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The Useless Skill [Automatic Function] Has Awakened ~ Oh, Guild Scouts, Didn’t You Say “I Don’t Need It”?


Klaus, an adventurer who lived with his stepsister before his parents, acquired a unique skill called [Automatic function (auto mode)] at the age of 15.

At first, it was whispered to be a rare skill, but when he used it, it turned out to be an outrageous skill, and the guild and knight scouts who used to praise Klaus so much turned back.

Eventually, no one looked at him.

However, Klaus did not give up.

As a low-ranking adventurer, Klaus has been working finely, training his skills steadily, and finally improving his skills as a result of several years of activity.

That is the true value of [Auto Mode], which even Klaus did not expect.

One thing… When two unique skills awaken, Klaus grows at a terrifying rate.


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