Chapter 46

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Chapter 46- The final match

After rushing to the entrance, I faced my sister Scarlett without the cheers of the people around me.

When I appeared a little late, my sister dropped her shoulders in disappointment, but she quickly regained her composure, perhaps not expecting much from Daniel-sama’s activities.

She looks straight at me with a dignified, but somewhat anxious expression on her face.

“──── And so, we will now begin the final match between Scarlett Rosa Meyers of Year Three A and Charlotte Luna Meyers of Year One C. Please take a stance, both of you.”

The crowd went wild at the prospect of the impending final.

My sister and I each pointed our palms at the other, while they fussed about a sisterly showdown.

My sister’s expression became a little fierce, as if we were pointing the muzzle of a gun at each other. However, the light in her eyes was not lost.

She seems to be trying to take me down to protect her position and reputation. Does she know how difficult that is…… What if she loses her will to fight? But I guess I didn’t have to worry about that.

I really need my sister to come at me with all her might. This is the stage for my sister’s full power to be overpowered by my full power.

“No instant death magic allowed. Please begin────.”

The final match was about to begin, and as the hall became even noisier, we began to move towards each other.


“”Lightning Shot!””

She floated softly in the air and avoided the lightning from my index finger to the side. Maybe she was trying to initiate air combat.

She clucked her tongue at her slightly burnt blue hair and flew up into the sky.

As I look at her blue cloak and skirt swaying in the air, I think to myself, “I can almost see her underwear.”

There’s probably no one for whom the word “optimistic” is more appropriate than it is for me right now.


My sister, who had flown to the very ceiling, deployed wind magic and manipulated the wind in the hall.

Suddenly, a crazy wind blows and flows as if scooping up the ground.

Since there was a large amount of sand and dust accumulated in the venue from the previous games, the visibility suddenly became poor.

I squinted as the dust flew around the venue.

I see. …… In a head-on battle, no matter how hard she tries, she’ll be outmatched by me, so it looks like she’s planning to launch a surprise attack. This is the reason why she hasn’t attacked me directly until now.


I’m not so careless that I don’t do anything when I know a surprise attack is coming, so I set up a barrier around me.

I stared at the sand and dust bouncing off the translucent walls, my guard raised.

I looked around and searched for my sister’s location, but I couldn’t see her because of the dust and sand.

I thought about retreating into the sky with my barriers in place, but considering the possibility of a trap, I couldn’t make a quick decision.

As I wandered around looking for the best solution, I suddenly felt the presence of a person right behind me.


I had a bad feeling, but when I looked back, I saw my sister’s figure.

As she held out her palm to me, I thought to myself, “I see”.

She used her transference magic to get behind me. The barrier doesn’t have any effect to deny the transfer. Perhaps the dust was to dazzle and buy time for the transference spell.

As expected of last year’s winner, it’s not a simple matter. I didn’t expect her to use transference magic to surprise me.

Transference magic consumes an enormous amount of magic power. It’s not something you can use easily.

Considering the risk of failure, this strategy was close to a gamble. Nevertheless, the reason why she chose this strategy was probably because she decided that it was the only way.

In front of me, who was calmly analyzing the situation, my sister took a deep breath.

“”Fire breath!””

She seemed confident of victory as she tried to finish the job with her signature fire magic.

I took a glance at the slightly raised corners of her mouth and gazed at the breath of fire coming from her hands.

In a word, this was a pinch. I probably won’t be able to deploy the barrier now in time──── if I should…

I’m not at all distraught when I see the breath of flame approaching me and I narrowed my eyes quickly.

“This was supposed to be revealed at the end of the battle, but I guess have no choice.”

When I muttered that, sounding almost like I was talking to myself ──── a translucent wall appeared in front of me.

At the same time, the breath of flame that was right under my nose hit the wall.

It was a paper-thin margin of error, but somehow the barrier got there in time.

“Ugh! Impossible …… why is there a barrier…..? You set them up without chanting. ……”.

My sister stands there in a daze, shaking her head as if to say it’s impossible.

“Why?” I made a motion as if I was shaking something off in front of me.

As if on cue, the ──── barrier and flames disappeared and the raging winds subsided. This was the answer to everything.

“You didn’t do that, did you ……?”

My sister, who had arrived at a hypothesis, looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.

The frightened expression on her face, combined with her appearance, made her look very cute.

“What happened…..?”

“I couldn’t see a thing because of the dust.”

“Hey, isn’t Scarlett-sama acting a little strange?”

“If you ask me, yes. I wonder what’s wrong?”

The spectators who couldn’t see the whole battle due to the dust created by my sister tilted their heads at the situation.

While all sorts of speculation were going on in the hall, I took a step towards my sister.

She shook her shoulders with a jolt and hurriedly turned her palms toward me…… That’s just a false sense of security.

The transference magic and the fire magic from earlier must have used up most of her magic power. Even if she could use magic, she would probably only be able to use one elementary level spell.

I’m not going to let my guard down because of that, but you never know what a wounded tiger might do.

“Scarlett onee-chan, let’s go over your answer. Actually ────.”

I cut off my words there, meaningfully, and I raise my hand in a flash.

My sister, mistakenly thinking that I was going to hit her, quickly covered her head, but I didn’t care and swung my hand down.

A moment later ──── lightning strikes besides us from nowhere.

There was a tremendous thud and a large scorch mark appeared on the floor.

“──── I’ve already learned how to activate the Prayer Technique…”

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