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02-07-The most ambiguous words

When I entered the shop of Cocona and, Karan, heard the sound of the cool bell that I was accustomed to hearing recently, the owner was absent, and Goregrius, the stone Golem, was sitting in a corner of the shop instead.……by the way, she said she was going out.

He bows to me and hands me the skill monolith. He’s so cute in his awkwardness.

I left the store after purchasing [Alchemy LV1] from Goregrius for 30 coppers and [Sandy beach collecting LV1] for 50 coppers.

After returning to the inn and handing the [Alchemy LV1] to Ashima, I carried the [Magic Bag LV1] that Lydia had given me and an empty leather bag and headed east through the bustling city.

At the moment, the biggest shortage is Orpheus Sand. The current inventory at the inn is

Epee grass 38

Life herb 35

Orpheus Sand: 30.

The number of Orpheus Sand is halved when smelting into Orpheus Glass, which means there is not enough at all. In addition, Ashima has mastered up to lvl 3 of the blending skill, but lvl 1 of smelting and processing, so there is a greater chance of failure than with blending. Then my battlefield is the beach.

If I really think about efficiency I should use the materials I currently have as collateral to buy Ashima [Alchemy LV2] and [Processing LV2], but I decided not to do that because it might make Ashima even more afraid and subservient.


Shady people are the ones who care too much.



I’m really doing something wrong.




41 times

Collecting LV2 -> x 1.2

Sandy beach collection LV1→×1.1


54 points


Judgment → B

Orpheus sand x3

Acquire Orpheus white sand.


[Sandy beach collection LV1] Great. It is a B judgment easily.

“what’s this”

When I held my hand over the material “Orpheus’s white sand” that I had never seen, information was displayed unlike the case of homomo grass and magic bags.


Orpheus white sand

On the sandy beach facing the Orpheus Sea

Good quality sand that can be collected.


“Eh …? How is it different from Orpheus’s sand?”

By the way, I hadn’t seen it carefully, so I reached out to the sand of Orpheus.


Orpheus sand

On the sandy beach facing the Orpheus Sea

Sand that can be collected.


Apparently, “Orpheus’s white sand” is of good quality.

…… It’s different. That’s not the information I want. I want to know how to use it

“……… Well, I guess it doesn’t matter what I say now.”


Collection results


46 times

Collecting LV2 -> x 1.2

Sandy beach collection LV1→×1.1


60 points


Judgment → A

Orpheus Sand x3

Orpheus Glass

Gain the white sand of Orpheus


“Yes! ……!  Haa……!  Haa…..!”

This was the fifth time I took the test. After this, I thought it was time to take a break, so I gave it my best effort, and to my surprise, I got an A.

Seriously, Orpheus glass is made by smelting two Orpheus sands together, right? So this is the equivalent of two Orpheus sands. ……! In fact, the value is even higher because it doesn’t need to be smelted.

I rested for a while and then collected again.

Just keep collecting.

“I can’t take it anymore. ……!”

I packed my magic bag with 50 Orpheus sand, my leather bag with 12 Orpheus white sand and 3 Orpheus glass so as not to damage it, and decided to return to the inn.

It was heavy.

But thanks to the magic leather bag that Lydia gave me, it’s not as heavy as my luggage. It was supposed to be ……, but when I thought about it, I realized that I was carrying more than one leather bag, so of course it was heavy.

The clock in the central square read 3:50 p.m., and I limped back to the inn amid the hustle and bustle.



There was no response from Ashima. Instead, her back, standing behind the workbench, told me what she was doing.


Processing results


Orpheus glass


Orpheus bottle


Processing success rate 64%.

Atelier de Lumiere → × 1.1

Processing LV1 → × 1.1


Processing success rate 77%


↓ ↓




Ashima let out a rather loud scream. If I hadn’t been peeking in the window behind her, I would have probably flipped over at the sound of her voice.

I called out to Ashima.

“Don’t worry too much about it.”


“You startled me”

This time I was so surprised that I fell back.

“I’m the one who’s surprised!  When did you come back?”

“No, I just came now. My luggage was a little too heavy for me to knock, but I did call out to you.”

“Oh, ……, is that so? ……”

Ashima was pouting. I wonder if she is so disappointed that she failed to process it.

“I’m really sorry, Fujima-kun. I’m going to go collect the samples now.”

