Chapter 45

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Chapter 45- Cloak problem

“Thank you for your report. I’ll investigate the details here. Is the man over there involved?”

I took a step to the side in front of Dina-sama, who asked in a roundabout way.

I show her the male member of the staff who was sheltered on the back and smile slightly.

“He’s the victim. He’s involved in the case, but he’s not an accomplice.”

“I see. Well then, I would like you to accompany me. I want to know what happened. Do you mind?”

The staff man nodded pleasantly to Dina-sama, who left the choice to him, as he would have a job to do.

“Thank you,”

She walks up to me and carries Daniel who rolls on the floor on her shoulder.

The silver-haired beauty glanced into the room while Daniel was still bleeding from his nose.

As soon as she saw the torn blue cloak, she sighed and said, “That’s terrible.”

“I’ll take care of this matter for now and His Highness  Grayson, you’re to guard Charlotte-san. I don’t think it’s likely, but if there’s a trap in the room, we’re in trouble.”

“I understand.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

Dina-sama nodded to each of our words and turned on her heel with a staff man in tow.

As I listened to their footsteps moving away, I suddenly turned my attention to the room.

The matter with Daniel had been settled, but there was still one major problem.

“Hmm… It’s not possible to wear it if it’s that chunky. It’s just a piece of charred cloth now.”

“It’s an amateur sewing, it’s ruined at a level that cannot be helped. It would have been nice if you could borrow my cloak, but……the color is.”

Plucking his own red cloak with his hand, His Highness Grayson lowers his eyebrows apologetically.

The reality of not being able to do anything about it must be making him itch.

I’m glad that His Highness Grayson feels the way he does, but I’m really in a bind….. This cloak represents my eligibility for tournament play. If I tell them what’s going on, they might take it into consideration. …… I don’t want to tarnish the tradition of the Flugel Academy.

That said, I don’t have time to go borrow someone else’s cloak right now……

I frowned at the slight sound of the moderator’s voice in the distance and turned my head.

It seems that the semifinal match has been settled and it seems that the winner was my sister Scarlett.

The final match should begin immediately after a five-minute break…… There’s no time to worry about it.

“… I have no choice but to use that.”

I muttered this to no one in particular and stepped into the waiting room.

There were no traps as the chairman had feared and I approached the table.

Touching the cruelly torn cloak, I just quietly began to build a magic circle.

I didn’t want to use it if I could help it, because it consumes so much magic. …… But I can’t say that. This is not the time to be stingy.

“…… Charlotte-san, what are you doing?”

His Highness Grayson, who had popped up from behind me, tilted his head curiously and stared at my hand.

But perhaps because it was a rather complicated magic circle, he couldn’t seem to decipher it.

“This is a piece of ancient magic that was lost hundreds of years ago. I don’t know the original formula, but I’ve revived it with my own arrangement. The name of the magic is ──── time-reversal magic—–“


His Royal Highness Grayson’s eyes widened as if he were looking at a higher level magic developed by the once defunct kingdom of Gryppus.

He stood dumbfounded behind me as I reviewed the list of numbers.

He was probably surprised that a magic that was almost a legend actually existed and that there was someone close to him who could use it.

I broke my sister’s personal belongings a couple of years ago and recreated this magic and I’m glad it helped.

“No way ……? I thought time-reversal magic was unattainable. ……?”

“It can be done. The only thing is that it consumes an inordinate amount of magic power and only works on non-living things….. You can’t bring back the dead or rejuvenate the elderly.”

Some years ago, out of curiosity, I tried to use time-reversal magic on a scrape wound, but it had no effect.

The only thing that happens is that the magic circle shimmers and then disappears. …… Well, the magic power was taken away!

“Even if it only works on inorganic materials, it would be the discovery of the century! Charlotte-san, you really are…. no, it’s nothing. That’s not what I’m concerned with right now. I’m more concerned with repairing the cloak.”

After shaking his head and changing his mind, His Highness Grayson moved to stand next to me.

He was still confused as he looked at my hand with a half-confused look.

But he keeps quiet so as not to disturb me.

“If I replace this with an ancient character and this one with a new one, I get……. It’s done!”

After making the final adjustments to the magic circle, I placed the remnants of the cloak in it and let out a breath.

While I understood that I couldn’t feel safe yet, I felt a little distracted.

“I will activate the magic circle. There’s a risk that it will go off, so please be careful.”

I called out to him, having had several outbursts in the past and slowly increased the magic power.

I slowly poured my magic power into the magic circle that matched my hair color.

I suppressed my impatience and shared about half of my magic power and a purple magic circle sparkled.

A moment ──── the magic circle transforms into a clock face and softly creates a loose wind.

It seems to have been successfully activated.

“Is this the time-reversal magic ……?”

His Highness Grayson, who did not understand the details of the magic, stared at the clock face curiously.

Normally, I’d explain this and that here, but I don’t have time for that right now.

As I reached for the hands on the clock face, I pursed my lips tightly together.

I touched the longer of the two hands pointing to twelve o’clock and circled it.

This was the signal to start going backwards and the way to set the rewind time.

The moment I let go of the longer hand the clock face flashed with a strong light and rewound time.

The blue cloak that had been the object of the magic lifted softly into the air and returned to its original form, as if fitting the pieces of a puzzle together.

“It’s hard to believe that time really is rewinding …….”

His Highness Grayson, muttering to himself, stared at the cloak as if he were devouring it.

In less than a minute, the repairs were complete and the disused clock face disappeared as if it had burst into flames.

At the same time, the wind stopped and the blue cloak floating in the air softly landed on the table.

It looks like I managed to get here just in time. …… I really got cold feet about this one. Next time, I’ll keep my valuables close at hand

I picked up the beautifully restored cloak and patted my chest in relief.

It was only a moment of relief when the announcement of the entrance of the players was made.

Hurriedly bracing myself, I unfolded the blue cloak in my hands and draped it over my shoulders.

“Thank you, Your Highness, for chaperoning me! And I’m sorry, but I have to go, so I’ll leave you here! I’ll be back later to thank you!”

As I hurried out of the room without saying goodbye, I received a shout of encouragement from behind me,

“Go for it!”

My cheeks relaxed at the short but heartfelt words and I hurried on.

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  1. Ahhh I’m guessing it will be an insanely close match where Scarlet has a chance to win because she has 80% of her power while Charlotte has severely drained herself… repairing a cloak. I love how she doesn’t have time to borrow a cloak but has time to perform an extremely taxing and high leveled time-reversal spell when she can easily teleport to a loser and borrow a cloak from them. Or maybe even explain the situation to the authorities, but that will (supposedly) damage the school’s reputation to a large extent. Right. Plot Convenience strikes again, at its finest XD
    (Thank you for the translation, as always!)

    1. By loser I mean someone who has lost in the previous magic rounds, and not a literal loser.

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