Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Magic Studies

After a dreamy night of being escorted by the third prince of the Kingdom of Soleil, ──── another depressing day has begun. The people around me are annoyed with me and treat me like a boil, and I’m still a nobody today. The only difference is my state of mind. I don’t have to support my sister anymore. I don’t have to act mediocre, and I don’t have to hide my abilities. I have to show my true ability for my future and my school life, and win friends and my future husband!

I clenched my fists and strengthened my resolve as I thought about my plan to demonstrate my abilities. There was no feeling of “it’s too much work”, only a sense of mission and motivation that “I’ll definitely do it”. 

“Let’s prepare just in case”, I said to myself as I opened my first-period textbook then the chime of the bell rang in my ears.

“──── Okay, everyone, take your seats.”

With the sound of the classroom door opening, a voice like a ringing bell shook my eardrums. I looked up from my textbook and saw a woman wearing a pointy hat. She was dressed in a navy blue robe, she stood on the podium, her brown hair curling gently at the ends.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Bianca Weiss Bryant──── your first-year Magic Studies teacher. I look forward to working with you for the next year.”

Closing her reddish-orange eyes, Bianca-Sensei gave a small bow. I clapped my hands, feeling a sense of déjà vu as she smiled softly at me. I don’t know why, but I felt she looked familiar. What is it about her that makes me feel like I’ve met her somewhere before…? No, I’m pretty sure I’ve never met her before, but she looks like someone else, or… A young man comes to my mind as I ponder, “Hmmm… The brown-haired young man who looked good with a gentle smile also had the surname “Bryant”. Ah! That’s it! She looks like Isaac sama! That’s why I felt such a sense of déjà vu…! They have the same last name and the same vibe. I think they’re either siblings or cousins.

“As some of you may have already guessed, Student Council Treasurer Isaac Kenneth Bryant is my brother. I’m very proud of him and he’s very talented, but though I’m in contact with you students, I’m a member of the school faculty so I would appreciate it if you remember that.”

Bianca-sensei shrugged her shoulders and indirectly said, “Don’t use me as a bridge between you and Isaac.”

She must have had some trouble with that kind of thing. That may be the reason why she, the daughter of a Marquis, became in charge of first-grade magic studies.

 Many students want to get close to the members of the student council, and some of them are willing to do whatever it takes… In addition, Isaac sama is a close friend of Crown Prince Leonardo, so there’s a lot of people who want to know him. I couldn’t help but smile bitterly as I saw how hard it was for Bianca-sensei, who had a brilliant younger brother. While about half of my classmates looked at the teacher with sympathy, she coughed to change the mood.

“Now that we’ve introduced ourselves let’s start the class. Let’s start with the basics.”

Bianca sensei picked up a piece of white chalk and began to write on the blackboard. As I stared at her back, I silently rejoiced, “Finally, the time has come!” The brown-haired woman looks back at us, her eyes shining brightly.

“There are four types of magic. Sorcery, speech, summoning, and prayer. …… Can anyone briefly state the characteristics of each?”

I was the first to raise my hand to answer Bianca sensei’s question. My classmates’ eyes widen at my attitude. They seemed surprised to see that I was not the dark-hearted, passive person they’d seen a few days ago.

“I see that you’re motivated. Now, you, please answer me.”

Perhaps she didn’t know about the rumors about me, or perhaps she wasn’t interested in them, but Bianca sensei calmly chose me. I was so excited to have a chance to clear my name that I stood up and happily replied.

“Sorcery is the art of witchcraft, speech is the art of chanting, summoning is the art of borrowing the power of spirits and holy beasts, and prayer is the ability to perform different actions by simply wishing. As a side note, prayer is also called phantom magic because there are extremely few people who can practice it. Some mages believe that prayer is the true magic.”

“Yes, that’s correct. You may sit down now.”

Bianca sensei nodded with a soft expression and motioned me to sit back in my chair. Then my classmates, who had been staring at my actions as if in a haze, came to their senses and hurriedly looked forward. Since the question was about the basics of magical science, I won’t be praised. But I guess I’ve shown them that I’m not the same person I was yesterday. I’d like to answer a difficult question next time. If possible, I’d like to be allowed to practice, too…

“She’s right, there are very few people who can practice the art of prayer, and many aspects of it are unknown. Therefore, I can only teach you three things: sorcery, speech, and summoning. I can teach you about the few prayer techniques which are known but don’t expect too much. Now, please open your textbook to page 19. Let’s do some simple magic today and call it a day.”