“Wait a minute. No, seriously, wait.  I just put my stuff down and I don’t have any strength!”

I managed to stop Ashima, who was about to run out of the room without listening to my restraint, by clamping her from behind.

“Because …… because ……! Feh …… hnn……!”

“Oh, hey, don’t cry …….”

While holding Ashima back with both arms, I looked over at the workbench.

“…… Oh, so that’s what it is.”

I understood. The leather bag that I had placed for smelting contained Orpheus Sand x30 just now. However, the leather bag placed on the workbench was empty.

On the other hand, there are four Orpheus bottles on the workbench. I can’t find the glass of Orpheus.

In other words, there were thirty units of Orpheus sand, but due to a series of failures in smelting and processing, it seemed that only four bottles of Orpheus, which would have been fifteen if they had all succeeded, had succeeded …….

“You’re at 77% on processing now, right? What about alchemy?”

“Eighty percent. ……”

I see. Then, when smelting thirty units of Orpheus sand into fifteen pieces of Orpheus glass, the expected value is twelve pieces. When processing twelve pieces of Orphee glass into Orpheus bottles, the expected value is nine bottles. And there are four bottles of Orpheus on the workbench.

“You’ve made a big mess, haven’t you?”

“I’m sorry ……. But it’s not that I wasn’t concentrating. …… I just wasn’t keeping up with it. ……”

“Idiot. I know that.”


I’m sure there is no one in this world who would look back at that and think, “she must have been doing it randomly.”

“I’m sure you have your own special way of doing things. I’m not going to deny that. But you know what? If you look at it from the other side, processing and alchemy are really just probabilities. So there’s nothing you can do about it. But you know, the success rate of the work is gradually increasing, right?  Yesterday it was 59% without any skills, and now it’s 64%.”

“Yes, ……, little by little, …….”

“It’s okay. Just because the probability didn’t reach the expected value doesn’t mean it’s your fault. Listen, shady people are basically backward-looking, but when it comes to probability, they are positive.”

“……what do you mean?”

“The probabilities will converge to that number over a long period of time. So it’s a good thing you failed now.”

“What? I can’t be glad I failed. ……”

“Listen to me. If you’re successful, you will fail somewhere. On the other hand, if you have many failures, you will have many successes. That’s why you have to fail while you can. By the way, this is called random number adjustment.”

When I said this much, Ashima pouted, and then smiled, showing her white teeth, ”Haha.”

“Random number adjustment. ……”

“That’s right. I’m sure you’ve made almost no mistakes when it comes to mixing the key ingredient, medicinal bath, right?  That’s the point. You failed with Orpheus’s sand, which is easy to collect, and succeeded with the medicinal bath that uses a large amount of material. Isn’t that rather ideal?.”

That’s right.

If there is probability, success, and failure, it is better to fail where the risk is low and succeed where the return is high.

“Hmmm, ……, success is the best thing for everything, isn’t it?”

“Shady people are modest. Even if there is fruit on the tree, they don’t reach for it because it might be poisonous. Even if they know it is not poisonous, they don’t reach for it because they don’t know if it belongs to them. Even if you know it’s yours, you won’t reach out for it if you’re happy enough.”

“Pu … what is that … fu fu”

The driving force of a shady person is basically self-generated. Fruit Suddenly appearing in front of you doesn’t give you much satisfaction.

So, “Hmm? I’m a little cool right now, right? “Self-praise” and “Yes!  G-class Tiga Solo zero-minute hand, Tenscale Is here!” I give myself some self-satisfaction.

Shady people are kind to themselves. As the world is cold and bitter towards them, they prepare warmness and sweets for themselves. If they don’t, their hearts will freeze in the ice age that comes with the collapse of the balance.

Yes, that’s why I praise you when you don’t reach my expectations. Desire sensor!  And I’m the only one with strange odds, aren’t I? And even though they complain about it, they become positive about it somewhere, like ‘random number adjustment’, a stepping stone to getting the next two.

So, as far as I know, it’s the best.

Say something sweet to them.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to push yourself. Just go at your own pace.”

These are the sweetest words in the world that I always tell myself.

I wanted to hear it for a long time, but I can’t ask anyone to say it, so I say it myself.

It’s okay, just go at your own pace, Fujima Tohru.

The words I had directed at Ashima, however, were also directed at myself, and they slowly melted like sugar cubes into my chest, which was as black as the bitter coffee I had to drink.

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