Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Getting on my Sister’s Bad Side << Scarlett’s POV >>

“I know that this isn’t the right time to ask but what are you doing here, Oneesama?”

When Charlotte asks me that with a bland attitude, I suddenly regain my sanity.

I was so unsettled by my sister’s change of clothes that I forgot my original purpose and gritted my teeth.

I’m sure the smart Charlotte knows what I’m trying to do, but she’s cocky for even asking.

I don’t like it.

“As I said, I came here to talk to you. ──── Hey, Charlotte. You broke your promise to me, didn’t you?”

The rustling sound of the cloth stops when I asked this question.

However, it resumed almost immediately, and Charlotte replied with just one word.

“──── Yes and…”

The two words spun in her machine-like tone showed no sign of guilt or regret.

I was once again acutely aware that her reins had truly left my hand.

Charlotte broke her promise to me of her own volition and showed her true ability.

There seems to be no mistake in that deduction.

“Why did you do it? Are you going to go back on your promise to me?”

“My future would be in jeopardy if I didn’t, so I broke my promise to you sister. I’m sorry about that, but I have no intention of continuing with the promise we made back then.”


I was told that she wasn’t going to be my foil anymore, and I involuntarily shouted.

I can’t see Charlotte’s face, but I can tell she’s serious from her hard, unwavering voice.

My thoughts were confused as I realized that I could never go back to that time again.

At first, I thought I could scold Charlotte a little and correct her direction, but I didn’t expect her to be this serious.

Why did she suddenly say she was going to stop being my foil?

What did she not like?

I didn’t understand Charlotte’s true intentions, saying, “My future would be in jeopardy,” and I clenched my hand tightly.

I managed to keep my sanity while falling into the feeling that peace was collapsing.

“… You said earlier that your future was in jeopardy, but what does that mean? Please explain in detail.”

I thought that if I couldn’t scold her, I could eliminate the elements I didn’t like about her and persuade her.

──── But the reality was not so easy.

“Don’t you know anything about what you’ve done, sister ……?”

The voice was filled with a wave of slight anger, and I almost asked again, “What?” I was about to ask again. But I put up with it and looked back and forth.

Why is Charlotte so angry?

She didn’t like the fact that I used her as a foil…?

But that’s what she’s been doing all along. What’s wrong with that?

I was confused, not understanding my sister’s anger when I heard a deep sigh from right behind me.

“I will explain it to you from scratch.”

Charlotte stunned me by the tone of her voice, perhaps because she was numb to me who didn’t answer anything..

It’s annoying, but it’s not a good idea to hurt her, so I chose to be patient.

Charlotte slowly began to speak, with a stuffy look on her back.

“I was isolated when I first entered the school because of the rumors that you, sister, spread. As you know, we, as Viscountesses, do not have much power. So, if I don’t have any charm of my own, no one will take me seriously.”

“Oh, by the way, you consulted me about that rumor before. Well, I brushed it off at the time. But why does it matter for your future? Networking is indeed important, but you’ve been away from the social scene for a while now.”

I lacked imagination and neglected my sister’s life for three years at the school.

Without knowing that it oppositely touched Charlotte.

“You know that the noble girls of the Draconian Empire find their fiancé or prospective son-in-law through the school life, right, sister?”

“Yes. There are a few exceptions, but most of the nobles do.”

“Why are you asking me that?” I wondered, and when I answered that, I felt like I was laughed at from behind.

“Then, I have one question for you Oneesama. Do you think that I, who is treated as a failure in school, can have a wonderful fiancé or groom?”


A lady who is no big deal and doesn’t have any remarkable talent … It’s still good so far

You can find many other people like that.

But Charlotte has the bonus of being a “mediocre sister”.

In addition, the one who started the rumor was her own sister, with me also being the vice president of the student council…

Normally, no man would want to marry Charlotte.

If that was the case, if I am chosen as the Crown Princess, my sister Charlotte will also receive a marriage proposal, but that would not be a “wonderful fiancé”.

