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The protagonist, a working adult is reincarnated in the popular fantasy novel "The Tale of Rainana Country". He was born as Absolute Arc, the legitimate son of the Duke of Arc.
At first, he was happy to be reincarnated in the world he loved, but he remembered that the Arc family where he was born was destined to be crushed by the hero. Since I was reincarnated, I won't lose to the brave. Let's meet when I am fully prepared.

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Raws: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16816927861111559387


  1. dude, his sword technique was not enough, even if he had a better sword , if his sword tech is…

  2. Epic moment when the dragon is whipped out. Although Seika's idea really doesn't make sense since he is already speaking…

  3. So happy chapters are coming out more frequent, I was worried for a while. Thank you for the TL, one…

  4. Wow put 2 and 2 together finally, the author certainly dragged that out !

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