What’s wrong with the summoner being a shadow

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What’s wrong with the summoner being a shadow 


It has been a long time since another world has become a familiar presence.

By turning on the switch of the mobile terminal “Gear” that is given at the same time as becoming a high school student, it has become an era where you can spend a day in a different world instead of dreaming that day.

The main character, Toru Fujima, who is a twisted shady guy, gains aptitude for summoning magic, but there are no essential monsters to summon.

While unavoidably earning a living by collecting, he comes into contact with a group of Paripi (party people) in his class and encounters a girl who is being treated as coldly as he is. Little does Toru know that this is the beginning of everything.

Release Schedule: 3 chapters per week

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Raws: https://novelup.plus/story/392634312


  1. Just scream- that’s what i want to say but she must be tired, Dang the reputation damage tho.

  2. I was wondering why he didn’t suggest teaching the temple how to treat Labor cough, but now he decided to…

  3. Can’t say how they’re going to act after the nuptuals, but the fact that the first thing to run through…

  4. Oh their chemistry is ADORABLE!

  5. It’s nice that he not only fight using brawn. I wonder where did his proud brother go tho? I have…

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