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02-15- I’m sure it’s a fight

I couldn’t resist anything anymore.

I believed them. I believed in these guys.

Maybe even to the point where I wouldn’t be able to recover if they betrayed me.

“Akari, It’s not something that can be solved by apologizing. But I’m sorry. I’m not going to be so brazen as to ask for forgiveness. I was the ...... worst.”

Akari wiped her tears with the back of her hand and tried to tell me something.

“Why are you apologizing, Fujima-kun? ...... sniff....... Hic ......! Fujima-kun is not the worst. ...... sniff.”

She buries her face in her own arms on my bed.

I couldn’t talk to her about her confession that day in front of all these people, so I turned to Kedoin.


“Kedoin, I’ve said some terrible things to you. It wasn’t your fault, but I lumped you in with the...... other Paripi who have been torturing me, and I bared my fangs at you, thinking you were my enemy. You’ve been ...... so nice to me all along. I’m so sorry.”

“Pari......?  I don’t think Fujima-kun said anything terrible to me.”

Kedoin smiles broadly.

Oh, shit, he’s the hero. This is the kind of guy who will become a warrior in another world and create a harem.

“I’m sorry to Takagi and Suzuhara, too. I may have said too much.”

“Light! What's with you!”

“Hahaha. In fact, we’re the ones who should apologize. Sorry?  Well...... Fujima-kun was a bit scared and might have said something terrible. ......”

Putting Suzuhara aside, Takagi, you’ve been calling me a bug and a creepy person for a long time.

“But I’m sorry, too. ...... I was a bit crazy in middle school. In high school, maybe I unconsciously became a jerk so that I wouldn’t be judged in high school...... I’m sorry.”

I don’t know if that’s the case, but I already know that Asami Takagi isn’t just a crazy bitch.

I think it was either Kedoin, who is a really nice guy, or her friend Akari who pulled her along, but even so, she worked really hard to collect the sand and ...... stepped up to me like this.

“You’re kind of gloomy and dark-hearted, and you’re kind of a shady guy.”

“Hwy you! Going through what you’ve said, you’re just dissing me. And by the way, that’s almost the same thing.”

She put her index finger on her chin and said, “Hmm,” and turned her gaze upward.

“But when I heard from Reina and saw you here, I was like, ...... How to say it?  ...... Well, ...... you can talk more than I thought.”

“The best thing you’ve got after all that is that I can talk.”

“I was really pissed at you for calling me a bitch, but I said a lot of things to you too, so that’s it.”

“Oh, oh”

Takagi’s fist was thrust out.I cleaned the back of my right hand with the comforter then bumped it.

“Pfft. ....... Fujiki is bad-tempered. Kimo (Gross).”

“What a fucking bitch? Unlike you, I’m not used to touching human skin.”


As we exchanged words. Kedoin stopped Takagi, who was about to jump me.

“No, that’s crazy! All I said was that he was gross, but he said two bad words calling me a bitch!”

“Wait, wait, wait. Before you get aangry, you misspelled my name again. I guess that counts as swearing.”

“I can’t help it, can I? It’s not my fault anymore, it’s your fault for having a name that’s hard to remember.”

“Screw that, I always thought Takagi was harder to remember than Fujima.”

“That’s not true. The fact that I can’t remember your name and you can remember mine is proof of that. I win.”

“No, it’s not. I’m smarter than you.”



“Asami, Fujima-kun, too. It’s not good to fight when you’ve gotten along so well.”

“We’re not getting along!”

While facing Takagi with spit flying, I still had a different impression of this annoying woman.

No matter what annoying things Takagi said to me from now on, I was sure that it was not bullying, but fighting.

Kedoin Yuma, Akari Reina, and Suzuhara Kana bowed politely, saying, “See you later,” and finally Asami Takagi stuck her tongue out at me, saying, “Nbe,” and left the room. That woman .......

From the window on the second floor, I could see Akari asking the landlady in front of the inn about the inn’s system and pricing, and I sat down on the bed again with a bad feeling.



The wall over there ... Lydia, beautiful and sloppy on the bed,


There was a teary-eyed Ashima with impossibly puffy cheeks.

“Uh, ...... I get it. Tonosa tree frog.”

“I’m not imitating that!  And what’s with that not-so-cute motif?”

It was different? It looked exactly like .......

“I'm angry with you!  You’re always pushing yourself and dying every day!  Are you thinking of of becoming an uncle who saves people and then dies? What kind of flag are you trying to raise? Oh! Oh! There’s a demand for ikemen but no demand for uncles in general.”

“Hey, I don’t even know what you’re mad about anymore.”

“Why do you die every day ... Why am I warm in the room, but Fujima-kun is dying all the time ... and terrible deaths ...”

“Even if you say something like that ... It’s safe now, isn’t it okay?”

“It’s not good, ....... I’m employed by Fujima-kun, you know. Why is it that Fujima kun is always in worse trouble than me? ......”

“Fool, we’re not black. A president is supposed to stand in the face of the enemy. See, I just died from an arrow.”

“I’m angry. ......”

“Usseewa(shut up).”

I understand Ashima feelings. If the situation were reversed, I would feel the same way.

But I’ve got a will of my own.

I still haven’t been able to properly apologize to Akari, but I still have the willpower not to hide behind a woman.

“... Toru. 5 Silver has accumulated.”

“Not yet. I’ll save it up by night time . Ashima, Life Herb 25......, that’s only twenty-four cards. Oh, I must have lost one when I died. I’ll leave you with this and nine epee grasses for you to mix.”

“... Are you going again?”

“Wait. If you want to go, I’ll give you Kobold’s will first. The money can wait.”

Ashima stood up, looking worried, and Lydia held out a crystal that glowed blue. I refused both of them

“I don’t want it. ...... that’s bad, this is non-negotiable no matter how many times I die.”

I carried my magic bag and left the room. As I descended the stairs, I could hear Ashima’s voice at my back, trying to hold me back.

I left the inn as quickly as I could so that I wouldn’t have to hear it, and blended myself into the hustle and bustle of the city.

──It’s natural.

Beliefs are things that cannot be compromised even in death.

And more importantly, in a world where you can die and not die.

I will never fold, even if I am poked with a spear or turned into a hedgehog by an arrow.

Because the beliefs I carry are much thicker than the arrows and spears that pierce me.

Wait for it.

I’ll become a summoner without relying on cheats and without relying on others.

The city is crowded.

It was already noon, and I remembered that I hadn’t eaten since this morning, and I couldn’t help but suppress my sudden hunger.

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