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Chapter 2: Arriving at the villa

Through the window, I could see a nature rich forest and cottages built at regular intervals.

Further in, there was a large mansion that served as the main house, with a beautiful lake nearby.

As the villa was owned by the imperial family, it was well managed and very clean.

As I recall, the cottages are assigned to students by group. Well, since we, the disciplinary committee, were the organizers, we had to stay in the mansion at the back.

“I had heard rumors about this place, but it is really spacious. it’s a waste to use as a forest training camp.”

His Highness Grayson, who jumped down from the carriage, muttered ominously, “Why not do the training camp anyway?”

I flinched in annoyance at his thought of sword training even though he had come to a vacation home rich in nature.

Why can’t he just forget about swords at least during the forest camp?  …… His Highness Grayson is always training.

I get up from the carriage seat, thinking, ‘Is he serious or is he a training fanatic……?’

I moved carefully so as not to hit my head on the ceiling,────, and His Highness Grayson, who got off first, reached out his hand to me.

“Hold on.”

“Oh, thank you,……!”

I thanked His Highness Grayson for taking care of me so that I wouldn’t fall, and I grabbed his hand.

I got out of the carriage thinking, ‘Even if I fall, he’s going to catch me.

I gently let go of his hand and stepped in front of the entrance where we were to meet.

In front of the mansion, Dina-sama and Gerard-senpai were already there, giving instructions to the members of the public morals committee.

“The first-year students, help me carry the luggage! Don’t drop them!”

“Second and third year students, please inspect the luggage of general students! Make sure there are no dangerous items mixed in!”

The two who called out for the students to split up pointed to ‘that way’ and ‘this way’.

We each set to work, inwardly dismayed at the committee’s work, which had begun without a moment’s rest.

I had to do heavy lifting from day one,……, but it’s better than being entrusted with the heavy responsibility of baggage inspection.

I let out a deep sigh, ‘haa ……’ and head to the carriage with the other members.

The school’s carriages had already been inspected before departure, so they could be transported right away.

While other students in other classes were working on unloading, I was reaching for a wooden box,────, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t lift it.

Eh? What is that? This is a box of vegetables, right? So why is it so heavy……? It doesn’t jiggle at all. ……!

Is there iron in it? I groan in front of the box that is so heavy.

Just to be sure, I check the paper on the box, but all it says is “vegetables. No matter how many times I reread it, I couldn’t find the word “iron”

“Perhaps I …… have become so irredeemable that I can’t even lift vegetables?”

“──── that’s not a good thing to hear.”

I was seriously thinking about it, and it was none other than ──── His Highness Grayson who approached me.

“ Have you lost not only your physical strength but also your muscle strength?” He let out a small sigh.

At this point, he could have said, “I’m going to train with you.”

“I don’t want to train in the morning!” I open my mouth in a hurry, but I am stunned by the large amount of luggage I …… Saw.

“ What? Isn’t that …… heavy?”

I called out unintentionally and looked at the left hand of His Highness Grayson.

He was a monstrously strong man, holding about ten crates in his hands with a nonchalant expression on his face. He also had excellent balance.

“ I’m fine with it.”

His Highness Grayson, showing that he can still hold it, reached out his hand to me and lifted the wooden box lightly.

But, he tilted his head curiously, wondering if it was heavier than he thought it would be.

“It is quite heavy for vegetables,” he said.

‘Is it a matter of the number of pieces inside?’ His Highness Grayson wondered with a slight frown.

He held the crate in his right hand close to his face and sniffed it.

“It doesn’t smell like soil at all,…… is this really a box of vegetables?”

His Highness Grayson, who is distrustful, questioned the contents of the box.

After letting his gaze wander in a confused manner, he glanced over at me.

The look in his eyes was dignified and cool, as if he had made up his mind to do something.

“Miss Charlotte, I’ll take the responsibility,” he said, “so take the lid off the box. I want to see what’s inside.”

