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  1. Hyrogyro on v3c28

    Woohoo! More loot! I wonder what jewelry it gets to be this time.

  2. Hyrogyro on v3c25

    Ok NVM. All this was Aya’s own fault. What an idiot. She didn’t have to release her. This is just…

  3. Hyrogyro on v3c24

    It’s about time he finally found things to be suspicious. Also, I blame Shirayuki for everything.

  4. Hyrogyro on v3c23

    I hope this is still just a mental thing, because if not then he is messing with the past, which…

4 thoughts on “After reincarnating as a villain-faced B-class adventurer in the game, I picked up the protagonist and his childhood friend”

  1. Hello, my name is Bob smith. I’ve been reading the light novels that you have been translating for a while now and I am a fan of them. i wanted to ask you some questions about them if you don’t mind? do you have a gmail or email i can use to contact you?

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