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Chapter 18- Practical Tests in Magic

“That’s all I have to say about the test. Now, please line up by class. As soon as you are lined up, you may begin the test.”

We began to move in unison, following the instructions of Bianca-sensei, who urged us to move along.

As the five teachers standing in front of the school building urged us to move, we lined up in order from left to right, Class A and Class B …….

With an anxious looking Prince Grayson in tow, I stood in the C class line and looked ahead.

It looks like Emilia-sama is first in line. I have some idea of her ability, so it’s easy for me to gauge the difficulty level of the test.

“I’m going to start the practical test for the first year C class now. The first students please come to the front.”

The teacher of the other grade who is in charge of the practical test for Class C says so and beckons Emilia-sama.

She stepped forward as prompted and looked up at the teacher with a dignified expression on her face.

While the air was tense with anxiety and anticipation for the test, the teacher deployed a barrier magic using word art. The dome-shaped barriers spread out and enveloped Emilia-sama and the teacher.

This was probably done for the safety of the students who were waiting for their turn.

This seems to prevent most magic. Well, since it‘s the teacher who will be attacking, she won’t use magic that exceeds the strength of the barrier, will she?

Looking at the semi-transparent barriers, I pondered, ‘What exactly is the level of attack magic to be used?’

While I was speculating about the upcoming practical test, Emilia-sama moved to the center of the barrier.

“The rules of the test are as Bianca-sensei told you. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I am. I’m always ready.”

Clutching her chest tightly, Emilia-sama looked somewhat nervous as she stared ahead.

She sharpened her nerves to be ready for any attack to come from anywhere. I gulped at her overwhelming concentration, which I could feel through her barriers.

“Now then, we will begin the practical test of Emilia Candice Dursley ──── 《Water Arrow》.”

As soon as he declared the start, the teacher immediately activated the water magic method.

The manifested water arrows cut the wind with a whoosh and headed in a straight line toward Emilia-sama.

As one would expect from a teacher of the Flugel Academy, the speed and control of the magic activation is very sophisticated. Even though it’s beginner-level magic, I can tell the difference in skill level. But even the class president, who is the pride of the C class, isn’t losing, you know?

“──── 《Firelance》”

Facing a water arrow that was right under her nose, Emilia-sama manifested a spear of flame.

The flickering spear of flame accurately caught the water arrow and confronted it.

Perhaps it was because she had pulled the arrow to its limit that the arrow was able to collide with the water arrow, giving it no chance to change direction.

While the water arrow evaporated at once, Emilia-sama glanced to the side. There, she saw the teacher, who had moved before she knew it.


<<Flame Barrier>>

In the face of the flying ball of flame, Emilia-sama calmly deploys defensive magic.

Wrapping her surroundings in a film of flame, she caught the oncoming red ball as it was.

The ball of flame, which had jumped into the film of flame, was absorbed by Emilia-sama’s magic.

She took one look at the ball of flame that was out from under the teacher’s control and quickly released the membrane of flame.

I see…it seems that …… the only magic the teacher uses is elementary magic. It seems to be the same for the other classes’ tests. She refrained from using strong magic, just in case something happened. The other thing is that there were simply too many students taking the test and not enough magic.

After I had guessed what was going on behind the scenes of the test, I chuckled, ‘It’s hard to handle more than 30 people, isn’t it?’

As I sympathize with the teacher who has to do quite a bit of hard work, the first test finally comes to an end.


Emilia-sama, who had prevented all the attacks without any particular problems, let out a sigh of relief.

“That concludes the practical test for Emilia Candice Dursley. There were no defensive errors or rule violations, so no points will be deducted. You can go back now.”

“Yes, thank you for your hard work.”

After being told that she had passed, Emilia-sama bowed gracefully and stepped back.

She was quite nervous and looked overtly tired.

She must have been under a lot of pressure because she was the first one to pass.

I hope Emilia-sama gets a good rest. She hasn’t been able to sleep much recently because of studying for the test. I hope she gets a good night’s sleep at least today.

I smiled at Emilia-sama, who had a few dark circles under her eyes and said to her in my heart, “Thank you for your hard work”.

She was leaving the training ground with a slumped face, perhaps a bit dizzy after the test.

I wonder if she’s okay as the next student steps forward amidst the worry. Perhaps it was because I had a general understanding of the test process, but things went smoothly.

As I watched the line moving forward, His Highness Grayson, standing behind me, unexpectedly tapped me on the shoulder.

“…… Hey, Charlotte-san. Do you think I can pass that test?”

He seemed more anxious than ever as he asked me this question.

He was probably feeling a sense of urgency about the speed-oriented test. His Highness Grayson himself knows better than anyone else that he is at a disadvantage when it comes to the speedy activation of magic.

Facing his unusually timid face, I wondered for a moment what I should do.

But the answer came surprisingly quickly and I reached out my hand as the “answer” pushed me.

“It’s all right, Your Highness. The only offensive magic you use is beginner level magic for now. As long as you can draw out the power as you have practiced, there’ll be no problem. So, please have more confidence in yourself.”

‘I can vouch for your highness’s ability,’ I said, gently patting his head.

His silky black hair was pleasant to the touch.

I managed to tighten my cheeks, which were about to loosen and looked up at His Highness Grayson with a dignified expression on my face.

His expression softened when I appealed to him with my eyes, saying that it was my true intention and not just a social flattery.

“Thank you, Charlotte-san. You’ve eased my fears. I apologize for my weakness.”

“No, don’t worry about it. Everyone has times when they are vulnerable. I’m glad if I could cheer you up even a little.”

Smiling softly, I remove my hand from his glossy black hair.

His Highness Grayson’s eyes soften slightly and he looks at my right hand as if he is a little sad to see me go.

As the tension in my body loosens slightly, I hear a voice from behind me saying, “Next!” and I was called.

“Ah! Yes! I’m coming!”

I hurriedly turned myself around, said a few words to His Highness Grayson, and headed for the teacher.

As I was leaving, he wished me “good luck,” and my cheeks relaxed slightly.

With a warm feeling, I passed through the translucent barrier and stopped in front of the teacher.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Oh. Well then, please stand in the middle of the barrier area.”


Nodding my head in agreement with the familiar exchange, I move to the center of the barrier.

The teacher, checking what appeared to be a list of students, looked up and saw Bianca-sensei in the sky above us.

Bianca-sensei, who was watching us from the sky, smiled and gave a small nod.

I wonder why. I have a ridiculously bad feeling about this. …… Don’t tell me you’re going to raise the difficulty level of my test.

I’m sure Bianca-sensei won’t make any blatant changes, but I’d be wary even if I didn’t like it if she acted in a way that made this much sense.

“So, we will now begin the practical skills test for Charlotte Luna Meyers ──── 《Soil Attack》

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