Perhaps unable to shake off his distrust, His Highness Grayson finally took strong-arm measures.

He thrust the wooden box in his hand in front of him and urged me to open it quickly.

I was not sure what to do in front of the wooden box, which was firmly nailed.

Nails can be easily removed with magic, but …… I wonder if it’s okay to do this on my own. I think it would be better to check with Dina once ……?

I looked at the front of the mansion and caught sight of Dina-sama moving around in a hurry.

It was obvious that she was busy and it seemed difficult to talk to her …….

Giving up on the consultation as soon as possible, I exhale a single breath as if to settle my stomach.

It would be a disaster if there were hazardous materials mixed in, so let’s check the contents. Dina-sama might be angry with us later, but it’s better than leaving it as it is. Even if it’s only our own premature presumptions, it’s still only vegetables inside, and the teachers won’t blame us.

“Okay. I’m going to use magic, so please don’t move. If you get hurt, I’ll be in trouble.”

“Yes, I understand.”

His Highness Grayson, who nodded cockily, was perfectly restrained, not moving even a millimeter.

I held out my hand to the crate with a wry smile, ‘You don’t have to go that far …….*

While I was pondering, ‘It’s been a while since I’ve used gravity magic,’ I heard the sound of someone’s footsteps rushing toward ──── us.

“──── sorry to interrupt you, but can you bring the vegetables in quickly? We need to get started on lunch.”

With that, it was ──── Ruben Shekel Garrett-sensei who broke in between us.

With his brownish-red hair and orange eyes, he is the homeroom teacher for second grade A and teaches Magical Science.

I had heard that he was a kind teacher, although I rarely had a chance to interact with him because he taught other grades.

I looked at His Highness Grayson in front of Dr. Reuben, who was impatiently saying, “We’re going to be late for lunch.” Then, after a silent conversation, we nodded to each other from either side.

‘Sir, there is actually something I would like to discuss with you ────.’

I began the conversation by explaining in detail what I found suspicious about the crate.

I asked Ruben-sensei to make a decision.

He glanced at the crate with a serious expression on his face.

“….. could there be a pumpkin in there?”

“I can’t deny the possibility, but even assuming ten pumpkins, it’s too heavy.”

“ It’s not the weight of a pumpkin,” His Highness Grayson tells him, not satisfied with Dr. Reuben’s answer.

“I’d like to see what’s inside. If I’m wrong, I apologize.”

“Hmmm……… but I did the baggage inspection before we left.”

‘It’s a little bit too much to go through another inspection ……,’ said Dr. Reuben bitterly, lowering his eyebrows as if he were troubled.

But, pressured by His Highness Grayson’s reluctance to back down,……, he offered a compromise.

“I understand. Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. I’ll take care of this luggage. I’ll check the contents properly and if there are no problems, I’ll take it to the cafeteria. So, you guys go back to your committee work. If you stay here forever, it will be a nuisance to those around you.”

“Don’t slack off,” Mr. Ruben cautions, turning his attention to the students, who were working diligently.

Seeing the exhausted students, His Highness Grayson and I couldn’t argue with him. We decided that we shouldn’t spend any more time checking the wooden box.

“I understood. I’m sorry to have been so selfish.”

“Please check the crate for me, thank you.”

We bowed our heads and entrusted the crate to Dr. Ruben.

‘Leave it to me,’ said the teacher, smiling with satisfaction and placing his hand on top of the wooden box.

“” Wind Mentor “”

With his words, Ruben Sensei activated the wind magic, and the crate was lifted into the air. This would be easy even for a mage teacher to carry.

“Then, I’ll take this. Don’t slack off and work properly.”

After nailing it to the wall at the end, Ruben-sensei, with a flutter and wave of his hand, left.

After watching his back, His Highness Grayson and I returned to our posts.

We hurried to join the other members and worked hard to make up for the delay.

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