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Chapter 40: Interview Result 《Keith side》

The interviews, which began at the suggestion of Phoenix, lasted three hours.

After each summon finished his or her self-appeal, the summons smiled confidently.

In front of them, who were raising their hopes of passing the interview, Miss Charlotte let out a single sigh, "hah......”

What kind of decision is Miss Charlotte, a genius mage, going to make? From my point of view, they all pass, but .......

The phoenix’ phoenix fire that melts all things and the holy beast's obliterating power that purifies everything are definitely useful. In fact, there is no such thing as a useless summon here.

Frankly, I'm jealous of you Miss Charlotte, ......! I wish I could summon a legendary class summon too ......!

Clenching my fists tightly, I gaze enviously at Miss Charlotte standing in the center of the room.

As she contemplated the difference in ability to the point where I felt it would be presumptuous to be jealous, she looked up quickly.*


“ Then I will move on to ──── to announce the acceptance or rejection of the applications."

Miss Charlotte, declaring so in a dignified voice, looked a little nervous.

The summons were filled with anticipation before her, their mouths tightened in anticipation.

As everyone focused on Miss Charlotte's decision, she opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.

''Not a single one of you has passed the interview ────.''


Our eyes widened as we looked at Miss Charlotte, who had just declared that they had all failed.

We stared at her face, too surprised to speak.

Her decision was so impossible that I suspected that I misheard her words, "No one has passed.”

It's ...... insane to kick the contracts of legendary summons twice. At first I thought she just didn't understand how great the summons were, but this is .......

'You're a hardcore idiot.”

I shake my head, not knowing what to make of the reality in front of me as I hold my eyes.

The geniuses' thinking was incomprehensible to an ordinary person like me.

I thought he and Miss Charlotte, who is also a genius, would be able to understand each other ...... After all, she is just like Elle, isn't she? No, maybe even worse than Elle. .....

I glance to the side as I worried about Miss Charlotte, a genius among geniuses.

There I saw Elle with his mouth open in disbelief.

Even Elle, who bears the name of the Thunder Emperor, has this reaction. ...... It may have been a bit rash to recruit her to the court mage corps,......  I can't afford to take care of Miss Charlotte, right? I've got my hands full with just Elle.

I muttered to myself, "I only need one rare genius," and let out a single breath.

The summons gradually come to their senses in the face of my dismay rather than surprise. However, they still can't seem to hide their agitation.......

"Uh, it's a lie, right ......? How could I be rejected twice,......! I am a holy beast empowered by God......! This can't be......! This is impossible!"

Half-crazed, the white-haired man, who was scratching his bangs, turned his gaze left and right.


Unable to accept the reality of the situation, he becomes so emotionally involved that he forces himself to transform into ──── the form of a beast.

The lion with silver mane and white fur was the original form of the sacred beast.

I stiffen at the sight of his presence, which is much more intense than before.

The pressure I feel on my skin is completely different. As expected of the Holy Beast. Just by returning to his original form, he's done this? Well, I knew that he was superior when he was able to take human form.......

For a summon, being able to take human form is a kind of advantage. It is a skill that can only be accomplished with excellent control and strong power to maintain the form.

The same summon could be in human form, but there was a cloud of difference between being able to take on human form and not.

The white lion, which radiated a divine aura, widened its eyes in surprise when it realized that it had returned to its original form.

While he hurriedly gathered up the power he had unleashed,──── one girl's eyes sparkled. As if she had found a treasure..

"────so fluffy ......!!!"

Like a child, it was  ──── the purple-haired beauty who raised an exultant voice.

Her beautiful tanzanite eyes were fixed on the white lion, and she did not move an inch.

The most lively Miss Charlotte ever, who, like a maiden in love, sends a passionate gaze to the holy beast.

What? ......? What? What the hell is this? Have my eyes finally gone crazy? Why is Miss Charlotte so happy ......? I mean, what do you mean 'fluffy'? I don't think you're ──── talking about a holy beast that's returned to its original form, right ......?

'Is it the fluffy fetish ......?' I speculate, and I crack up and blink repeatedly.

While I was confused, the holy beast took a step forward as if it sensed something.


“ If you don't mind, I'd like you to pet me."

"What?! Are you sure ......!”

Miss Charlotte, who asked back with a bite, folded her hands in front of her chest.

The holy beast nodded calmly as she looked at him with expectant eyes.

“Of course.”

“Wow! Thank you!”

Bowing her head vigorously, Mistress Charlotte approached the holy beast with light steps.

Lying on the floor for easy petting, the holy beast shows its belly as a sign of trust so that it can be easily stroked.

“Hmm ......! raised an inarticulate voice, Miss Charlotte stopped in front of the holy beast and bent down a little.

“And now, if you'll excuse me,.......”

Gulping, Miss Charlotte nervously reached out her hand to the belly of the Holy Beast. Her snow-white hands were buried in the beast's fur.

" she really touched it .......” And while we were watching, Miss Charlotte gently stroked the belly of the holy beast.

'Hah ...... happiness.'

With a smile like a flower blooming, she let out a loud soliloquy.

She was so full of joy that she seemed to be saying, 'I have no regrets in my life.'

Hey, hey ......, what happened to your dignified attitude just now! You're not the Miss Charlotte I know......!

'No way, you really have a fluffy  fetish!” I begin to suspect, and move my eyes busily to the left and right.

I can't hide my turmoil, but the Holy Beast's eyes narrowed.

“Great mage, if you make a contract with ──── me, you can pet me whenever you want and as much as you want. How about it?”

The Holy Beast rubbed his cheek against Miss Charlotte's right arm as he spoke what could be considered the devil's whispers.

The holy beast, with all his charm, was like a spoiled child.

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