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The incompetent prince who has been banished wants to hide his abilities~ The strongest sage who reincarnated twice, He wanted to enjoy this life, so took it easy and was banished from the royal family. It’s too late to be told come back now cause the people of the territory have noticed his abilities, and won’t let him return to his family home …


The main character, Noah, is a reincarnated person.

He was active as a sword saint in a previous life and as a sage in another. But he’s been forced to work hard all his life, and he’s sick of being a hero!

           One day, Noah dies and wakes up to find that he has been reborn as a prince. He had a high level of magical talent and the swordsmanship of a sword saint, but he didn’t want to get busy again, so Noah pretended to be incompetent with all his might.

Then, on his 15th birthday.

A skills appraisal revealed that he was incompetent (actually, he was just hiding it with his concealment skill).

Noah was scorned and banished. As a gesture of warmth, his father gave him a remote territory.

    “Now I’ll enjoy my second life!” Noah was enthusiastic, but he didn’t know.

Actually, the territory was in the devil’s forest, which is said to be uninhabitable. But his past life was more advanced compared to this one, and the level of human beings in this world was lower. 


     Noah’s ability is revealed when he helps a girl who was attacked by a monster in the forest.

“Amazing!!! Noah-sama defeated a dragon with a single blow!”

“How did this happen? Ahhhhh!”

 On the other hand, the royal family also noticed Noah’s ability and came to take him back, but it was too late.

 At that time, Noah was already praised by the people as the lord of the Demon Forest.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Might want to fix the whole “Yurisys” translation for “Ulysses” made me laugh tho

  2. I have 2 sides : Oh my precious children!! and I’ll chop your head clean off before you can pray…

  3. Loose lipped Lionel strikes again

  4. This isn’t a story about the MC growing up and developing pharmaceutics. This is a story about a boy who…

  5. Well at least he’s finally realizing that he’s a complete pushover


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