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Chapter 4: Jealousy

Using magic sparingly, I did my best to carry the load.

His Highness Grayson also did his best, making use of his natural physical strength and stamina.

Finally, we finished carrying the last of the luggage and we took a break. But we didn’t have enough time to take a break, and we were called back to the meeting …… immediately.

We lined up in the corner in front of the mansion, exhausted.

The ordinary students were already in front of the entrance, lining up in class order.

I spot a familiar redhead in the line of third-year students, and my shoulders slump.

As I should have expected, Clarissa-sama was also participating in the forest training camp. It’s all pretty predictable, but I’m still a bit shocked.

Disappointed that there was one more person to watch out for, I shifted my gaze to the front door.

There, I saw Nigel-sensei, who is in charge of the camp, talking with other teachers.

‘Are they having a meeting?’ I guessed, as he turned his attention to the general students.

He looked at the students and said,

“First of all, thank you for your hard work on the long trip. You can take the rest of the day off. We’ll start the real teaching tomorrow. Rest while thinking of my beautiful face. Then, you are dismissed”.

After finishing his speech briefly, interspersing it with self-praise, Nigel-sensei turned around and disappeared into the house.

After watching his back as he disappeared into the mansion, the students started moving all at once.

They are not going to stay in the cottage quietly, they went to the person they wanted to see.

Well, of course it will be like this. Most of the participants in the forest camp are there for the purpose of networking. I don’t think they have time to rest at the cottage.

I’m busy with committee work ──── also. ……

I take one look at the students who are talking to Crown Prince Leonardo and Lady Clarissa, and I let out a breath.

It was depressing to think that as a member of the disciplinary Committee, I would now have to make the rounds.

“ I wish I was free on the first day, just like the rest of the students,” I lament as I trudge off.

“──── You’re looking very down. Do you really hate patrolling that much?”

Saying that, walking next to me was the same pair, His Highness Grayson.

He chuckles dismissively at my melancholy expression.

“Miss Charlotte really hates work.”

“I won’t deny it. ……”

“We have less than three hours to go before the changeover, so you’ll just have to be patient a little longer.”


‘we have three more hours,……,’ I nodded emphatically, despondent.

With a zoon and a dark aura, I walked the prearranged patrol course, although I didn’t want to.

We left the cottage to another pair, and we focused on patrolling the perimeter of the mansion.

While I was eagerly wishing for an early break, I caught sight of a familiar blonde at the edge of my ──── sight.

I was dripping with cold sweat, and although I was tempted to run away right there, I couldn’t …… leave my post, so I was caught as I was.

“ ──── Hey, you two. Long time no see. How have you been?”

The one who approached us in a friendly manner was none other than His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo.

He was unusually alone, perhaps having successfully avoided the students who had come to greet him.

I took one look at the brown-haired man surrounded by students as he smiled, ‘Did he come by imposing on Isaac sama?”

‘Good day to you, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo.”

“It’s been a while.”

Once we stop to greet him, we do our minimum courtesy.

To tell you the truth, I would like to walk away right then, but I couldn’t be rude to the …… Crown Prince.

“ Hahaha. You don’t have to be so awe-struck. We’re friends, aren’t we? Please you should be more at ease.”

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo, smiling happily, said, “Look, relax your shoulders.”

Perhaps wanting to keep those around him in check, he spits out some meaningful words while appealing to them that we are close.

He is not concerned about being pressured with a smile by Lady Clarissa, who is standing some distance away from him.

He was spreading the seeds of trouble, and I wanted to protest, “Please, stop!” I wanted to protest.

“Fufufufu …… Prince Leonardo is good at jokes, isn’t he? By the way, what can we do for you? If you have no particular business, we would like to take our leave…….”

Moving my facial muscles, which looked as if they were about to die, I managed to smile amiably.

While I was planning to leave this place as soon as possible, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo took a step forward.

“It’s not so much that I have an errand to run, but I wanted to invite ──── Miss Charlotte to tea. I know you’re taking a break in three hours, right? Then why don’t you spend some time at my cottage? If you’re not comfortable, you can come with His Highness Grayson.”

Showing a concessionary attitude, His Royal Highness Prince Leonardo invited me to tea time.

A moment ──── later, I feel something like a murderous spirit on my skin and I shiver.

Rubbing my arms, I let my instincts guide me and turned my eyes to the front of the mansion.

There, I saw my sister glaring at us with a ───── Hanya expression, and I involuntarily stiffened.

I didn’t know how to react to the hostility that was more obvious than fire.

I hadn’t done anything wrong, but why do I feel as if I’m witnessing an affair? Honestly, it’s very awkward ……. If I could, I’d go home right now…….

I was hit by disaster from the first day, and I thought, “Please, give me a break …….”

I was already feeling brokenhearted, and my sister frowned grimly at me.

Unable to hide her annoyance, she has hatred in her tanzanite eyes.

I felt threatened by her mysterious atmosphere and hurriedly opened my mouth.

“ I am very sorry, but I have to politely decline your invitation! We are tired from the long trip and the work of the committee! Now, if you’ll excuse us!”

I half-heartedly declined the invitation and grabbed His Highness Grayson’s arm.

Without time to think about the disrespect, I pull his arm and leave the place.

I heard a voice calling me from behind, but … I couldn’t afford to look back and reply.

What, what the hell ……! The look in my sister’s eyes, her mood, her mannerisms…it was terrifying. ……! That wasn’t just jealousy, was it?

I was so upset by the non-lukewarm feelings of jealousy that I couldn’t call jealousy.

As I was walking along, unable to sort out my feelings, His Highness Grayson called out to me,

“You are not in our area,” he said.

He tugged on the arm I was holding and said, “Are you trying to get lost?” I was stunned.

I suddenly stopped in my tracks, turned around and looked down at His Highness Grayson’s right arm and ──── went pale.

Realizing that I had touched the body of a royal without permission, I hurriedly let go.

“ I’m so sorry! I just wanted to leave that place as soon as possible and ended up doing ……!”

I bowed my head vigorously and apologized to His Highness Grayson.

I was so embarrassed by my inexcusable action that I wondered, “What if this becomes an international problem!” ‘ I pondered.

In many ways, I was panicking, and His Highness Grayson tilted his head.

“There is no need to apologize so much. I’m not so narrow-minded as to be offended by a slight grab on the arm. Miss Charlotte cares too much.”

”I’m more easygoing than that,” said Grayson, stroking his head.

“But let’s get back to our posts quickly. If the teachers find us, we’ll be in trouble.”

After accepting my apology with a nonchalant tone, His Highness Grayson extended his hand to me.

I was relieved to see his gentle manner, as always, and my cheeks relaxed.

Normally, It wouldn’t be strange if I was sentenced to death immediately, but …… His Highness Grayson is really very generous.

My eyes softened slightly, and I laid my own hand on the hand that was extended to me.

And then, as prompted by His Highness Grayson, we slowly began to walk away.

TL Note:

Hannya is a Japanese mask used on Noh stage to represent a jealous female demon.

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