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Chapter 47: Closing Ceremony

A week has already passed since our discussion about the forest camp, and we have already reached the end-of-term ceremony.

I attended the ceremony, thinking about the hellish training camp that would soon begin.

I bit back a yawn as I listened to the teachers’ long speeches.

Aside from the training camp, I was so excited to think that tomorrow would be summer vacation. Well, I still haven’t returned to my territory yet. …… At least, I can’t go back until after the forest training camp is over. Considering the travel distance and time, it would be easier to stay at the school right after the start of summer vacation,……,  because I think it would be more efficient.

I put off returning to my territory on the first day of summer vacation because I would have to come back to the Imperial City for the forest camp anyway.

Of course, I had already notified my parents. I heard that my sister Scarlett was also going to attend the camp, so my parents seemed a little sad.

While I was elsewhere, deciding to “use transition magic to go home on the last day of camp.” His Royal Highness Prince Leonardo, President of the Student Council, takes the stage.

He stopped once in front of the podium and bowed politely as he responded to the feverish screams of the female students with a smile.

“The long rainy season of this year is over, the dazzling sun is shining, and looking up, the sky has turned a vivid blue, as if it had been repainted. Today marks the end of another semester. ────”

In a voice so pleasant that you can’t help but listen, His Royal Highness Prince Leonardo delivers the student representative speech.

The words spun calmly at best, monotonously at worst, naturally lulled me to sleep.

I felt as if I were being read to, but Prince Leonardo finished his greeting.

The students gave him a thunderous round of applause as he bowed and said, “Thank you very much for listening.”

With the sight of what could be called a great success, he turns back the way he came, looking satisfied.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo’s popularity is as great as ever. Just by the size of the applause alone, I can tell how much he is adored by those around him. It was much smaller and shorter when the teachers were there. Well, the applause was still loud enough.

Thinking of the teachers who had just taken the stage, I cowered my shoulders.

As I reconsidered to myself, “Is it really fair to compare them to the Crown Prince?”, my eyes met those of Crown Prince Leonardo as he descended the stairs.

He was not surprised and the corners of his mouth turned up, as if he knew in advance the seating order of Class C. Then, squinting with amusement, he mouthed──── ‘I’m looking forward to summer vacation,’ he said.

This can’t be …… he isn’t saying it to the whole school! And if he was, he would have said it proudly on stage! I’d like to escape reality if I could, but I’m pretty sure those words were said to me!

And perhaps what Crown Prince Leonardo is looking forward to is the forest camp that will be held in …… four days.

Remembering the school event, which is nothing short of depressing, I instinctively hold my eyes.

I couldn’t even smile affectionately, but Crown Prince Leonardo winked at me,  wondering what I thought.

“Crazy!” The girls screamed. The girls, who were raving about how cool he was, forgot that they were in the middle of a ceremony and started shouting.

But I, the one who received the wink, reacted differently from the general public.

Oh, chills ……! It’s already summer and for a second it was cold as winter! I thought I was going to freeze to death!

I turned over in a panic, rubbing my arms and dripping with a lazy cold sweat.

I didn’t feel disgusted because he had a nice face, but I felt something akin to fear.

Once again, I was feeling anxious about the forest training camp that was coming up in four days. ──── His Highness Grayson, standing next to me, looked into my face.

‘What’s wrong? Are you cold? I’ll lend you my jacket if you like.”

His Highness Grayson, who was not far off the mark, put his hand on his blazer.

I hurriedly called out a halt to him as he unbuttoned the buttons with an expressionless face.

“No, no! There is no need for you to go that far! I just got a chill! Just your kindness is enough!”

I thanked him for his kindness and gently declined his concern.

His Highness stopped moving and buttoned his shirt again with a slow motion.

“I see. Well, that’s fine. But if you get cold,…… or anything else,・・・・・・, just let me know anytime. I’ll help you as much as I can.”

His Highness Grayson looked at me with a serious face, his lapis lazuli eyes filled with unwavering conviction.

In front of his sincere and earnest eyes, I get a little ……  really a little bit excited about it.

I wonder if His Highness Grayson is somehow aware of Crown Prince Leonardo’s intentions,……? Is that why he told me that he would ‘help me’ ……? If so, I’m a little ……, no, I’m quite happy. I know I’m dealing with the crown prince of another country, and he’s on my side.

I smile with pleasure as I catch a glimpse of His Highness Prince Grayson’s resolve.

Considering His Highness’ position, I would never actually rely on him, but it was still reassuring.

“Thank you for your concern, Your Highness,  Thanks to you, I feel much lighter.”

I smiled softly as I accepted his kindness.

His Highness Grayson’s eyes widened slightly at the smile expressing my heartfelt gratitude. But his eyes immediately softened and he nodded his head in satisfaction.

──── Thus, the first semester’s closing ceremony was over, and I entered the summer vacation with nothing but a premonition of turmoil.

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