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Chapter 12: Unforgivable Scarlet side》.

I push my way down the quiet, unpopular hallway, book in hand.

On my way to return a book I borrowed for reference to the library, I pass several students.

As I pass them, I hear them say, “Good day to you,” but before I can return the greeting, they leave. Before the gymnasium, they had taken the trouble to stop and say hello to me…..

But it was much better than right after the sports festival.

I used to get a lot of bashing from people around me when they found out I was lying. I was really scattered, deliberately swearing loudly so that I could hear them and praising my sister Charlotte for this and that…….

I don’t know what would have happened if His Highness Leo hadn’t corrected the rumors …….

I was deeply grateful to His Highness Leo for giving me a reasonable amount of peace, if not completely back to normal.

I was soaked in happiness when I thought of the beautiful young man with blonde hair and green eyes. ──── I suddenly had a question in my mind.

“But why didn’t Charlotte testify that the ──── rumors were true?”

I tilted my head in a coterie, thinking of my sister’s face, whom I have not seen once since the sports festival.

Why did she accept His Highness Leo’s correction when it was the perfect opportunity to condemn me? Why did she defend me? Why didn’t she rejoice in my misfortune? She was so angry during the finals…..

I shudder as I remember the blank expression on her face and the overwhelming power she showed in the finals of the sports festival.

The sight of my sister burning with rage now gives me chills even as I recall it.

Charlotte at that time was truly terrifying. …… It was as if I was dealing with an unknown monster. I don’t think it was simply fear of an angry sister, but more of an instinctive fear. I honestly thought she was going to kill me.

The heat of midsummer is like a lie as I clutch the book with both hands and turn pale.

I instinctively sensed that it might be better if I didn’t get involved with my sister anymore.

As my thoughts were settling on a policy of keeping our interactions to the bare minimum, I casually looked out the window.

As I looked at the red sky and thought to myself, “Is it already evening?” I saw four men and women happily conversing with each other ────.


I drop my book with a clatter, unable to speak at the startling sight that catches my eye.

Three men and a woman practicing on the training ground is a common sight in the school. There’s nothing special about it…… but ──── its members were bad.

“Why is Charlotte and His Highness Leo together ……!?”

I screamed this with a sad face and slammed my fist against the window frame.

To be precise, there are also the figures of His Highness Grayson and Isaac, but I was still shocked.

They seem to be having a lot of fun and I’m really jealous of Charlotte, who is at the center of it all. The flames of jealousy flared up as if spreading slowly.

“Hahaha …… that’s what you were after. That’s why you covered for me and why you didn’t deny correcting the rumors──── You did it all to appeal as the good guys and get His Highness Leo’s attention. Using me as a stepping stone to become the Crown Princess…… You’re so devious!”

I clenched my fists tightly and stared at Charlotte with tears of frustration in the corners of my eyes.

The fear I felt in the finals was trivial compared to the fear of heartbreak and jealousy of my sister.

Anyone else could have …… been officially recognized as a candidate for Crown Princess, I could have given up. The first thing to do is to make sure that you have a good relationship with the right person. But ……! Charlotte is the only one I can’t accept! I can’t accept that…….! I can’t …… allow you to take away the person I love and try to make me unhappy!

“Charlotte should know how I feel ……it’s too much!”

I imagine my sister smiling at me, saying, “I’m sorry, sister,” and I lift both eyes.

My gut churns and I bite my back teeth with a gnashing sensation.

An older sister who is inferior to her younger sister cannot be happy ……so she has to be a foil for her older sister. Because if she doesn’t, I won’t …… be able to be happy.

“After all— that person was right.”

I mutter this to no one and gently touch the window pane.

I slide my fingertips down the glass and look down at my sister through the glass.

Hey, Charlotte ……, how do you feel about using me as a stepping stone? Are you happy that things are going as you had hoped? It’s nice to be so close to His Highness Leo. But I’ll tell you one thing.

“Don’t expect me to just sit back and ──── do nothing.”

Declaring that if I fall, I won’t just get up, I pick up the book I dropped on the floor.

Carelessly wiping the tears of frustration from the corners of my eyes, I moved away from the windowsill.

At this point, the thought of ‘I’ll try not to get involved with my sister’ has completely disappeared.

But I’ll let you off the hook because right now my top priority is end-of-semester tests.

I quietly walked away from this place, pushed by my ugly jealousy and inferiority complex.

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  1. Ugh but at least she admits that she has an inferiority complex which is making her irrational.

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