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Volume 3 Chapter 11: Free Time

I kept my mouth shut because I was aware that “if I say anything unnecessary, she would surely be offended.”

While I was pondering how I could fix my sister’s mood, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo shrugged his shoulders.

“It looks like you’ve reflected on it a lot, so it’s okay. But from now on, be careful.”

Perhaps deciding that it was not a good idea to make her cry, Crown Prince Leonardo did not blame my sister any further.

As usual, he treated her calmly …… and gently, releasing her tension.

From the outside, it looks like he is treating her like a child, but the effect was so great that …… she easily recovered her mood.

My sister’s face lit up and I couldn’t help but think, “Isn’t she too simple ……?” I was about to retort that

“Yes! I’ll be more careful from now on! Thank you for your advice!”

Bowing her head, she thanked Isaac-sama and lady Clarissa as well, and stood up on her own.

The two, having fulfilled their role of assistance, easily let go of their hands as if to say, ‘Finally.”

I had mixed feelings when I glanced at my older sister who had completely recovered

It’s not like I was expecting anything from her… but she didn’t apologize or thank me. Well, I knew that from the beginning,…….

I feel indescribably alienated, lamenting, “I’m the victim in one way or another,…….”

But this is not the first time my sister has behaved this way, so I quickly decided to let it go.

I told myself, “It’s useless to worry about it,” and we went out to an open area.

We found a little open area where there were no trees, as if the magic had been used to control the growth of the plants.

“────, let’s have a little free time here.”

Silas-sensei’s voice could be heard all they way at the end of the line. Perhaps Someone taught him loudspeaker magic.

We stopped at his prompting and scurried around.

“If you want to take your time to look at the plants and make your selections, you can collect them while we’re here. Of course, you can pick them while we’re on the road, it doesn’t really matter. Then, you’re dismissed.”

After a brief explanation, Silas-sensei quickly moved on to collecting herbs.

Sitting in front of a patch of grass, he cheered every time he found a rare medicinal herb.

He seemed to have forgotten that he was leading the group, and was as excited as a child.

While Silas-sensei was getting excited on his own, the general students also started to move around.

However, their purpose is to make connections, so they seem to be more interested in chatting than doing their assignments…

Only a few of the students were intently observing the plants.

The Other students were also collecting and observing plants, but I can’t say that they were very enthusiastic about it. ……

Well, it is up to them to decide how they want to spend their free time, so I have no right to tell them what to do.

“Your Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo, would you like to take a look around the plants with me?”

” Isaac-sana, would you like to discuss the assignment with me?”

“I found a beautiful flower a few minutes ago. Would you like to admire it with me, Clarissa-sama?”

The students try various ways to get at the privileged ones.

Although I was stunned by the uncanny momentum, the …… parties were not at all upset.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo, Isaac-sama, and lady Clarissa are all smiles as they deal with the situation.

“I’m glad you invited me, but I’ll pass on it this time. Invite me again next time.”

“I think you should ask Silas-sensei about the assignment. I’m not an expert in herbology.”

“Oh, that’s good. But I want to focus on the assignment right now, so I’ll go later.”

They seemed to be quite adept at rejecting invitations with a nonchalant attitude.

I was impressed by their interpersonal skills, which I must say were impressive, as I admire them as if I were a stranger. “Amazing ~”, simply to say.

However, it seems that the target of networking was not only those of the privileged class… Some of them came to me as well.

I was asked, “Miss Charlotte, if you don’t mind, can you help me with my assignment? Actually, I’m not very good at it. ……”

‘I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know much about medicinal herbs. ……”

“So I need the help of the genius Miss Charlotte, a Silas-approved herbology geek ……!”

Hmm……? Wait a minute ……! You just said ‘herb geek’. ……! Right! Let me deny that part at all costs. ……!

‘I don’t want to hear it!’ I look up vigorously as if to say.

The three girls who had asked for help with their assignments were a mix of upperclassmen, and I didn’t recognize them.

I was secretly shocked that even students from other grades thought I was a herb geek.

But I was surely the one with the most knowledge about medicinal herbs, it can’t be helped if they misunderstood me.

Maybe they thought so because I was asked maniacal questions by Silas-sensei every class. …… Even the committee’s patrol route is near the botanical garden. ……

I sorted out what I knew in my own way, and I said, “Huh? There are only misunderstanding elements?” and felt anguish.

But I was unwilling to be misunderstood for so long, so I decided to deny it properly.

“I’m very sorry, but I can’t help you with your assignment. …… In case you’re wondering, I’m working on the committee right now. And also──── I am not a herb geek. Sure, I memorize the contents of botanical books by heart, but never …… never! I am not a geek, no!”

I insisted with all my strength and completely denied the rumors that I was a medicinal herb geek.

The girls’ cheeks twitched slightly as I struggled to somehow clear up the misunderstanding.

“Memorize the contents of a botanical reference book by heart: ……”

“She’s not a fanatic, I just memorize everything by heart: ……”

“Geniuses memorize everything by heart……”

For some reason, the girls reacted to the word “memorization” with indescribable expressions on their faces.

As they looked away awkwardly, I said, “huh……?” I was puzzled.

Is it my imagination that I feel like I’ve created more misunderstandings ……? Should I have argued with them more normally ……?

No, but if I don’t …… explain the situation properly, they might get suspicious and say, “How can you be so knowledgeable if you don’t like it?”……This is the only way to clear up the misunderstanding. …….

I was at a loss to accept the reality that I was spinning out of control.

“why is this not going well?” While the girls were depressed, they looked at each other with a huff ──── and immediately smiled amiably.

“I was so wrong! I misunderstood you!”

“I’m sorry for misunderstanding you!”

“And for now! We’ll leave you to it! Good luck with your committee work!”

They replied half-heartedly, and the girls quickly left.

I stood there stunned, unable to do anything about the response, which was almost as if they were running away. ……

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