Chapter 48

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Chapter 48- Closing Ceremony

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“──── We’ll now begin the closing ceremony of the 426th Flugel School Sports Festival.”

The closing ceremony began as the representatives of all classes lined up in the center of the Moira Dome.

There was a solemn atmosphere in the quiet hall. Perhaps because of this, my back naturally straightened.

“Then, I will announce the winners of each division. Students whose names are called, please come forward.”

As the awards ceremony began, the audience looked at me with glowing eyes.

Even though they knew who had won, they couldn’t contain their excitement.

“The winner of the 426th Flugel Academy Athletic Festival in the swordsmanship division is ──── Leonardo Ares Draconia! Please give him a big round of applause!”

The beautiful blond-haired young man who had won the sword fighting division championship again after last year quickly left the line.

Amidst the crackling applause, His Royal Highness Prince Leonardo, who waved his hand smilingly, moved forward.

He then stepped onto a large platform in front of the dignitary’s seat.

“Thank you very much for your applause. We’ll now move on to the announcement of the winner of the riding category. The winner who rode through the land with his beloved horse and came out on top is ──── Isaac Kenneth Bryant! Congratulations!”

A round of applause was given to Isaac, who had defeated Emilia-sama and Elizabeth-chan in the semifinals.

As Emilia’s classmate, it was a little complicated, but I congratulated him on his victory.

Isaac-san, standing at the head of the line, stepped forward, a little embarrassed. With a sly smile, he flashed his affection to the people around him and lined up next to His Royal Highness Prince Leonardo.

“Then, I would like to announce the winner of the magic category. Showing overwhelming ability that made even the teachers roar, the winner is ──── Charlotte Luna Meyers! Congratulations!”

As soon as my name was called, the hall was filled with words of congratulations and applause.

Even His Majesty the Emperor, sitting in the dignitary’s seat, was clapping his hands.

It seemed that I had attracted more attention than I had expected and I was approached from all over the place.

Confused by the solemn atmosphere in the hall that had been blown away, I emerged from the line.

Then the applause and cheers became louder.

It may have been because of the excitement of the sisters’ showdown, but I think it was simply because it was unusual for a first-year student to win. In the long history of Flugel Academy, only a handful of first-year students have ever won the championship.

As the crowd cheered for me, I stepped forward and bowed to His Majesty the Emperor, who smiled serenely, before stepping onto the platform.

As if on cue, the bustle of the crowd that had been there a moment ago fell silent as if it were a lie. No matter how excited they were, they seemed to know what they were doing.

“The winners of each category have now been announced. Please give a big round of applause once again to the geniuses of Flugel Academy.”

When the MC called this out, the applause was even louder than before.

The volume was so loud that people were shaking their shoulders──── Bianca-sensei, a teacher of magic, used magic to make flower petals fall.

It was like an illusion created with illusion magic and it disappeared as soon as you touch it.

But the fragility of them was really attractive and beautiful.

This is much more difficult than making real flower petals fall, but as expected of Bianca-sensei. As a teacher at the Flugel School, she’s very skilled and it looks like we won’t have to clean up after ourselves.

“Next, I would like to announce the overall winner of the class. The winner of the 426th Flugel School Sports Festival is ─────.”

The words were cut off deliberately and the excitement of the audience and the expectations of the students swelled.

As the temperature in the hall slowly rose, I caught sight of Crown Prince Leonardo and Sir Isaac at my side.

“──── Winning first place in the sword fighting and horseback riding divisions, and second place in the magic division, Class 3-A! Congratulations!”

Some of the students were delighted with the results as expected and the crowd clapped their hands in celebration.

The blond-haired young man and the brown-haired boy who had contributed so much to the overall victory were smiling and laughing.

Well, that’s what happens when you have a winner in the swordsmanship division and a winner in the horse riding division. The magic division didn’t win, but it came in second.

Looking at the results of the tournament for each division, our class was probably in fourth place overall. Well, I think we did pretty well for first-year students competing in a sports festival for the first time.

As I objectively judged the results, the applause gradually became smaller and smaller, then it stopped.

“Thank you very much for the applause. We’ll now hear a few words from His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Oswald Lorenz Draconia. Thank you very much.”

With these words as a signal, we all knelt and bowed our heads in unison.

Showing the utmost respect to the Lord of the Draconian Empire, everyone waited for him to speak.

His Majesty Oswald, seated at the dignitary’s table, slowly stood up and stepped forward.

“Raise your head. You can make yourself comfortable.”

His Majesty’s voice echoed in the silent hall and we slowly looked up.

The image reflected in tanzanite eyes was that of the monarch, smiling serenely.

“First of all, I would like to thank you for your hard work in organizing and supporting the sports festival. You and your players did a great job. As expected of the students from Flugel Academy.”

The Emperor, who praised the students of Flugel Academy with open arms, narrowed his eyes slightly.

As I was misguidedly thinking, “At the closing ceremony, he’s going to give a proper speech,” His Majesty glanced at me.

“But the winners of each category were outstanding. First of all, my son, who won the sword fighting division, is a good tactician and has excellent insight. He was able to predict his opponent’s moves and fight with a strategy in mind. I’m certain that ability will come in handy in the future.”

“That’s too good to be true, father.”

His Majesty nodded to Crown Prince Leonardo, who had a proud expression on his face.

“You’re a son I’m proud of,” he said, turning his attention to Isaac.

“The Duke’s son, Isaac’s riding skills were flawless and he never made any mistakes. I think he and his horse have a good relationship of trust and they ride in perfect harmony. I think it’s just a matter of getting better every day. It’s no wonder he won the riding division. I have nothing to complain about. I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.”

“I will do my best to live up to your expectations.”

Isaac, with his hand on his chest, bowed his head reverently and smiled serenely.

He didn’t seem to be very nervous, perhaps because he was acquainted with His Majesty the Emperor through His Imperial Highness Prince Leonardo.

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