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I collected the life herbs without being able to hide my confusion and returned to my cheap inn, where I was greeted with the following words.

“Good evening.”

“Oh, you’re here.”

Long silver hair like brocade. Refined facial features. Skin as white as porcelain. Her legs and feet are thin, but only her breasts protrude vigorously. Her eyes are airy and her atmosphere is not unpleasant.

Lydia Migliorane Shirogane, a 2.5-dimensional beauty, was sitting on my bed in a cheap hotel.

“Ashima told me you won the battle. Congratulations.”

“Kobo Taro did a great job. We were really just trembling.”

I put the leather bag down on the bed. As I did so, I asked myself a question that I had learned after the battle.

“I was wondering if I could get any experience for Kobo Taro …….”

Lydia answers my question with a nubile smile.

Minor Kobolds have an experience value of 2.

She said that this ‘2’ experience value is first divided among the party members, so Ashima and I each received 1 experience value.

Here’s the thing, it seems that every summoned monster gets half of the experience gained by the summoner, which is then shared among the monsters that were summoned at the time the experience was obtained.

In other words, the experience I gain is 1; the summoned monster, Kobo Taro, gets 0.5. However, in this world, decimal points are basically not displayed or rounded down.

In this case, the decimal point was not rounded down, and Kobo Taro has 0.5 experience, so the next time I gain experience of 1, Kobotaro’s experience will be displayed as 1. Thank goodness.

But you know what? I thought it would be easy for Kobo Taro to level up since he needs 3 experience, but I thought, well, he’s half of me…. Too bad it’s not so different from ours that requires 7 experience.


The result of the formulation.


Epee grass

Life Herb


Success rate 74

Atelier de Lumière → x1.1

Mixing LV3 -> x1.3

Luck LV1 → ×1.05

↓↓ (for the first time)

100% success rate of concatenation

Chain success rate 5



Obtained 2 medicinal herbs



“What’s the success rate chain?”

I was looking at the window from behind and called out to her.


“That scared me. What the hell?”

Ashima exclaims and jumps up and down, surprised. To me, Lydia didn’t lose her expression and only blinked.

“Huh, Fujima-kun, how long have you been here?”

“Quite a while ago. I had a normal conversation with Lydia.”

“We were talking.”

“I didn’t notice that at all…..”

Ashima puts her hand on her chest and takes a deep breath. She’s still …… amazingly focused.

“Hey, what’s the  success rate chain?”

“It seems that when the success rate of the concoction reaches 100%, the excess percentage is added to the success rate chain…… When you succeed, you get two of the same item.”

“Huh? you did get two medicinal herbs now, but …… you don’t mean that you got two medicinal herbs with one epee herb and one life herb each?”

“It seems so.”


I looked back at Lydia and she nodded her head. Apparently, it was for real.

“Isn’t this amazing? That’s really delicious, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but the success rate of the chain is 5%, so I wouldn’t hold out much hope.”

“Well, I guess you were lucky to succeed. …… Anyway.”

The success rate of concoction of medicinal herbs, did it exceed 100%?

A few days ago, it was only 70% even with the skill correction combined and I was grumbling.

Good job, Ashima.

Of course, there’s a lot credited to the skill correction. However, the increase in the success rate of the skill and the success rate of the bare formula is due to Ashima’s hard work.

“I should tell you, not everyone can do a  chain concoction.”

Lydia takes a breath and then opens her mouth to add.

“By nature, chain concoction can only be done by a person who has gained experience through repeated mixing and blending and has mastered the [☆ Mixing and Blending Chain] skill. Even so, the percentage of excess converted into chain rate is not this high.”

Rising from Ashima’s bed, Lydia lightly picks the medicinal herb made from the chain with her beautiful fingertips and returns it to its original position with a satisfied look. Then she inhaled once more and

“Ashima, with a 111% success rate in formulation, has also converted half of the 11% excess into a chain rate. Mysterious.”

Lydia tilts her head cutely, as she did when she noticed Kobo Taro’s ego. This time, however, her face looked somewhat tired, as if she was not used to talking a lot.

But it’s great, isn’t it?

The selling price of epee grass is 5 copper.

The selling price of life herbs is 7 copper.

If both are sold, the selling price is 12 copper, but the selling price of the herb that is completed by mixing the two is 17 copper.

If two herbs are completed in one preparation, the profit will be 22 copper. If I mix them with a bottle of orpheus sand, I can make even more money.

Just as I am now able to collect medicinal herbs directly, Ashima is definitely growing.

That’s of course gratifying and i‘m glad that it makes my life easier.

But I’m not a man of my own making, a hazy ache in my chest tells me.

If I continue like this, I’m going to be left behind.

“I’ll leave the epee grass over here and the life herb over here. I’ll leave the homomo grass and the medicinal herbs I collected directly over here.”

“Wow, you got herbs directly…… It’s amazing.”

“It’s not great. You’re much better than me.”

One of the leather bags in the room contained a small amount of “White Sand of Orpheus”. And a leather bag carrying an empty magic bag.

“What, wait, Fujima-kun, where are you going?”

“I’m off to collect sand.”

“Toru, wait.”

Lydia’s voice interrupted me as I left the room.

“Let me see your status before you go. Why don’t you go with Kobo Taro?”

“Yes, that’s right…… Why are you in such a hurry?”


It’s not good.

I can’t be lax here and put my heel down.

The heel that was raised is brought down by the Ashima and the next thing you know, it’s being raised this time.


I’m going to have to put a lot of pressure on my calves.

Lift up my heels.

If I don’t grow taller and catch up, Ashima, who is getting bigger and bigger in my mind, will surely throw me away.


“Fujima-kun! ……”

“It’s okay. I’m going.”

I turn away, shaking off Lydia’s stillness and Ashima’s anxious look.


By the time I come back to the inn next time, I’ll be even bigger.

That’s why.

So ──── How about…

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