magic. Please begin────.”

With the announcement of the start of the game, Lilliana-san and I said our chants in unison.


“”Soil Up.””

After levitating myself with levitation magic, I flew up to the very edge of the ceiling.

When I looked down, I saw that the soil where I had been had risen about ten meters.

It looks like her fighting style hasn’t changed much. I had a hard time with her earth magic last year.

She’s really good at using the terrain. But if comes to aerial combat, it’s mine.

“” Fireball “” Fireball “” Fireball “”

Knowing no shame, I deployed several elementary magic and manifested more than thirty balls of flame.

In order to reduce the consumption of magic power as much as possible, I adopted a tactic that lands a few hits.

If it had been me before, I would have said, “That fighting style is not suitable for a vice president,” and quit.

But with a fight against Charlotte on the horizon, there was no time to worry about that.

“Oh, Soil War …….”

Lilliana-san hurriedly tried to take a defensive stance, but I was a little quicker than her.

I swung my hand down as hard as I could and dropped all the balls of flame floating in the air.

It rained down, mercilessly hitting Liliana-san, burning her clothes and body.


She, who had no aptitude for water magic or wind magic, ran around the venue screaming.

There was no time to create a magic circle to put out the fire, so Liliana-san tried to shake off the fire with her hands.

It was elementary magic, so it wasn’t very powerful, but it would hurt anyone if they were burned by the flames. I was almost certain that I would win.


“Eh, no! Are you still coming to ……? Wait! Wait, ……!”

As I deployed additional flame magic, Lilliana-san became teary-eyed.

Then, in half desperation, she shouted.

“Alright! I give up, so please don’t do that again…..!”

‘I’m going to lose my hair!’ Lilliana-san who was sobbing held up her hands as if to offer total surrender.

She looks like she’s about to start crying, so I counteract the additional fire magic for now.

I glanced back at the moderator and he soon declared my victory.

While the rescue team hurriedly extinguished Liliana-san ‘s flames, I softly landed on the ground.

I’ve managed to keep my magic consumption to a minimum. If I continue to win at this rate, I’ll be able to keep about 80% of my magic power….. unless there was a freshman with ridiculous powers and students who have grown rapidly over the past year……

Well, I’m not nearly as confident in my ability to beat Charlotte, even if I were at full strength. …… If I could, I would win without fighting her. Can someone please make Charlotte abstain?

Even though I knew it was absolutely impossible, I couldn’t help but wish for it.

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  1. Not a very good sister. It’s normal to be competitive but since she knows she’s going to lose, she doesn’t want her compete at all

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