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Chapter 25- Meaningful

Aside from Clarissa-sama, Crown Prince Leonardo is my sister’s love interest, so I thought ‘maybe I can support my sister’s love’, but …… that didn’t happen. I’m not so sure about the reality.

“I don’t know if it’s time for me to walk away now,” I thought, feeling sorry for my sister’s troubled love life.

As I pondered the timing of my escape, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo’s eyes widened as if he had suddenly remembered something.

“Come to think of it, you were a member of the public morals committee, weren’t you?”

“Huh? Yes, but…..”

Why are you saying that now?” I tilted my head, a “?” appeared on top of my head.

As I twisted my head around the unrelated topic, Crown Prince Leonardo loosely lifted the corner of his mouth.

“That means you’re going to participate in that thing. This is good.”

Muttering something meaningful, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo narrowed his eyes in amusement.

While I felt a bad premonition from his smile that even gave me chills, Clarissa-sama, standing next to him, nodded her head and said, “I see”.

Apparently, she understood what Crown Prince Leonardo was trying to say.

What? Did you understand that now…..? I mean, what is that thing!’ I have no idea what you are referring to…..!

“Well, I’ll leave you to it then. I’m sorry we’ve talked about this for so long.”

“I’m sorry too. Let’s talk over a cup of tea next time, shall we?”

The two of them, smiling goodbye to each other, didn’t tell me what “that thing” was after all.

Before I could say, “Wait,” they quickly left the place.

I was left all alone and my mind was troubled by my ever-growing anxiety and the identity of “that thing”.

From the way the story goes, I’m pretty sure it’s related to the Public Discipline Committee, but I have no idea what it’s all about. But it’s true that they’re thinking of something unsavory and I want to deal with it somehow, but with no idea what they’re up to, there’s no way to get a handle on it.

“Oh no!!! What am I supposed to do…..!”

My voice was so hoarse with frustration that I couldn’t help but hold my head in my hands.

While I was devastated by the inevitable reality, I suddenly heard the sound of someone’s footsteps behind me.

“It’s you──── Charlotte-san?”

A familiar voice grazed my ears and when I hurriedly turned around, I saw the figure of His Highness Grayson, whom I had longed to meet so much.

For some reason, I felt very nostalgic, even though I had just met him a few minutes ago. But more than that──── seeing his face strangely calmed my heart.

All the irritation and anxiety subsided and I was enveloped in a tremendous sense of security. It was as if I was being held in my mother’s arms.

For now, let me put off the identity of “that thing” and the purpose of Clarissa and her friends for later. I’m certain nothing will be resolved even if I dwell on it here anyway.

“I’m very happy for you, Your Highness Grayson, for the re-test. It was truly a great match.”

“Oh, thank you. But more importantly, why are you here? I thought you had already gone back to your dormitory…..”

I gave a small shake of my head to His Highness Grayson

“I was just walking around the school building to have a chat with you. I just wanted to say good work out there.”

“I see. I’m sorry you went to all that trouble.”

“No, don’t worry about it. It’s just what I wanted to do. But more than that ──── what are you doing here?”

I tilt my head back and forth while thinking ‘It’s in the other direction from the men’s dormitory’.

While I was wondering if I had forgotten something, His Highness Grayson replied with a poker face.

“I, too, was looking for you.”

“What? You wanted to see me?”

“Oh, I just wanted to thank you for coming to support me. Also, I have another ──── message from Silas-sensei.”

“I was passing by the Botanical Gardens and happened to see him,” says His Highness Grayson, who assures us that the message was only incidental.

I let out a chuckle at his insistence that the main thing was to thank me.

“Thank you for coming to thank me so politely. I’m very glad. By the way, what was the message about?”

“Yeah, I don’t know the details either, but he said──── ‘I need to talk to you about the flame spirit plant…’ He wants you to come to the lab.”

I react with a jerk to the content of the message given in a flat voice.

“About the flame spirit plant…..?”

“Yeah, Silas-sensei sure did say that.”

“I see….”

It turned out that I had not misheard and I pursed my lips.

As I looked down in disappointment, His Highness Grayson tilted his head curiously. “What’s wrong?” He asked and I gave a small shake of my head.

I can’t tell him that I’ve caused a precious medicinal herb to mutate because of me. …… I wonder if he has made any progress in his research on the flame spirit plant? He’s not trying to snatch me up as a sinner, is he……? No, that is indeed not true. If that were the case, the Imperial Guard would have come to the school. He may have just called me to report on his progress, so let me go there anyway.

‘Seeing is believing’ may be a little different, but I concluded that there’s no point in worrying here.

I, tormented by anxiety, managed to rouse myself and made up my mind.

“Thank you for your message, Your Highness Grayson. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to go to the lab.”

“Oh. Go on, be careful and don’t get lost.”

“No, I’m not that directionally challenged! That thing at the entrance ceremony was an accident!”

How long are you going to keep dragging that up! I exclaimed, my cheeks puffed out slightly.

His Highness Grayson let out a chuckle at my insistence that he not treat me like a child.

I stopped moving and my cheeks flushed red as he smiled in amusement.

Huh, a surprise smile is too cunning….! That’s heartbreaking!

‘I like that face…..!’ I muttered, covering my burning cheeks with my hands and turning myself around.

For some reason, I feel like I’m losing and I groan as I leave.

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