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02-03-Ashima’s Chronicle

Our funds, excluding 2 silver for living expenses, are 1 silver 86 copper.

“I want clothes.”

“Uh … I agree, but no more giving, I

can’t accept it

We’ve been living in Arcadia for over a week now, and I’m still raggedy. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but feel sorry for Ashima. If she bends down just a little bit, her deep cleavage will rumble! I can’t take that..

“Just so you know, it’s not charity.”

“We can’t afford to make such a purchase, even if that’s not the case. We have to save up five silver by the day after tomorrow.”

“I know. I know but.”


“Wait, don’t say it, don’t say anything beyond that.”

“Honestly, you’ve been wearing these rags all day, and they stink.”

“Aaah! Aaah!  You said it! You really said it!  You told a girl that she smells bad, didn’t you?  I’d like to point out that Fujima-kun smells pretty bad too.”

“No, I didn’t say you’re the only one who smells bad, did I? Don’t worry, I can smell it too.”

“It’s sexist!  Think about it, who do you hate more, smelly boys or smelly girls!  And when you’re called smelly, who gets more damage, boys or girls!”

“It’s the girl. There’s no such thing as a stinky girl.”

“What are you doing boosting the damage?  Whew …… whew ……”

── That’s why we came to the armor shop.

The moment I walked in, the owner and the other customers looked at me as if to say, “Ugh, they’re beggars. Sorry, I only have a few minutes of stink left.


Common Shirt 30 Copper


DEF 0.20 HP2

Simple clothes made from cheap materials.

Start here.


Common Pants 30 Copper

DEF0.10 HP2

Simple pants made from cheap materials.

Start here.


“Wow … If you buy 2 sets, it’s 1 silver 20 copper … Fujima-kun …”

“I’m fine. This expense is going to hurt, but it’s better than having trouble sleeping.”

“You can’t sleep well?  Is it me?  Or is it you, Fujima?


“Hello?  Please don’t be mute here!”

I ended up buying it; I used 1 silver 20 coppers out of 1 silver 86 coppers.

As expected, we couldn’t change in the street, so we went back to the inn and changed in the hallway, making sure that Ashima was in the room and I was not in anyone else’s.

“Yuck, that’s sticky. ……”

The raggedy clothes I had taken off gave off a terrible stench, like a mixture of garbage and sweat.

“Ashima, I’ll wash these at the back of the inn. When you change your clothes, bring them with you.”

I heard her reply, “Yes,” behind my back, and knocked on room 101, the landlady’s room.

“Can I use some of your water?”

“What do you want it for?”

“I’ve just bought some new clothes, and I’d like to wash some of my old …… rags.”

“Oh, you finally bought one. If that’s the case, I don’t mind. But don’t waste your money.”



I got out and go to the back door.

In this world, there is no underground water supply.

That’s why we get our water from magic stones.


Magic Stone of Water



It has a diamond shape like the Kobold’s will that I saw yesterday. But this one doesn’t shine like that one, and this one looks cheaper. It’s as different as jewelry and plastic.

“Water, come out”

When you call out to the rhombus, water is poured from the bottom of the rhombus toward the tub provided. When I said “Stop” and HP decreased by about 3, the water stopped.

Wash the raggedy bits with the pooled water. …… Ugh, the water is already brown …….

I felt bad for the proprietress, but I drained the water once, filled it with clear water again, threw in some epee grass leftover from mixing with the medicinal herbs, and scrubbed with a washboard.

Epee grass has a soapy effect that produces bubbles when rubbed, and is valued as a detergent in this world.

Why didn’t we wash our clothes before this happened, when we were the main collectors of such epee grass?

Simple. Because we only had a pair of raggedy top and bottom clothes.

In other words, I’m naked while I’m washing them and while they’re drying. I’ve washed the top twice, but not the bottom. The moment I wash it, I’m banished to R18. Ashima going to change is R18, even if it’s just the top half.

…… But.

I’m frankly troubled.

The lower half of my body is breezy.

The reason is that these common pants, although they are called pants, are brown shorts.

No, I know. Even I know that when you say “pants” in a clothing store, you don’t mean trunks or boxer shorts.

Well, what I’m trying to say is that I have no pants on right now. The material of the common pants is different from that of the raggedy pants, and it’s breezy.

I’m curious. But I can’t help it. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Scrub, scrub, scrub.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

I heard such a voice and looked back while washing the rags.

Then i turned my head back in a panic.

“Huh? What happened?”

At my unnatural display, Ashima approached me and came around to meet my averted gaze.

