A leisurely trip to another world of the Reincarnated Great Saint

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A leisurely trip to another world of the Reincarnated Great Saint


Hirune Hanamaki, who works for a black company with almost zero sleep, reincarnated in a different world with the blessing of a goddess because of her pure heart. Thanks to the blessing, her amount of magic power is strangely large, and her holy magic is extremely versatile. Eh, no one uses it like this?
“You have the talent of a saint.”
 Hirune, who just wants to sleep on a fluffy futon, tries to skip work by making full use of holy magic, but the evaluation of the people around her continues to rise.

This means I’ll be working as hard as I did in my previous life. This is bad. Very bad. I’m also sleepy. . Apparently, it is rumored that if you become a great saint, you will get your own church and you can live freely.
“Become a great saint and hang out on a futon all day long.”
 She works hard for a leisurely life and becomes a great saint … Isn’t this pretty busy? I feel like I’m being worshiped a lot … It shouldn’t be like this …

 This is the story of a dozing great saint who became a legend as she enjoyed a slow life at her own pace.

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Raws: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054897857639


  1. Just scream- that’s what i want to say but she must be tired, Dang the reputation damage tho.

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  4. Oh their chemistry is ADORABLE!

  5. It’s nice that he not only fight using brawn. I wonder where did his proud brother go tho? I have…

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