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Chapter 46: Discussion of the Forest training Camp

“So, this year, like last year, we were going to ──── recruit about ten volunteers from the committee members to attend the camp in small groups…. as usual,…….”

Dina-sama opened her mouth gravely and looked away somewhat awkwardly.

The obvious implication made us say, ‘What about it ……?’ I had a bad feeling.

I even felt a chill as the worst possible scenario flashed through my mind.

“Please, let me be wrong!” While I prayed, Lady Dina opened her mouth with her intention.

“I want everyone to calm down and listen to me. The truth is, ──── this year’s participants have doubled over the previous years. The number of participants has been reduced by the school, but there are still a hundred people. To be honest, it’s hard to handle it with just a dozen people. …… So, this year, everyone is forced to participate.”

Raise and drop, this is exactly what it means, and Dina-sama has beaten our hopes to the ground.

“Yes, everyone is forced to participate ……?” I repeated, feeling as if I had been plunged into an abyss.

The shock was so great that I flopped down on my desk, weak from it.

I was so dejected that I couldn’t even muster the strength to get up, His Highness Grayson, sitting next to me ……, raised his hand.

“Um, can I ask you one question?”

Unlike my discouraged self, he maintains a poker face and asks the question.

He didn’t even show any sign of depression, and Lady Dina nodded her head and said, ‘Good’.

“Why was there a sudden rush of participants this year? The activities of the forest camp are the same as last year, right?”

His Highness Grayson tilted his head curiously as he asked for the reason for this.

The question is quite natural, and Dina-sama and Gerard-senpai look at each other and ───── for some reason, they smiled bitterly.

“Ah,…… we don’t know for sure yet, but the reason is probably because ──── the student council officers were added to the participating members of the forest training camp. You see, those guys are very popular among the students.”

“His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo ・・・・・・・・・・ is especially popular among the students. The number of participants in the forest camp was in the triple digits thanks to that …….”

Gerard-senpai, who laughs dryly, ‘ahaha ……,’ scratches his cheeks.

He had an indescribable expression on his face, and the corners of his mouth turned up with spirit and guts.

I am already thinking about the situation in front of me, which I can’t do anything at but laugh.

What do you mean …… that there is a flood of applicants for participation due to the participation of student council officers! I understand they want to get close to His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo, but they should at least relax at home during the summer vacation! You should pause your Man-hunting and flirting for a while! For the sake of my life!

As I was adding my own convenience to the list, I shouted in my mind, “Please, let me take a break!” I shout in my heart.

I thought back to my happy-go life vacation, which was crumbling noisily away.

It’s depressing that I have to work during my vacation, even if it’s only for three days.

Why did His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo decide to participate in the forest training camp, anyway? From the reaction of Dina and the others, this is his first time attending the camp, isn’t it? If he had attended last year, it would have been a topic of conversation. ……

I didn’t hear anything like that from my sister, let alone the school officials, which raises questions.

──── I remembered a meaningful statement made by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo.

“ So, I guess that means you will participate in the……. this is good to hear.”

When asked about the committee I belong to, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo certainly said so. …… If the ‘thing’ that His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo is referring to is the forest training camp,───── the target would definitely be me. He knew the disciplinary committee would be participating in the camp for security purposes. In that case, it is highly possible that the increase in the number of applicants was also a set-up. They must have made the move early to ensure my participation in the camp. It makes sense.

I was already troubled by the fact that I had been led into the camp without my knowledge.

Feeling depressed, I dug up my memories of that time and remembered another woman who was at the scene.

I picture the red-haired beauty in my mind and despair, ‘ Clarissa-sama had a suspicious reaction too.’

What if not only His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo but also Clarissa-sama participates in the forest camp? As expected, I don’t have the energy to deal with those two at once. …… I mean, I don’t even want to participate in the camp if I can help it. I’d rather stay in my estate and lounge around in bed at all hours of the day.

I’m not interested in exploring the mountains or hunting, I let out a sigh, ‘Even if it’s just a troublesome activity …….

While feeling anxious about the forest training camp, which I have a feeling will be nothing but trouble, I search for a way out of the situation.

But I couldn’t find any other option than to ‘skip it’, and I had no choice but to …… droop in my seat.

As you can imagine, it’s impossible for me to be absent. It would inconvenience the committee members, and I’m afraid of the reactions of Crown Prince Leonardo and Lady Clarissa. There is also the possibility that they might barge into my house to pay their respects. I want to avoid that at all costs,……, because having a friendship at a school event is completely different from having them visit your home. The former is definitely better. In the latter case, the people around you may have some strange intuitions about you  …….

I assume the worst and cower my shoulders, saying, “I don’t want a storm of jealousy.

In any case, I decided that I had no choice but to participate in the forest training camp.

While I told myself that “I only have to endure for three days”, Dina-sama clapped her hands to dispel the gloomy atmosphere.

“I’ve explained the outline of the forest camp, and we’ll work out the details as soon as possible. You may be confused by the suddenness of the situation, but please lend me your wisdom. There are things I can’t figure out or think of on my own.”

Dina-sama’s amber eyes narrowed slightly as she asked for cooperation.

“ Let’s change our minds.” She urges me, and I raise myself up.

“I couldn’t stay depressed forever,” I reminded myself.

“All right! Everyone’s looking good! We will now begin the forest camp meeting! First, let’s decide on the route and order of our rounds! Here’s a map of the camp location!”

Tapping the large map on the blackboard, Dina-sama exclaimed, “burn it into your eyes!”

We were silent for a while in front of the detailed map, and then we voiced our opinions in a …… furious manner.

Half in desperation, we decided on the most efficient route and order for our rounds.

We continued to share our wisdom, and in no time at all we were done discussing the forest training camp!

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