“Whoa, ……, wait, wait, wait. …… ouch!”

I turned my face away in panic again. There was so much momentum that my neck hurt.



You don’t get it at all. This girl is dangerous.

Well, I don’t have a mirror in my room. I guess it can’t be helped.

Oh, my god. What is bad, mainly the chest. rather, it’s just the chest.

The brown common shirt, the rise of the chest. And the chest of the shirt was pulled to the left and right.

And well, I can’t help it because I’m the same, but that’s right, first. It’s popping out a little.

That’s right. The fact that I’m feeling breezy on on the lower part of my body is proof that I’m not wearing underwear.

…… Now, here’s a reminder.

Ashima’s Right Nipple Chronicle.

No, wait. Which nipple did I just see?  The right one? Left? Towards the right?  Towards the left?

No, I’m pretty sure it was pointy. So I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a double nipple cave perfect climb.

“Um, ……, is there something wrong with me?”

I need to remember which one it is. Right? Left?

I was scrubbing the rags, being called out, turning around, and for a moment, I see it firmly. Remember it properly.





Ugh, no.

All I can remember is that it was huge.

I can only remember that it was sticking out and that it was pulled to the left and right, and that there were some horizontal lines in the center of the clothes. What am I doing!

But, it can’t be helped, can it?

I’m an elite virgin Warrior Eternal, I can’t help it!

If you’re a first-year high school student with no such experience.  You’re looking at size first, right?  Size!  Only experienced people are more interested in nipples than size!

“Ugh ……, Fujima-kun, there’s something wrong with you …….”

Oh, what the hell.

You should see it.

First of all, I drop my gaze under Ashima’s feet. And I look casually on the way to raise my gaze to meet her face!

Common boots.



Thighs. …… That’s not thicker than I expected.

Stomach. ……that? It’s not thicker than I expected.

Boyoyon! (Bouncy)


Face. ……eh?

An ordinary face of Ashima. The usual Ashima. A not-so-high nose. Lips that don’t seem to be particularly fresh. Her large, deep, double-lidded eyes are a little moist, which doesn’t suit her rather flat face

“Ugh ……, Fujima-kun is acting strange today …….”

……… and …….

Doh, doh, doh. …….

I was already flying off the handle wondering what the tip looked like. To be honest, I was so focused on the size of it again that I didn’t pay attention to the tip.

But what’s making my heart race.

“Fujima-kun ……”

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good look at her.



…… So.

I don’t remember her being this cute. ……?

“Uh, oh.”

“Hmm … I finally got a reply … Can I wash  too?”

“No, no. Wait a minute now. I’m almost done.”

“Muu……It’s strange after all ……Do you suddenly have dignity? You’re hiding something, aren’t you? ………Ah”

We’re facing each other now, because we stopped working and I stood up to check Ashima’s chest.

The gaze of Ashima standing in front stopped at a position considerably lower than my face.

Look, it’s that.

You boys know what I’m talking about.  It’s that thing that gets bigger for a while in the morning.

This is what happens when you think about boobs and tits.

If you are a shy heroine you would cry, “Kyaa……!”, and turn your red face away.

A blonde twin tailed heroine would say, “You …… pervert!” And leave me with a bright red maple leaf on my cheek.

I thought it couldn’t be helped either way.

But this was Ashima.

“Hey, it’s no good If you hide the homomo grass in your pocket …. What? Was it so hard? It’s very hot.”

Ashima didn’t turn bright red, she didn’t leave a bright red halo on my cheek, but she did turn my whole body bright red.

Ashima must have noticed that this was strange.

“This isn’t it …”, holding my homomo grass through the common pants with both hands, finally turning her crying face bright red.

“Excalibur ____ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!”

She ran off, holding her reddened face with both hands at once.

Wow … I can see it swaying from behind …

Afterwards, the landlady noticed Ashima’s lack of bra and offered her a piece of rag, saying, “If you don’t have money, you should wear this instead of a bra.

The rags wrapped under the common shirt made it impossible to uncover the suspected right nipple collapse top secret, and the rags she received were wrapped like sarashi, so they didn’t look as big as they seemed.

This is a relief.

…… So, what exactly am I relieved about?

Is it because I don’t have to worry about breasts when I’m with Ashima?

…… or…

Did I not want others to see Ashima?

It’s not like that.

So, what is it then?

A meaningless sense of relief.

A relief that makes no sense.

And isn’t it a pity when it’s the first time I’ve seen it outside 2D?

I tilted my head and dipped my hands in the tub of water, as if trying to forget the current exchange.

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