I’m sure it’s far from the wonderful future she has in mind.

Oh, that’s what it was … I finally understood what Charlotte was saying.

Certainly, if that situation continued, her future would have been jeopardized.

The mystery of Charlotte’s sudden rebellion was solved, and I was convinced that she was right.

I felt sorry for her from the bottom of my heart, which was unusual for me.

“I understand exactly what your trying to say. Then I’ll stop the rumor from my side. It may hurt my reputation a little, but I can’t help it if it’s for your future. So, Charlotte, you’ll continue to play the role that you have always played in my life right…?”

“I’m not going to go back to playing second fiddle for you sister, as I said before.”

Charlotte replied with a bit of a grudge to me, who urged her to “return to the original relationship” as if it were natural.

I don’t understand why she rejects me after I’ve made so many concessions, and blood rushes to my head.

“What? Just because I’m playing it down, you’re getting carried away! You’ve got to be kidding me! Who the hell do you think you are?” I shouted and lifted my eyes.

My hands trembled with anger and I clenched my mouth shut to endure the humiliation.

If I could, I would have punched my sister right now.

“This is your last chance! Apologize to me now and obey me! If you do, I will forgive you this time!”

“Or what ────?”

The voice that interrupted my words was low and horrifyingly cold.

I’ve never seriously offended my sister before, and I instinctively strengthen myself. It was obvious that she was furious, even without turning around or looking at her face.

“If I’m silent and listening, stop playing around, and apologize… What does Oneesama think I am? You think I’m a slave who has to obey.”

“Well, that’s …!”

“Do you understand how unreasonable you are being?”

The words were spoken in a calm but cold manner, far away from the sister I knew.

I wanted to say something back, but my voice was shaking and I couldn’t get the words out.

My instincts were warning me not to cross Charlotte.

“Oneesama, have you noticed? You haven’t apologized to me once. You’ve only pushed your unreasonable arguments and refused to admit your fault…Why should I be at the mercy of such a person?”


I had no choice but to keep quiet because of the facts and truths that were struck, there was no noise.

It’s not that I didn’t feel like apologizing.

It’s not that I don’t admit my fault.

It was just that the thought of apologizing didn’t cross my mind.

Because not apologizing to Charlotte was a normal ──── thing for me to do.

“I don’t want to be tied down by you anymore. I just want to be free… to live my own life. I’m not going to hide my abilities anymore. I will not be at the mercy of you, Oneesama. I will live for me.”

“But …!”

“You’re the one who crossed the line first. You have no right to argue with me, if you hold a grudge, hold a grudge against yourself from the past,” she said, but I could not stand it and turn back.

Then, there is the figure of Charlotte dressed in a black mermaid dress, and a magic circle is held in her hand.

“Is that an attack magic circle?!”

I was panicking, and the purple beauty looked at me with an emotionless face.

“Scarlett Oneesama, I’ll be sure to get retaliation for anything that interferes with my school life ──── well then, good luck.”

With these words, the purple magic circle was activated and a ──── white light enveloped me.

Reflexively closing my eyes, I hurriedly tried to deploy barrier magic.

And when I opened my eyes as the light disappeared ──── I was in front of the dormitory.

Perhaps I was forcibly expelled by transfer magic.

I knew she was a genius, but I didn’t know that she could even use transfer magic.

But at any rate, I’m glad it wasn’t an offensive magic circle.

I don’t think I can block Charlotte’s attack magic.

I looked up at the light blue-roofed building and let out a sigh of relief.

But it was only for a moment that I could breathe a sigh of relief…

Immediately, all sorts of worries and anxieties came flooding in.

I wondered, “Should I go see her again?” I wondered if I should go see her again, but I couldn’t work up the courage to.

I remember that cold expressionless face as if she had frozen her emotions, and trembled in fear.

──── In the end, I said to myself, “I’ll go and persuade Charlotte another time,” and left the place.

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