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I've been reincarnated as a villainous aristocrat from a weak territory, so I'm going to start a revolution with the most beautiful heroine sisters! ~I used magic to recreate useful home appliances from my previous life, and before I knew it, I had destroyed the scenario~


Kunou Drana is the eldest son of the Drana baron family that rules a frontier territory.

 One day, Kunou's father brought two girls he didn't know.
 Apparently, his father had children with the woman he dated before marrying his mother, so they were sisters.

 The moment Kunou saw the two of them, he remembered all his memories.

 This world is a certain game world, and the sisters are the heroine who is bonded with the hero, and she is a villainous aristocrat in a small territory who oppresses them.

 Since he has been reincarnated as a villain, he may someday be defeated by the protagonist.

 But hey, there's nothing we can do about it.

 Become what you want, and then be like the fields and the mountains. However, I cannot accept that life is inconvenient! !

 Fortunately, Kunou was a villain character who was good at granting magic.
 Kunou uses his own talent to create useful tools from his previous life. Recreate and develop your territory.


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