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Chapter 28- Test Return

The retest period passed in a blink of an eye and three days have passed since the final test of the semester.

After completing my work for the Discipline Committee, I arrived at school and took my seat, exhausted.

As I plopped down at my desk, I heard the chime.

Aside from my classmates who are rushing back to their seats, Bianca, the teacher in charge of Magic Studies, appears in the C class classroom. In her hand, she was holding a large number of printouts.

Finally, the answer sheets were returned. Magic is my favorite subject, so I don’t think I’ll get a red mark, but I’m a little worried.

“Let’s hope it’s a good score,” I said to myself as I slowly sat up.

Bianca-sensei, who was carrying a large number of handouts, stood on the podium with unsteady steps. Then, with a thump, she places the stack of printouts on the podium.

“Then, I’ll begin the lesson. As you may have already guessed, I’ll be returning the answer sheets for today’s written test on magic. Those whose names are called, please come to the front to pick them up.”

Bianca Sensei, who prefaces her speech with this, reaches for the large number of answer sheets on the teaching table.

With a familiar look, she flipped the paper open and immediately called out the first name.

One by one, my classmates appear in front of the table, all of them happy or sad at the results of the test.

“Yes! I avoided a red mark!”

“You’re kidding me…..? The answer column was off by one in the middle and I got a red mark…..”

“Hah, I wasted ten points because of spelling and math errors.”

“That’s not bad. Well, your father won’t be angry with you.”

Each of them expressed their favorite impressions, showing each other their answer sheets and getting excited.

As I stood in front of these happy people, earnestly wishing that I could join them, my eyes suddenly met with those of His Highness Prince Grayson.

He had already received his answer sheets and was holding a printout with many red circles on it.

“I wonder how many points he got?” When I tilted my head, His Highness Grayson casually shifted the position of the printout to show me the score.

What? Ninety-six points….! You’re so close to a perfect score…..! That was pretty close. Perhaps he lost points on the last problem. That was a pretty difficult question. I’m pretty sure he could have gotten a triangle, since he’s His Highness Grayson, but I don’t know if he could have gotten a circle….. But it’s still great enough to get a score in the 90s.

“As expected of His Highness Grayson!” And I’m as pleased as if it were myself as I loosely relax my cheeks.

I told him with a mouthful of words, “Congratulations,” and “That’s great,” and His Highness Grayson’s eyes narrowed slightly. With a small nod, I put the answer sheet in my hand on the desk.

Perhaps he was happy with his high scores in both the practical and the written examinations, or perhaps his mood was softer than usual.

“──── Miss Emilia Candace Dursley, please come forward.”

As I was peacefully celebrating the results of the test with His Highness Grayson, the talented girl who came in first in the entrance exam was finally called by name.

Emilia-sama stood up from her seat and stepped to the front of the teaching table with a dignified look on her face.

While everyone in the room was interested in her test results, Bianca-sensei presented her answer sheet with the back side facing up.

Emilia-sama received it, checked her score on the spot and relaxed her cheeks as if relieved.

“Emilia-sama, How many points did you get?”

“If you don’t mind my asking, please tell me!”

“Don’t tell me you got a perfect score….!”

“Did you get a circle for that essay question ……?”

Classmates, unable to suppress their curiosity, mainly female students, started to mention the results of Emilia-sama’s test.

As their fantasies grew and grew, Emilia-sama gave a small shake of her head.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t get a perfect score. But ──── I think it’s a pretty good score.”

Saying this, Emilia-sama turned the surface of the answer sheet toward us and smiled happily.

The paper, with almost all the answers circled, showed a score of ninety-eight. Although it did not reach 100 points, it was a very high score.

Great….. she got a solid score on that writing question too. It looks like she got a triangle because of a spelling error and a math error, but if it weren’t for that, she would have gotten a perfect score. The technique itself is perfect.

I feel a little frustrated as I shrug my shoulders and say, “Is this a pattern she couldn’t review because she didn’t have enough time?”

But Emilia-sama herself seemed satisfied, so I congratulated her honestly.

The rest of my classmates were also saying, “Wow! As expected!” They clapped their hands in excitement. The applause was so loud that it even echoed outside the classroom and Emilia-sama squinted her eyes happily.

As she returns to her seat, Bianca-sensei continues to return the answer sheets to the students. As she looked down at the half-empty pile of papers, I asked myself, “Is it almost my turn now?” I was expecting to see her, when suddenly my eyes met hers.

“──── Miss Charlotte Luna Meyers, please come to the front.”

When my name was finally called, I replied ‘yes’ and got up from my seat.

My heart filled with anticipation and anxiety, I stepped to the front of the teaching table with a nervous look on my face.

I clutched my chest, quieting my pounding heart.

Bianca-sensei looked down at me from above the podium and smiled at my nervousness.

“Congratulations, Charlotte-san!”

Without saying much, Bianca-sensei handed me the answer sheet.

Clutching the answer sheet, which was handed to me with the back side still in my hand, I let out a breath.

I shake off the anxiety that washes over me like a wave and roll up the printout with a single thought.

I looked ──── and saw more circles than I could count and the number one hundred written next to my signature.

That’s a perfect score….! All the questions are correct…! And the last writing question is properly circled too!

“I did it!” I let out unintentionally

As I desperately try to hold back the urge to jump up and down, my eyes suddenly meet those of a beautiful, dark-haired young man.

“Can I ask what score you got?”

His Highness Grayson, who turns his kind eyes toward me, asks me this question.

I wanted someone to ask me about it and I wanted to be praised, so I said, “Of course!” and nodded with a smile.

“I got a perfect score on my written test in Magical Studies!”

I smile and shake my head as I reveal the surface of my answer sheet without fear of being seen.

I solved even the difficult writing questions perfectly and His Highness Grayson …… or rather, the students of Class C, were astonished. The people around me froze in place, as if they were so amazed that they couldn’t even speak.

The place was silent and His Highness Grayson let out a quick smile.

“Congratulations. That’s great. As expected of Charlotte-san.”

I was so pleased to see His Highness Grayson praising me with open arms that I said, “Thank you very much!” with a smile.

In such a good mood that I almost skipped, I said a few words to him and returned to my seat.

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