Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Martial Arts Test

“I’ll let you have the first strike. You can come at me.”

Although I am amazed by Nigel-sensei, who usually isn’t a man that understands the notion of “Ladies First”, I was happy with his words. I don’t like being considered weak, but I’m not naive enough to let such a great deal of kindness go to waste.

If the opponent is a swordfighter, it is common to launch a magic attack from a distance and attack. You’ll be at a disadvantage if you enter the striking range of the sword.

Nigel-sensei must think that I’m going to attack from a distance. That’s why I’m going to dare to get behind him. Let’s start by breaking his relaxed attitude! If you don’t fight like you mean it, there’s no point in testing me!


The first thing I did was to use strengthening magic to dramatically improve my physical abilities and tighten my grip on my wooden sword. Thanks to the increase in muscle strength, I hardly felt the weight of the wooden sword.

Gazing into the crimson eyes reminiscent of garnets, I take off at a fast pace.

Even though I was coming straight towards him, the beautiful blond man didn’t move an inch.  He didn’t even move a finger and kept the tip of his sword pointed downward.

The first thing I need to do is to make sure I strike a blow.


Activating the transfer magic, a type of spatial magic, I instantly moved behind Nigel-sensei.

I squint at the sight that changed in an instant and swung my sword.

It was supposed to make full use of my enhanced strength and speed to unleash a blow that made use of my whole body.

“The strategy wasn’t bad, but it doesn’t work on me.”

Nigel-sensei, who blocked my sword attack with one hand without looking back at all, said so.I was so sure it would work that I was stunned by the reality before me. It seems that I was the one who underestimated my opponent ────

Uuh, it can’t be!?? Why? You can’t be telling me that he predicted all of my moves? No, but Nigel-sensei doesn’t know my magic repertoire, and there’s no way he could have predicted my use of transference magic.

So, could it be ──── he took a look at the situation and responded?

No, no way. It took less than a second from the time I used the transfer magic to the time I attacked! How can he respond perfectly in such a short time?

I was amazed by the skills that can only be achieved with a great deal of physical strength and combat experience.

I was in awe of the fact that was so hard to believe.

To me whose gaze was frozen, Nigel-sensei glances over and flips my wooden sword.

I was blown away by the recoil, but I hurriedly regained my position and managed to land on my feet.

This power is just by being attacked lightly? If it was done without using body strengthening, it’s a considerable threat.

His body shape is slender, but what on earth is this power?I completely misjudged the appearance of Nigel-sensei and misunderstood his ability.

I gazed at his back, lamenting my blunder. Since that’s the case, I’ll have to play to my strengths. I’m not going to let my guard down again for even a second. I’m going to be serious.

“Ice Arrow, Ice Spear.”

Without a trace of chivalry, I mercilessly unleashed ice magic from behind.

The white arrow and spear that emerged headed towards Nigel-sensei while releasing cold air in its path.

I tried to practice the so-called “tactic to take a few hits”, but … it didn’t work on him. No matter how many moves I make, as soon as I get into the range of Nigel-sensei, I will be blown away by his wooden sword.

It’s also without him ever looking at me…

“Seriously, is there another eye on his back?”

I doubt.

It’s unpleasant…

Far from defeating Nigel-sensei, I haven’t been able to make him move a step from the spot. If we keep fighting like this, there is no chance of me winning.

──── Wouldn’t it be better to surrender? Because the victory and defeat is already known.

There’s no need to waste my physical strength and magic power. Even if I don’t win this battle, the suspicion of wrongdoing against me has almost been cleared. There’s no need for me to work so hard.

My other self whispered to me like a devil, “Stop now,” and showed me the way out. If I go down that path, if I quickly offer my surrender, I will be at ease. But ──── that would be the same as before.

I’ve been following my sister’s lead, avoiding social gatherings, and staying indoors because it’s too much trouble. As a result, I was treated like a plague and avoided at the very beginning of my school life. If the price of running away was that emptiness and sadness, I never want to run away again.

I gripped the hilt of my sword tightly, raised my head firmly to shake off my weakness, and looked ahead.


I chanted this with determination, and in the blink of an eye, I was transported above the teacher’s head.

Without much surprise, the beautiful blonde man looked up at me and laughed. I was annoyed by his smug attitude, but I managed to hold back my anger.

“Water Arrow, Ice Spear, Wind Cutter.”

I rained down elementary to intermediate level attack magic from above his head and used transfer magic to leave in an instant.

The scene was somewhat similar to a squall.

Well, it seems that Nigel sensei didn’t get hit by even a drop of the attack rain…although it was expected, it’s a bit of a shock after all.  It’s fine if I can hit him with a single blow.

I moved a few meters away from Nigel-sensei, and I slumped my shoulders at the sight. He smiled softly, not a scratch on him despite being attacked so ruthlessly.


I stopped my faltering heart and transferred to the front of Nigel-sensei’s eyes.

He slid his sword to the side, and when he slashed, he slashed in a relaxed manner. When it comes to power, I have no chance of competing. I will be blown away as it is.

I was slammed horizontally in the air, and I twisted my waist lightly, and somehow put my foot on the ground. I slid down the floor and skidded backward, killing the momentum completely.


I used transfer magic that I don’t know how many times I’ve used already, and after measuring my movement, ──── I went around behind him without error.

Swinging my sword in the same way as the first move, it attacks the beautiful blonde man. ──── At this point, my trump card for victory was already completed.

“It’s the same no matter how many times you try. You can’t defeat me with that kind of attack.”

With that mutter, my wooden sword is flipped and blown back as usual. It was strange that I couldn’t win, and I smiled naturally.

He’s right.

If Nigel-sensei hadn’t taken it easy on me, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. I think I would have been completely defeated. But ──── I have a will of my own, you know.

I made a full turn and killed the momentum, landing softly on the spot.

And I turned to Nigel-sensei’s feet.

“I’m not sure if I’m worthy of your attention. But if you keep looking up ────, you will soon be scooped up.”

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