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03-11- If only I had held Kedoin’s hand there

After a short rest, I took a shower, changed into my rags and took a nap.

When I rubbed my sleepy eyes, the room was empty.

I touched the status monolith to make sure my HP, SP, and MP were each full.

《Launch Olympus》

“—Come here,  Kobotaro.”

I put my cane lightly on the wooden floor and summoned Kobotaro.


“I’m sorry you had to come all this way, but we’re going to have to wait until my MP recovers. It will probably take another hour or so.”


I feel really sorry for Kobotaro.

Even though I had summoned, 60 minutes of the 100 minutes – 110 minutes with the [Olympus] effect – was spent waiting for my MP to recover.

“Kobotaro is…”


“Well, I want you to answer honestly, are you happy to be summoned to ……?”


He nodded his head twice in affirmation, desperately, as if he was bored while he was not being summoned.

I’m not so sure. No, I thought, if I were a summoned monster, I would have cursed, “Ugh, I’ve been summoned again, what a hassle …….”

So I was relieved to hear Kobotaro’s reply.

……Now, what should I do for a break?

As I was passing the time by lying down and petting Kobotaro, I heard a gentle vibrato that sounded awfully familiar.

“Hmmmmmmmmm♪ …… Ah, good morning, Fujima-kun. Welcome back, Kobotaro.”


“Oh, ……, I’m sorry, I’ve been asleep all night.”

Ashima, who returned while humming a song, shook her head and gave me a slightly embarrassed smile, saying,

 “I’d be in trouble if you didn’t sleep.”

“Did Lydia leave?”

“She said she was going to pick mandrakes. I finished twenty bottles of medicinal water, so I asked Lydia to buy some from me, is that okay?”

“Oh, thank God. That helps.”

“I also bought a loaf of black bread with the money. I bought one for Kobotaro, too.”

“Gruu ……”

Kobotaro’s reaction is ambiguous. Neither “I can eat it!” nor “I can’t eat it!”

“I don’t mind eating it, but you’re telling me you don’t like black bread?”

Kobotaro shakes his head to the side. Now Ashima looks up.

“Maybe you can eat them, but you don’t have to summon monsters to eat them or ……?”


Apparently, Ashima is correct. It is somewhat frustrating.

“I don’t mean to impose, but since Ashima went to the trouble of buying it for us, let’s eat it together.”


 I thanked Ashima for buying for the summoned monster Kobotaro, and the three of us devoured the black bread.

Kobotaro is politely sitting on his knees and crunching the black bread. Yeah great.

Even so, I think I’ve seen or heard somewhere that dogs are not good at chewing, but I’m relieved that Kobotaro doesn’t have any problems.

Clang clang.


When I visited Cocona’s skill book shop diagonally across from the inn, the owner ran up to me with a smile and wiggling cat ears.

“Onii-chan and Kobotaro! Welcome nya♪ Which one are you today? Onii-chan? Kobotaro? Or is it white sand?”

“I haven’t accumulated sand yet. I’m here to check if my skills have increased.”

Cocona says “Yes, yes, yes♪” and holds out the skill monolith on the desk. As i received it.

“Today, you didn’t bring this stone slab from the back.”

“Nyafufu… Onee-chan’s friends Yuma, Renya (Kana), and Asami bought a lot of them meow♪”

I didn’t know Kedoin and the others were here. What’s ……?

“It’s not like they’re friends.”



I responded curtly and dropped my gaze to the skill monolith. Perhaps out of guilt, I was relieved that the last word I muttered in a small voice, “maybe,” did not seem to reach Cocona.

I mean, what is a friend? Gym class – if I had held Kedoin’s hand in that class, we would have been friends, right?

What is a friend? I’ve only known them in games and comic books. How can we be friends? What do friends do? Go to karaoke or Starbucks like yesterday?

Shaking my head, I returned my thoughts to Arcadia.

I think my skills are now…



Collect (+1)




SP, Skill, Summon, Escape, Walk,

Transportation, grassland collection, sandy beach collection, sand collection


I remember when it was like this. Now, if only there were a new MP-related skill in particular that could be learned. ……


Toru Fujima

2 silver 80 copper



SPLV2 (UP) 60 copper

MPLV1 (New) 30 silver

Physical strength LV1 50 copper

▼────── Automatic recovery

☆SP automatic recovery LV1 (New) 4 silver


Combat LV1 30 Copper



○ Gathering SP Saving LV1 (New) 1 Silver

Mixed LV1 30 Copper


Walking LV2 (UP) 60 Copper

Run LV1 30 Copper

Sprint LV1 30 Copper


Calm LV1 30 Copper

Patience LV1 30 Copper

Resolution LV1 50 Copper


[MPLV1] grew. This makes me happy. It’s a must-buy.

I think this ‘0’ is the Uncommon skill and ‘☆’ is the Rare skill. It looks strong but expensive. ……

“Alreadu nya!??”

Cocona looks at me with blatant surprise on her innocent face.


“Yes, nya. Rare skills require a lot of training or overuse before they can be learned because of their powerful effects. Onii-chan hasn’t been here for long.”

According to Cocona, the ability to quickly learn 【☆SP Automatic Recovery】 means that you can overuse your SP, recover it with a break, and then overuse it again in a short period of time.

──It’s not that I don’t have a clue. I died from overwork yesterday, and I almost died today. Lydia and Ashima also got involved. It’s true that SP fluctuates a lot.

“Well, either way I have no money and I can’t get my hands on it.For now, please give me 【MPLV1】 and 【〇 Collection SP Savings】”

I give her one silver coin and three large copper coins. This leaves me with 1 silver and 50 coppers.

“Thanks as usual, nyan♪ Funya? Is [SPLV2] good? What will Kobotaro do?”

“I want to buy him some equipment and stuff. Thank you ……, I’ll be back.”

“Thank you!”

I left the skill book store with a clang, clang and looked back at Kobotaro.

“Next we’ll go to the armor shop.


We’re going to the beach now to collect Orpheus sand. I’ll have to buy Kobotaro some shoes.

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