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  • v2c26

    Chapter 26- Laboratory After parting with His Highness Grayson, I immediately headed to the laboratory, where I was currently surrounded by ──── a large number of flame spirit plants ・・・・・・. Silas-sensei’s laboratory, which smelled of chemicals and medicinal herbs, was a little cramped, to be honest, with potted plants of fire spirit herbs everywhere. Also, … Continue reading v2c26

  • Chapter 165

    Chapter 165: Opening the Safe Tauro wanted the head maid to leave the office, but she would not leave until she found what she was looking for, or rather, until she had achieved her goal, so he decided to talk to her. “What are you doing?” The head maid regretted her lack of attention and … Continue reading Chapter 165

  • Chapter 164

    Chapter 164: The Marquis’ Residence Tauro, Aeris, and four of the Kingsguard, who had been waiting outside, were invited into the house by the maid who had come to pick them up. There were six other Kingsguard waiting outside the house, and they were ready to respond immediately in case something happened. Aeris was greeted … Continue reading Chapter 164

  • Chapter 194

    Chapter 194: The Mechanism of Magic Supply “The battle seems to be over, so I’m going to go get Zeal!” “Ah…” After saying that, Yug came into me and went away. Hm? She entered me and went away? Isn’t that a contradiction? What do you mean? “Haa…” I mean, what about these two? Don’t leave … Continue reading Chapter 194

  1. She’s a bit thirsty as well.

  2. I dunno, if Elon Musk offered any of us his entire 200 billion fortune, I doubt anyone would it down

  3. Alucard90 on v2c24


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  1. when are you guys gonna post your next chapter of Prince Kurobuta Who Reincarnated as a Villain Character Remembered His Previous Life and Was Changed?

    1. We’ll post at least one chapter today

  2. Are you guys Okay?

    1. Thanks for the concern, we’re back now

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