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Chapter 3: What’s in the Box《Reuben side》

After being seen off by Miss Charlotte and His Highness Grayson, I left the place and went not to the kitchen of the mansion (────), but to the forest behind the house.

The forest was quiet and secluded, the perfect place to check the luggage.

I looked around to make sure no one was around.

Then I set the crate down on the ground and snapped my fingers to break the spell.

“Well, ────, let’s open the box right away.”

As I muttered to myself, I produced a string of magic power from my fingertips.

I go out of my way to use magic because “ I can’t damage the contents of the box by any chance”

Carefully drawing each letter, I completed the magic circle for the unpacking and repacking.

After checking the letters and symbols for any imperfections, I place the magic circle on top of the box. I then ──── activated the magic circle at will.

The magic circle, which emits red light, acts on the wooden box and pulls out the nail that is deeply stuck in it.

The nails floating in the air, driven by the wind, gathered in one place and fell into my palm.

Clutching nearly a dozen nails, I look down at the unscathed crate.

The lid opens as if scooped up from below, as I think, ‘I was right to use magic.”

When I finally came face to face with the contents of the box, I ──── kicked it away with an innocent look on my face.

I was almost caught by the students, who were all too eager to find out what I was up to. I’m not sure how much trouble I’m going to have to go to.

I looked down at the “contents” that had popped out of the box and cowered my shoulders exaggeratedly.

Rolling at my feet was neither fresh vegetables nor fruit, but a ──── human being.

He was small and shrunken, his entire body covered with a black cloth, not even revealing his face.

He moved his body as if to wriggle, and his bones popped.

He is probably putting back together the joints that were dislocated beforehand in order to get into the box.

Even though he’s slender compared to the average, he’s still too small to fit in the box for an adult male. Well, that’s why we chose this wooden box. …… Because you wouldn’t expect to find a person inside the box, would you? This time, however, it was suspicious …… and it almost ruined my plan. I thought that as long as he passed the baggage check before departure, I could handle it,…… but kids with good instincts are a real pain in the ass.

“ If I hadn’t been there at the time, it would have been a disaster. It was a close call.”

Knowing he wouldn’t answer, I spoke to him, not knowing his name.

His throat was crushed and he couldn’t speak properly, but he got up and bowed silently.

I took it as a sign of gratitude and replied, “You’re welcome.”

“ Then I’ll leave the rest to you. I can only help you so far. “

I must be a ruthless person, for I told him, “From here on out, you’re on your own.” But I didn’t want to get caught up in the ・・・・plan.

It’s miserable to be a dog of power, using …… forbidden magic ・・・・・・・ and ending up dead.

They are truly disposable pawns.

I look back on the whole plan and think to myself, ‘I don’t want to be like him’.

His role in the plan was dangerous, even from my point of view as a participant. It was different from my role as a mere facilitator of the break-in.

I felt sorry for him, for whom there are only two words: complete ruin, and I sighed, ‘It would be easier to just commit suicide’.

He bowed quickly and turned himself around in front of me with an indescribable expression on his face.

I watched his back as he disappeared into the depths of the forest, and I stepped on the empty crate.

“”Flame Fire.””

Holding out my hand to the cracked crate, I activate the Flame Magic with my verbal magic.

As the magic drains away, the flames that appear burn red and scorch the crate.

The crackling sound of the burning crate naturally produced black smoke.

It would be bad if someone discovered the smoke. But that doesn’t mean we can leave the evidence as it is. I have to dispose of it properly here.

“I have no choice but to invoke …… wind magic.”

‘I’m not very good at simultaneous activation of magic,’ I grumbled, turning my hand palm up.

“”Air Control.””

I activate the intermediate magic of wind and adjust it to interfere with the flow of the wind so that the smoke and smells stay here.

The swirling winds tightly settled around the crate.

The crate was quickly extinguished, “This won’t be a problem.” I was relieved.

I released the fire magic and finally blew away the smoke that had built up, sending it flying in all directions.

“That’s it for disposing of the evidence,” I said with a satisfied look in my eyes.

Squinting with satisfaction, I reach for the black charcoal, not even a trace of the crate remains.

I crushed it with a gritty motion, as if to mix it with the soil, and let it assimilate into the ground.

Still, the feeling of discomfort remained, so I used my magic and activated earth magic.

I slowly raised myself up as a small amount of soil and flowers appeared on top of the charcoal.

‘Perfect camouflage,’ I said, satisfied, and pulled a handkerchief from my pocket.

Wiping my soiled hands with the handkerchief, I turned around.

“Now that the cleanup is over, I’m going back to my students.”

I said, ‘Don’t stay long,’ and I left the place.

The corners of my mouth turned up loosely as I listened to the distant laughter of the students.

“Enjoy the peace while you can, ──── and relax, not knowing what to expect.”

I can’t help but smile at the thought of the students enjoying themselves.

I can’t wait to see how they will overcome the turmoil that awaits them in the forest camp. I can’t wait for the day of the camp.

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