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Chapter 5: Harassment

While chatting with His Highness Grayson, I look around the mansion.

Although my sister stared at me from time to time, so far no harm had come to me.

And then, with no particular trouble, it was time for the shift change. After giving the next pair a few warnings, we entered the mansion.

I took one look at the calm atmosphere of the interior and finally caught my breath.

I can finally rest now. I’ve been busy since this morning, and I’m exhausted. Shall I take a nap until dinner?

I look at the clock in the entrance hall and think, “I can sleep for at least three more hours.

With nothing but a nap on my mind, I faced His Highness Grayson while being driven by the urge to go to bed early.

“Well then, I’ll excuse myself. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Ah, get some rest.”

I was about to leave quickly without even saying goodbye, but His Highness Grayson didn’t look at me in a bad way.

He said, “Rest is part of the job,” and was concerned about my physical condition.

Perhaps concerned about my lack of physical strength, His Highness Grayson released me without hesitation.

I thought he was going to invite me to a voluntary training session under the title of “physical fitness training,” but he didn’t. Well, he doesn’t seem to be moving now,……, but it looks like he’s going to go outside again soon and start exercising.

I am amazed at the stoicism of His Highness Grayson as I chuckled wryly, “ You come to a forest camp to train? ……”

But I had no intention of stopping him, so I just thanked him and quickly went upstairs.

Remembering the floor plan of the mansion that was handed out at the meeting, I headed for my room.

Then, stopping in front of the room that was my destination, I slowly opened the door.

Beyond the door, a space with a calm atmosphere spreads out, and I naturally felt at ease.

Perhaps because the room was placed in the back, it was very quiet, and I could hardly hear the voices of the students. In addition, the room was very sunny.

“I think I’ll have a good night’s sleep here, not only that …… but in comfort as well. The rooms are of perfect size, as it is a villa owned by the imperial family.”

I rushed to bed in a good mood, exclaiming, ‘It’s a wonderful room.”

For the time being, I purify myself with purification magic and then lie down on the bed.

Wrapped in sheets as clean as new, I buried my face in the pillows.

Ahh, I feel great. ……! So happy!

I never knew that just lying in bed could fill me up so much……! After all, I’m happiest when I’m asleep!

”It’s a moment of bliss,” I relaxed my cheeks and rolled over from right to left.

As I toss and turn on the bed, I catch a glimpse of luggage being carried in at the edge of my vision.

As I looked at the travel bag filled with clothes, I suddenly remembered the existence of the wooden box.

Come to think of it, I wonder what happened to that crate in the end? Ruben-sensei is supposed to check its contents, but he hasn’t said anything about it. …… Was it just our imagination, after all? Or was there something too dangerous for us to tell ……?

Maybe it’s because I haven’t received an after-action report, but I can’t help but feel uneasy.

Thinking things only in the worst way, I let out a breath to change my mind.

“Let’s forget about the crate. It’s best to trust Ruben-sensei and leave it to him.”

If it were really dangerous, the camp would have been canceled,’ I thought and convinced myself.

Shaking my head coverings to discard my doubts, I took a deep breath ──── and at the same time the window glass shattered.

As I stared in dismay at the scattered debris, a fist-sized stone fell to the floor.

It was probably …… or rather, definitely, this stone that broke the windowpane.

Why is there a stone …… in the room? Did the wind blow it ……? But we’re on the second floor. Unless there was a typhoon or tornado, it’s unlikely. So the only possibility left is human-caused …… trouble, which would be harassment, after all. I wish I was wrong, but there are just too many unnatural things going on. It’s strange that all of a sudden there was a rock thrown into the house, but also that ──── it was silent the whole time…. Because I didn’t even hear the sound of the window glass breaking.

I turn my attention to the stone, recalling the fact that it was silent, not drowned out by another sound.

Scattered with fragments, the stone had what appeared to be a magic circle drawn on it.

The words were already faded, so I couldn’t make out any details, but I was certain that it was a magic to muffle the sound. The effect of the magic is probably to block all sounds made by the stone……

“You’re quite skillful. Even though Soundproofing magic is basically range-specific. …… It must have been very difficult to give a soundproofing effect to an object itself.”

I was impressed with the other party’s skill before I was horrified, thinking it was a kind of magic enchantment

Because enchantment magic is a very advanced technique, even court mages have a hard time with it. The effect seemed to be temporary, but it was still amazing.

While watching the blue lines that shriveled up and disappeared, I spotted the culprit.

There’s only one person I can think of who is good enough to successfully enchant magic and whose magical thread is blue …….

Shrugging my shoulders, I got up from the bed, dismayed at the audacity of the crime.

I approach the windowsill, taking great care not to step on the shards of window glass.

I quietly peeked out the window into the backyard and caught a glimpse of my sister hiding behind a ──── tree!

She averts her eyes, startled, and leaves the backyard with a blank expression on her face. Her quickly running away was obviously suspicious.

But I still can’t conclude that she’s the culprit just yet,…… because I didn’t see her work on the stone, nor was I there at the scene of the stone being thrown in. With only circumstantial evidence, I can’t go deeper. If she claims that “ I didn’t do it”, it’s over.

Sighing at the situation, I quickly gave up looking for the culprit.

I could have gotten a third party involved in the investigation, but I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so I gave up on that.

The broken window glass was repaired with time-reversal magic, and a warding was also deployed.

“Now I can sleep in peace.”

Having taken safety measures, I relaxed my shoulders, saying, “With this, I’ll be fine even if I’m attacked.”

With a breath of relief, I picked up the stone that was still on the floor.

Just to be sure, I checked the condition of the stone and found no traces of any other crafting besides …… soundproofing magic.

There doesn’t seem to be any strange mechanism. Even if there were, it would probably be a childish form of harassment. It seems that my sister has no intention of killing me. The windowpane was probably just a warning from her to ‘stay away from His Highness Leo’. If she really had murderous intent, I won’t get by With just a rock.

“But I still have to be on guard. Well, I can’t do anything about contact with Crown Prince Leonardo on my own. ……”

Remembering the image of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leonardo, who was actively involved, my shoulders slumped.

Thinking of the forest camp that will begin in earnest tomorrow, I let out a sigh.

Tomorrow, it looks like there will be another upheaval. …… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to return home safely. I hope everything will go off without incident,…….

I was a quiet person, so I crawled into bed again, hoping, ‘Please, don’t cause me any trouble.” And this time, I fell asleep.

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