I have no clue if she read my “I’d like to be allowed to practice” thought but the brown-haired woman announced that we would be practicing magic then drew a large circle on the blackboard and started writing numbers and letters in it. I flipped through the pages of my textbook and looked at the magic circle on page 19. It’s a light element magic circle. It’s very common magic used as a candle. It’s not lethal, and it won’t harm anyone.

“As you all know, the nature of each element has little to do with magic. Unless you’re incompatible, you can use any element. However, the effect of magic and the amount of magic power consumed will change depending on whether the compatibility is good or bad, so please be careful about that. “

After Bianca sensei finished drawing the magic circle on the blackboard, she put down the chalk and looked back at us.

“The magic circle we’ll use this time is a light element one. It’s just candlelight, but you could fail, so be careful. Now ────whoever is ready please create the magic circle.”

With these words, the students began to draw a magic circle in the air. A thin thread made of magical power is released from the palm of the hand or fingertips, and a magic circle is constructed with it. Basically, a magic circle can only be activated if it is drawn with your own magical power, you have to build a magic circle every time just like this. This was the biggest drawback of sorcery, and also the most troublesome aspect of it. Sorcery is useful because it allows for precise control and specifications, but it’s not suitable for combat. Because you’d definitely get killed before you finish drawing the magic circle. That’s why I don’t usually use it but in class… I have no choice. I exhaled, “Phew…” and turned my palms to the ceiling. Then, I started to make the circle, thinking of the example magic circle that I completely memorized details and all. Maybe it was because I was drawing the magic circle with multiple threads, but the magic circle was quickly forming. Even though I was one step behind the other students, I completed the magic circle before anyone else.

“Impossible… it’s too early.”

“Isn’t Miss Charlotte supposed to be incompetent?”

“Well, she should be …”

“But there’s no way an incompetent could do that!”

In the noisy classroom, I smile to myself with satisfaction. My classmates were upset by the fact that I who was thought of as a failure had done what they couldn’t. As they stopped working, I said, “One more push,” and activated the magic circle. The magic circle ────which was purple like my hair color, shimmered slightly and emitted a dazzling white light. It was so bright that everyone in the room reflexively shut their eyes. A minute after the white light filled the classroom of Class C… the dazzling light quickly disappeared, as if the effect time of the magic had expired. I just put a little more magic power than the required amount, but I didn’t expect the effect to be this much… This is a bit unexpected. The magical effect of the light was clearly more than a candle, “Did I go a little overboard?” As I was thinking this, Bianca sensei took a step forward. The brown-haired woman staring at me in a daze expressed her astonishment and put her hand on her forehead.

“It’s impossible… for common everyday magic to produce this much light… As far as I could see, there was no flaw in the magic circle. Then, there are two possibilities. Either she’s very compatible with the light element, or ──── her magic power is quite powerful…”

Bianca sensei mumbled to herself, she shook her head from side to side as if to say, “Unbelievable…” 

My classmates were bewildered by her reaction and asked, “You mean there wasn’t a flaw in the magic circle?” 

As expected of a teacher at Frügel Academy, Bianca-sensei is very perceptive. As she says, my magic power is quite powerful. And there’s a lot of it. The magic that exists in our bodies is an energy that’s created by taking mana and oxygen from the air and combining them. The ratio of mana to oxygen and the rate of energy conversion vary greatly from person to person. The higher the concentration of mana, the better the quality of the magic, and the larger the magic volume in the heart, the greater the amount of magic power. And for some reason, I had a high concentration of mana in my magic power, and the magic volume in my heart was large.

“Oh, you… what’s your name?”

Pointing at me, Bianca sensei asked me my name in a hushed voice. I guess she needed to know my name to report this to her superiors. Bianca-sensei doesn’t seem to have any prejudice against me, and I don’t think she’ll do anything bad to me… Well, whatever the case, I’ll answer honestly, because even if I hide my name, she’ll find out soon enough.

“I’m Charlotte Luna Meyers.”

“Meyers… so you’re Miss Scarlett’s sister?”

I answer “yes”, feeling déjà vu to her asking the same question Isaac sama did. Then Bianca sensei said, “Oh, I see.” Apparently, she has a very high opinion of my sister.

“If you’re Miss Scarlett’s sister, it makes sense that you would have extraordinary powers. Well, it’s still pretty insane power, though…”

Bianca sensei straightened her posture and stretched her back, sighing half in amazement and half in admiration. ──── and then the chime rings, signaling the end of the class.

“That’s it for today’s lesson. Please be sure to review your work.”

Leaving the students still in a state of shock, Bianca sensei finished the class and said, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow,” then left.

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