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Unrivaled Efforts of Ordinary Reincarnation ~When I was working hard since I was a baby, before I knew it I was shouldering Japan's future~


"I don't want to die anymore, so let's aim for the strongest!" After being stabbed by a street thug, he was reincarnated in Japan, where "demons" such as youkai and monsters exist--and among them, it was a family of "exorcists" who exorcise monsters!

Being an exorcist is an important job killing monsters, but it's a dangerous job that can kill people.

So he—Itsuki made up his mind.

In order not to die again, I will try to be strong.

Aiming to become the strongest, he has been practicing magic without fail since he was a baby――he noticed.

"Huh? Isn't this too much?"

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  4. Wow put 2 and 2 together finally, the author certainly dragged that out !


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