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Chapter 24: Suspicious Person?

We then handed over the plant thief we had caught to the knight at the back gate and resumed our rounds ──── the rest of the day was uneventful.

We gathered again in front of the entrance for a short debriefing and then dismissed.

After parting ways with His Highness Grayson, I went downstairs to the changing room to change my clothes and headed for the field.

I was dressed in the blue knight's uniform provided by the school, and the unfamiliar pants style made me uncomfortable.

In the martial arts class, it’s obligatory to wear knight clothes, so I had no choice but to get used to it, but… I still feel uncomfortable.

But what bothered me more was ──── the patrolling of the disciplinary committee.

It's hard to walk for two hours straight.

It's not like you're running, but you're using up a lot of energy.


I think I'll start flying in the air to look around next time.

Fortunately, I have plenty of magic power...

With my shortness of breath, I was more focused on "how to enjoy" than on strengthening my physical strength.

If my servants had been here, they would have said, "No, let's exercise normally…" in disgust.

The good thing is there’s no stopper, and I rushed to the crowd at the center of the ground, thinking "Which one should I focus on, gravity magic or wind magic?"

Then ─── from here and there, greetings came flying "Good morning" and “Good morning.”

"Charlotte, thank you for your hard work on the disciplinary committee"

"I heard you caught a thief who broke into the botanical garden earlier today. You're a big deal!"

"Hey, how did you catch the thief?"

"Did you use your magic? Or did you beat him with your bare hands?"

Where and how on earth did the information leak…

Most of my classmates knew about the plant thief.

As expected, everyone is quick to hear things as students of Frügel Academy.

"Hey, let us know!"

I laughed wryly in response to my sparkled eyes classmates.

"I didn't do much, just assisted with magic. It was His Highness Grayson who noticed the thief and caught him."

With that said, I saw the beautiful young man with black hair who was a little distance away from the crowd and said, "As expected from a Sword Master!"

My classmates were excited, they clapped their hands with excitement and said,

"Tell me the details of the battle!"

"Who was he?!"

Hmmm….. I’m glad they’re interested, but I wonder if it's okay to answer these questions.


Isn't there some kind of confidentiality obligation?

While I was wondering how much I can tell unrelated students ──── the loud footsteps shook my ears.

"Eh!? what's going on?"

The students in a panic looked around for the source of the sound.

"──── Oh! Over there!"

One of the boys excitedly pointed towards the back gate, and most of his classmates turned their eyes in that direction including me.

What we all saw was a man riding a white horse and heading towards us.

What? Who is that? Or rather, why a horse?

I don't think it's a kidnapper targeting the students…!

If that's the case, then as a member of the disciplinary committee, I have to protect everyone…!

I pushed my classmates out of the way and jumped in front of the horse.

I turned my palm forward, thinking "I should do something about the horse first…"

"Stop! Otherwise, I'll attack!"

If I follow the procedure told by the chairman of the disciplinary committee and give a proper warning, what would the man riding the white horse think?

He jumped skywards, using the horse's back as a stepping stone.


I looked up at the mysterious man soaring high into the sky and said, "No, why did you fly?” I inwardly asked.

I can't read his words and actions and remain confused, he turned around and landed in front of me.

The white horse that was left behind came beside him, brushing up against his silky blond hair.

"Okay, good boy. Queen."

A soft tenor voice could be heard from the mysterious and suspicious person….

The beautiful blond man stroked the white horse's nose.

Queen, who squints comfortably, screams "Hiheen."

"What is he doing here, this person..."

I was confused, and I looked back at His Highness Grayson asking for help.

Not to mention the sword, His Highness, who did not look to be ready, rushes over to me when he notices my gaze.

"What happened?"

I couldn’t hide my confusion as His Highness Grayson asked me in a calm tone.

His Highness Grayson did not seem to see him as a threat.

"Well, that ... isn't this person a suspicious person?"

When I pointed to the beautiful blond man playing with a white horse and asked that, His Highness immediately shook his head.

"The way he appeared was certainly flamboyant, but he's not a suspicious person. This is Nigel Lemaire Carter, the instructor of the martial arts class."

I opened my eyes so wide that my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head and froze like ice when I was told who he was.

I looked at the beautiful blond man again with sudden, awkward movements that almost made a squeaky sound.

He had shoulder-length blond hair and crimson eyes that looked like garnets.

His skin was white and his limbs were slender.

His face was neutral and beautiful, like a prince in a fairy tale.

He didn't look like a person who enjoyed martial arts.

Are you sure if this person is the martial arts teacher, Nigel Sensei…?

No, I'm not doubting His Highness Grayson's words, but it was very hard to believe…

But if he really is Nigel sensei, I owe him a proper apology.

I exhaled one breath, "Huh ......," and took a step closer to the beautiful blond man, and quickly bowed my head.

"I'm sorry I didn't know you were Nigel sensei and treated you as a suspicious person. I will take whatever punishment."

Even though nothing happened in the end, the fact is that I misjudged Nigel sensei as an enemy.

It was a professional exchange, but I think I should be punished.

While I was worried about my inner thoughts saying, "I don't want to drop out ..." Nigel sensei smiled.

"Fufufu. It doesn't matter. You just tried to protect your classmates right? That's something to be praised. It's wrong to blame you for that. Above all ─── I am so beautiful. Nobody will think I'm a martial arts teacher ☆ It's no wonder you misunderstand ☆ "

Nigel sensei, who brushed his side hair with his hand and laughed proudly, with his chest held up high, was proud of his beauty.

I bowed down so that the praise to the teacher, which was a bit much, would be washed away.

Most of my classmates were probably thinking, "The first half was great until the first half of…"

What Nigel is saying is not wrong, and I agree with him because it's what I thought too, but…it's a bit annoying.

"Hahaha! There is no one more beautiful in the world than I am! Yes! I am the incarnation of beauty! I am a sinful man who is both beautiful and can do martial arts! Please praise me! "

I can't help but feel my cheeks twitch as Nigel sensei spreads his hands in a theatrical motion.

I thought to myself, "Maybe he is better suited to be an actor than a teacher…"

While a delicate air of indescribable tension flowed through the place ──── the main bell rang at the right time.

"It's a shame it's time for class. I was hoping to show you guys more of my beauty…"

In the face of Nigel sensei's dropped shoulders, I desperately swallowed the words, "No, you don't have to" and hurriedly stepped back.

At Emilia-sama's instruction, I walked behind my classmates who were lined up in four rows, and looked ahead.

The beautiful blond-haired man standing next to the white horse smiled at us as we neatly lined up and opened his mouth.

"Once again, I am Nigel Lemaire Carter, in charge of the first-year martial arts class. I'm the current head of the Carter Family, and cousin of ──── Silas Eldo Russell…"

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