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Chapter 22- Revenge

We will now begin the retest of Grayson Lee Soleil ──── 《Wind Cutter》.”

With the announcement of the start, Sensei deploys elementary wind magic and manifests a blade of wind.

It’s a mass of wind and it rushes through the air in time with the teacher’s movements.

His Highness Grayson did not blink an eye in front of the blade of wind that was coming at him at a tremendous speed.

<<Aqua Shot>>

Pointing his index finger forward, His Highness Grayson activated intermediate water magic.

A ball of water appeared from his fingertip as if it was puffing up and when it reached a certain size, it compressed.

The ball, which had changed to the size of a pea, reflecting light and glazed over──── was released from the fingertip of His Highness Grayson with a powerful swoosh.

The water bullet, which is as fast as a bullet, hits the blade of wind that is right under his nose. Then, with a cracking sound, the wind blade and the water bullet were blown apart.

The water falls to the ground, following gravity, while the wind scatters in all directions.

Good …… looks like he’s off to a good start. If he keeps going at this rate, he’ll pass with a perfect score.

I relax my shoulders slightly and my tense expression softens.

I know that the test has only just begun, but I feel a little bit more relaxed.

<<Water Arrow>>


The teacher and His Highness Grayson, who deployed elementary water magic and intermediate fire magic respectively, unleash attacks on each other.

The arrows of water and spears of flame created by the magic were drawn to each other like magnets and collided.

As the heat of the fire spread through the barrier, the teacher quickly deployed the next magic.

His Highness Grayson shot a spear of water into the ball of flame that was released one after the other.

There was no way that a beginner’s level flame would be able to compete with the water, which contained an abundance of magic power and it disappeared, leaving only a little smoke.

So far he has made no small mistakes and is performing his tests perfectly…… which is amazing considering that he’s fighting while concentrating on the flow of blood. I think I would definitely lose my concentration halfway through.

<<Wind Cutter>>

<<Fire Breath>>

As soon as he heard the chanting of the wind magic, His Highness Grayson immediately deployed his flame magic and turned his palm forward.

As his magic power slowly increased, the teacher quickly sent the manifested wind blade flying.

Facing the rapidly approaching mass of air, His Highness Grayson shoots a bright red flame from his palm. It blew out like a waterfall, caught the wind blade accurately and crashed into it. The blade of wind, pushed by the momentum of the flame, scattered and eventually disappeared──── but the flame, still vigorous, continued straight ahead.

Oh, that? Isn’t this kind of bad ……? Won’t it hit the test supervisor or something……?

Dripping in a cold sweat, I turn my eyes in the direction of the flames with jerky movements.

Assuming the worst, I turned a little pale, but ──── I didn’t see the teacher there.

“What’s that?” While tilting my head, the red flame crashes directly into the boundary. I caught a glimpse of the flame as it disappeared as if nothing had happened and when I let my gaze wander, I saw the figure of the teacher behind ──── His Highness Grayson.

When did he get there……? I didn’t notice him at all!

“How could he do that in his old age?” I was so astonished that I involuntarily pressed my lips.

I couldn’t hide my agitation, but the teacher held out his wrinkled hand to His Highness Grayson.

<<Rock Attack!>>

The teacher, who chose earth magic for his final attack, manifests a small stone with a pointed tip.

His Highness Grayson caught it with a sideways glance and squinted his eyes.

──── 《Aqua Sword》

Deploying intermediate water magic, His Highness Grayson sprays a large amount of water from the palm of his hand.

The water that sprayed out gathered in one place like a creature with a will and changed its shape. The vague outline gradually became clearer and clearer, creating a light blue sword. Symmetrical, it was beautiful and there was no waste at all.

A magic sword. This is another …… elementary magic.

──── Magic sword.

It is, as the name suggests, a sword made of magic. The magic sword has an overwhelming destructive power that brings various effects according to its attributes. However, most people don’t use it because it requires a large amount of magic power and excellent control to maintain its shape and hardness. If one loses concentration even for a moment, the sword becomes useless immediately.

Magically made arrows and spears are focused on throwing, so the shape itself is of little value. It’s because it’s meaningful to hit the target with fire or wind, which are the materials of the weapon.

But magic swords are different. In order for it to function as a sword, the shape must be well defined, maintained and hardened. Moreover, it was difficult in many ways because of the sustained absorption of magic power.

It’s not that difficult to make a magic sword with earth magic, but it is very difficult to make a water or fire sword that is difficult to grasp the substance. I can make a magic sword, but I don’t use it because I don’t feel like I can master it. Well, sometimes I make them as a hobby, like the ones with …… butterfly decorations on them.

While digging the magic sword, which has no practical use whatsoever, out of the depths of my memory, the teacher released a pointed stone at close range.

In front of the stone, which closed the distance in an instant, His Highness Grayson swung the magic sword without changing color.

His swordsmanship is unparalleled and with blinding speed, he not only blocked the stone…… but also chopped it into pieces.

In an instant, the broken stones fall to the ground one after another. His Highness Grayson, having witnessed this, quickly removed his hand from the magic sword and removed it from under his control. A moment later, the light blue sword turned to liquid and created a small puddle on the ground.

Stunning! Not only in shape and hardness, but also in sharpness. But I wonder if ──── isn’t this against the rules? It’s true that the sword was made by magic, but I’m not sure if it’s safe or not. But that doesn’t mean it’s out of the question. Because there was no magical designation or restriction at all.

The teacher who supervised the test let out a laugh as I looked on anxiously, wondering what the decision would be.

“Ha-ha-ha. I didn’t think you would come like this. You were pretty good.”

Squinting with amusement, the teacher said happily, “I haven’t had such a fun match in a long time”.

His Highness Grayson, who was embarrassed and puckering his cheeks, thanked him for his time.

“So, the results of the retest are……”

“Oh, yes. As for the last magic sword, I’ll have to check with Bianca-sensei, but …… well, it should be fine. It’s not against the rules. For now, I’ll give you a perfect score for the retest. If there are any problems, Bianca-sensei will contact you at a later date.”

“I understand.”

His Highness Grayson’s expression softened slightly as if relieved and his shoulders finally relaxed.

He looked a little tired, as if he had been concentrating too hard.

I guess he got the perfect score he’d been hoping for. I’m glad he got his revenge. But it’s not a definite result yet. But I’m sure Bianca-sensei would approve of it. At least, she won’t say it’s completely out of the question.

My cheeks relax and I look down at my slightly sweaty palms and squint.

“I guess I was more nervous than I thought,” I chuckle and cleanse myself with purification magic.

I take one look at His Highness Grayson as he walks out of the barrier and quietly leave the training hall.

I would like to see His Highness Grayson once before I leave. I know he’s tired, but I want to at least say “Good job”.

I want to do this for His Highness who has worked hard and I get on my feet as my emotions dictate.

“Should I go straight back to the dorm?” As I wandered around the school building thinking──── I suddenly saw a familiar figure at the edge of my vision.

I have to get out of here before he finds me…….! If he finds me, I’ll definitely get in trouble….!

Feeling a sense of urgency, I quietly changed my direction of travel and began to stretch my legs ──── but someone grabbed me by the shoulders with a jerk.

“────What a coincidence to meet here, isn’t it? Charlotte-san.”

Saying so and smiling at me was ──── the beautiful Crown Prince Leonardo, as usual.

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