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Chapter 37: Investigation of the Summoning Art

Guided by Erwin-sama and Keith-sama, we arrived at a modest room. There was almost no furniture or furnishings, just an expanse of white space.

“Is it a vacant room?” I wondered, but the floor and walls were quite clean.

I don’t see a single stain. I wonder if they clean it often? But it seems too clean…..

“Oh! It’s fixed up beautifully! It’s like a new house!”

” Huh……. Please, for God’s sake don’t break it again. The repair cost is ridiculous.”


Erwin-sama replies cheerfully, scurrying around the room and smiling.

Judging From the contents of the conversation, this room seems to be Erwin’s laboratory. Perhaps he had inadvertently blown up the room in the course of his research and had it repaired.

The room was strangely clean because it had just been repaired. That would explain the lack of furniture.

“I’m sure that even if something were to happen here, the damage would be minimal. It’s spacious enough.”

“That’s true. But, just in case, we should deploy a barrier.”

“Ah! I’ll take care of that!

Raising his right hand cheerfully, Erwin-sama leaps to the center of the room, smiling and laughing.

Aside from him producing strings of magic from his fingertips, Keith-sama took a few steps backward. Apparently, he left all the warding magic to Erwin-sama to take care of.

As if caught in the act, I also moved back to the wall, and Erwin-sama started to construct multiple magic circles simultaneously. I was astonished by his skillful and agile movements without any hesitation at all.

It was so fast that I couldn’t believe it was improvised. The magic formulas were precise and well calculated. It seems that he is not applying some random letters and numbers. This means that ──── Erwin-sama does the calculation and adjustment of the magic formula while creating it. Also, multiple magic formulas are being …… created at the same time. This is not something that just anyone can do.

I couldn’t help but let out a gasp at the divine work of pure genius. It is so great that I can no longer be impressed.

“It’s not on the level of being smart, I can’t believe that he could create multiple magic circles at the same time and neutralize them perfectly. I have a lot of respect for the simultaneous initialization type because I tend to pack everything into a single magic circle.”

“No, I think it’s great enough to pack multiple magic into one magic circle. …… Well, yes.  He’s one of the smartest mages in the court mage corps. He also constructed and deployed the defensive magic on the building, by the way.”

“Ah! I knew it. The way the letters are arranged and neutralized are very similar, so I thought it might be that way!”

Panning and vigorously clasping my hands together, my eyes lit up. Remembering the defensive magic that was hung on the building, I exclaimed, ‘That was great, too.’

While the conversation was naturally lively, Erwin-sama, who had finished the construction, spread three magic circles throughout the room. The peach-colored magic circles overlapped each other and linked normally.

“Alright! It’s okay! So let’s activate the magic circle!”

Raising his small fist, Erwin-sama explosively increased the magical power in his body without pausing to exhale. A large amount of highly concentrated magic power was released from his small body and poured into the magic circle. As I stiffened under the suffocating magic power, the three magic circles emitted a particularly strong light.

When I looked at them with my eyes, I saw a thin film of pinkish light sticking to the floor and ceiling.

“Yes, it worked! With this, most summons can’t even touch it! It’s a little tough when it comes to the Spirit King and Holy Beast classes!”

Erwin-sama spins around on the spot, spreading his hands as if to say, “Look at this!”

When he smiled innocently, Keith-sama tapped the thin membrane.

“In addition to damage reduction, there is also shock absorption. It’s quite elaborate. It’s very unusual for you to go this far, isn’t it?”

“There are a lot of uncertainties in Charlotte’s summoning technique. You never know what might happen, so it’s best to be cautious.”

Erwin-sama, showing a cautious attitude, put his hands on his hips and turned his chest up, as if to say, of course, and Keith-sama and I let out a wry smile at this attitude.

I put my hand over my mouth and swallowed down the words, “You blow up the lab without a care, but you are so cautious only at times like this.”

Well, Erwin-sama has a valid point, and I don’t want to say anything unnecessary. There’s no need to go out of my way to make waves.

“Well, thank you for putting up such sturdy wards. Thanks to Erwin-sama, I can now try my hand at the summoning technique with peace of mind.”

“ You’re welcome! Well then, now that we’re all set up, ──── let’s get right to practicing the summoning technique.”

Smiling, Erwin-sama announced in a cheerful voice that the investigation was about to begin.

“Shall we set up a larger magic circle to test Miss Emilia’s hypothesis? Any objections”

“No objections.”

“Then, let’s build the summoning circle, shall we?”

“Yes, I understand.”

I walked out to the center of the room in front of Erwin-sama, who lightly waved his hand and stepped back to the wall.  I suppress the excitement welling up in my chest and turn my palms toward the ceiling. My chest heaves with excitement at the long-awaited use of the summoning technique, and I take one deep breath.

With the perfectly memorized magic circle for summoning in my mind, I let out a thread of magic from my fingertips.

To keep the conditions close to the same as last time, I should not change anything except the size of the magic circle. The construction time and the thickness of the thread should be the same as last time, and then I can…….

I quickly build up the magic circle for the summoning in no time, layering the threads of magic power as if I were weaving a knitted fabric.

I looked down at the summoning circle the size of a small dog and checked it carefully for any imperfections. I asked Keith and Erwin, who were standing by the wall, to take a look as well, and they gave their assurances that there were no problems.

Thinking about the imminent use of the summoning technique, I spread the completed magic circle around the room. To avoid contact with the warding magic deployed by Erwin-sama, I let the summoning circle float a little.

Except in the case of neutralizing or interlocking magic like Erwin-sama did, magic circles basically must not touch each other. They may repel each other and explode. This is not always the case, but there is about a 50% chance that it will cause damage. Therefore, it was an unspoken understanding to set up magic circles at a distance.

“The installation is complete. I will now activate the ──── summoning formation.”

After saying a few words to Keith and Erwin, who were waiting in the corner of the room, I slowly increased my own magic power. Just like last time, little by little, slowly pouring in magical power. The purple summoning circle, shining with magical power, was somewhat fantastic.

“activate ────!”

As soon as I say that, The purple summoning circle, filled with my magic power, glows even more intensely. The glow was so bright that I couldn’t look directly at it, and with a ──── clink sound while covering my eyes, Erwin-sama’s magic circle shattered.

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