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Chapter 10: Consultation

‘What should I do?’ As I pondered this question, my sister had tears in the corners of her eyes.

She was about to burst into tears, but the one who offered her a helping hand was not ──── me, nor Crown Prince Leonardo, but Isaac-sama.

“ Don’t be too depressed, Scarlett. Leo is just worried about Dina. It’s only natural to worry about your cousin, isn’t it?”

Isaac-sama, who tilts his head slightly, smiles softly.

Then, as if under a spell, he said over and over, ‘It’s not like he hates Scarlett.”

Perhaps feeling reassured by the word ‘cousin,’ my older sister becomes completely cheerful.

I was impressed by Isaac-sama, who had fixed my sister’s mood in no time.

Wow, amazing…He knows how to handle my sister …… Scarlett very well. As one would expect from the right-hand man of Crown Prince Leonardo,……, he handled her perfectly.

I am so impressed with his interpersonal skills that I have feelings similar to admiration for him.

‘I can’t believe you solved this without using magic!’ ‘ amidst my admiration, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo posed a question to me.

‘So ──── why did Dina yell at you? I don’t think it’s in her nature to get angry for no reason. ……”

“It’s not like her,” Crown Prince Leonardo wondered, narrowing his eyes slightly.

Even though it was an excuse to deepen our friendship, he seemed a little worried about Dina-sama.

What should I do ……? It’s better not to talk about these things with others too much, isn’t it ……? But Dina-sama’s reaction caught me off guard.

It’s not like I really want to know the truth of the matter, but if I tell her cousin, His Highness, he might be able to help me if something happens.

At the very least, he would be more helpful to Dina-sama than me, who is just a junior.

After taking into consideration our respective positions and circumstances, I made up my mind to ‘consult with him.”

I clenched my fists tightly and looked up vigorously.

“I don’t know all the details myself, but actually ────”

I explained the incident in detail, being careful not to let my personal feelings get in the way.

When I finished telling only the facts, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo lowered his eyebrows in annoyance.

He frowned, as if he had some idea of what had angered Dina-sama.

“It could be seen as a deliberate burden to increase the number of places where she can play an active role. …… Looks like Dina is in a great deal of hurry. Did uncle say something to her again?”

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo, who was expressing his views as if talking to himself, glanced forward.

His expression was rather gloomy, as if he was worried about Dina-sama.

Although he had asked to be my advisor in order to deepen our friendship, he was still concerned about her.

For His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo, uncle …… probably means the Marquis of Hayes, right? I wonder if Dina-sama is at odds with her family? If so, it makes sense about the letter, but …… it’s not a good idea to get too deep into it.

Now that I’ve consulted with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo, let’s quickly forget about this matter.

“It’s not good to drag it out forever,’ I thought, and this time I changed my mind.

Crown Prince Leonardo smiled vaguely, as if he did not intend to mention the matter any further.

“Thank you for telling me. I’ll try to take care of Dina as well.”

After giving a curt reply, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo turned his attention back to me.

“By the way, what do you do on your days off, Miss Charlotte? Do you have any hobbies?”

Perhaps intending to achieve his original goal, Crown Prince Leonardo changed the subject appropriately.

I couldn’t help but clench my cheeks at his ‘that’s that, and this is this’ attitude.

While I was at a loss for words as to whether he wanted to deepen our friendship so much, my sister glared at me.

“Just get this conversation over with!” I almost contradicted her with my own eyes.

Even I want to end the conversation as quickly as possible, but …… Crown Prince Leonardo won’t let me do so. He has consulted with me, and I can’t just cut the conversation short. ……

Regardless of the circumstances, I was the one who decided to ask for advice, so I couldn’t come out too strongly.

‘If you have a problem with me, tell His Highness.’ While I was wistfully hoping that she would be able to do so, my sister turned her feet toward me in a frantic.

“Oh no, my foot slipped!”

She said in a flat voice, like a stick figure, and threw her upper body toward me.

Everything seemed deliberate, as if they were going to pretend to fall over and bump into me.

No way, ……! You can’t be serious! I can’t catch it from this angle. ……! But if I avoid it, I’m sure she’ll complain, “You’re a member of the disciplinary committee, but you didn’t protect me!

Do I have no choice but to be trapped under my sister’s body!? I hesitate to make a decision as I am seriously worried.

While thinking about whether there is a way to safely catch my sister who is diagonally behind me,──── someone pulled my arm.

‘──── are you alright? Miss Charlotte.”

Saying that, it was His Highness Prince Leonardo  ──── who came to look into my face.

He hurriedly supported my body, which was reeling from the recoil of being pulled.

Because it was a spur-of-the-moment action, there were no injuries …… on our side, although it was somewhat forceful.

“Oh, thank you. ……”

“No, it’s ok. What’s more, are you hurt?”

“Yes, no.”

To Crown Prince Leonardo, who lowers his eyebrows in concern, I insist ‘it’s okay.”

Perhaps relieved that I showed no signs of pain, His Highness’s expression softened.

He gently released his hands around my waist and arms, saying, ‘Well, that’s good.”

I was surprised that he let me go so easily, and he glanced back at me.

“ You’ve got to be careful, Scarlett. You almost caused a catastrophe.”

Prince Leonardo’s tone of voice was accusatory, but his words were just a little bit more forceful.

Behind him, who was unusually emotional, was my older sister, who was being held by Isaac-sama and lady Clarissa by both arms.

She’s unharmed, perhaps having been saved by the two when she was about to fall.

My sister, who was frozen in a front-facing position, was already on the verge of tears.

“ I’m sorry, I’m …… not used to mountain roads very well. ……”

Depressed like a scolded child, my sister’s shoulders slumped with a shrug.

No longer having the energy to adjust her stance, she was being dragged along.

The composition, supported by Isaac and Clarissa, was quite surreal.

I know it’s inappropriate, but it’s kind of funny, like a sinner being taken away by a knight. Well, I can never say that to her face …….

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