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Just another Isekai Lover~

Another world swordsmith magic sword making diary


A swordsmith Lutz that doesn't sell. One day, he made a sword with a bewitchingly beautiful appearance.

He tried to sell it off for money and fame, but if he thought about it, he had no help to sell.

Claudia, a female merchant, is wrongfully arrested and gives up her sword in order to rescue her.

The Lutzes are overwhelmed by Claudia, who has lost her home and property, and start a new life.

On the other hand, the sword flowed and fell into the hands of the magician, who was said to be the best in the count's domain.

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  1. This novel has the same author as Maseki Gurume, but i wonder why this MC is kinda stupid.Maseki Gurume MC…

  2. Ikr the mc background as a former gamer is so meaningless in this novel.

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