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01-10-What the hell do you think you’re doing going out alone at night?

As I returned to the inn with a sludge of disgust stuck to me, I found Ashima humming in front of the status monolith.

“Fun Hmm ♪ Hmm … Eh, eh !? Fujima-kun, what happened …?”

Big eyes peering at me with concern.

I laid my body down on the hard bed, not having the energy to take it out on someone who didn’t even know what I was thinking.


“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll leave the bag of coins on the workbench. Take half of it.”

When I threw what was on my waist from the top of the bed, I heard a violent noise at the bottom of the bed, probably because it didn’t reach the workbench.

“Oh, no, you can’t throw money …….”

Thankfully, she didn’t say anything else when I turned my back on her and indicated that I would not accept any complaints, conversations, or contact.

“I’ll turn off the lights.”

“…… Thank you, Ashigara.”

I was so weak that my own voice, muffled but sure, struck my own ears.

As the lantern went out, the world through my eyelids went completely dark. I heard a rustling sound and realized that Ashima had groped her way back to her bed, as if she had heard my unvoiced words about not asking me anything.

It was morning.

 How many people in this world, including teachers, think on their futons, “Oh, it’s school today!”, I wonder.

I don’t want to go.

Today, in particular, is probably one of the top three days I don’t want to go to school. What am I talking about? What am I talking about? Today is the top day of the year, beating out field day and school trips by a long shot.

After all that I did last night in Arcadia, just thinking about what kind of retaliation  that awaits …… makes me want to go to sleep twice.

I guess I’ll just skip school.

If I skip school, I’ll be on a course of truancy.

I guess I don’t mind. My parents probably don’t expect anything from me, and when I think about my future job hunting and the hardships I’ll experience as an adult, I don’t want to be a normal adult anymore.

But …….

I know……

Even if the target of the bullying is gone, the bullying will never go away.

…… That’s right.

I said it myself yesterday.

Those people are always looking for a target. Once I’m gone, they’ll just move on to the next target.

Well, if that’s the case, whoever that target turns out to be has nothing to do with me, but…

“…… is not creepy.”




……………… Damn it.




I ran into Reina Akari again on the way to school.

“……Oh, hi, …….”


She’s getting more and more frightened every day. Well, as far as today is concerned, I’m the cause.

I mean, why are you saying hello to me when I told you not to talk to me?  Don’t they ever learn?  Even Japanese input software learns a little more than this.

Same as ever.

They’re still following me.

That’s right. We go to the same school, right? We’re on the same path, right?

Slowly, slowly, stop!

Stalk, stalking, twitch! 

But this one is really following me, isn’t she?

“She’s a stalker!”

… I can’t scream. I can’t do that.

And you know what?  Even if I scream here, the one who’ll get caught won’t be the paripi and good-looking Akari, but me, the gloomy one.  What’s wrong with this world?

“Good morning, Reina”

“Ah … Asami-chan …. Good morning.”

I heard a voice behind me. This voice is certainly the woman who called me Fujiki, who evolved from Bitch A to vomit bitch yesterday.

“……How was it?”


Unlike yesterday morning, it was a whisper.

But that’s why I could guess that it was about me.


She’s probably cursing at me. It’ll only make me feel worse when I hear it, but the moment I decided to walk a little faster: ……

She hit me on the back with her bag.

“…… What are you doing?”

I turned around to see an angry looking fucking vomit bitch staring at me with frustration in her eyes.

“You told me not to talk to you, so I hit you with my bag. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Huh …?”

Is this girl trying to fight with me?

“You know, you should at least listen to me. We really meant no offense yesterday.”

I thought about that thing yesterday, under the moon of Eschmerde, Reina Akari spoke to me because of the punishment game– I can’t think of anything else but that night.

“No offense? …… If that’s not bad, it’s even worse.”

“What?  No, you listen to me for a minute. Stop, stop.”

Hah……. What a pain in the ass.

“Ansa (like). It was a real coincidence. When the six of us were chatting, Reina said she was going to get some fresh air. After about 30 minutes, she didn’t come back, so we all got worried and went to check on her. And then you and her were talking, and there was no bad vibe, so we were watching and you just found us.

“Fuck off”

“… What? I was explaining, but now you’re going crazy?”

Bitch’s eyes fixed on me.

After about thirty minutes, she didn’t come back, so……?

It’s not possible.

I would never do that.

So it rekindles.

The anger that should have been burned yesterday.

“If your words are true, then you’re even worse.”

“Huh … what do you mean?”

The bitch’s voice rasped as she crowded me. If it were a normal shady guy, he would have freaked out at this and clammed up, but alas.

I’m a shady guy who barks back.

“You know Eschmerde is not a safe place, right?  It was past 9 p.m. when me and Akari met. The five of you would have left your friend Akari alone for thirty minutes after she went out alone at that hour.”

That’s why it burst into flames.

I couldn’t burn it out yesterday, and the spark that has been smoldering in my heart.

“What about it… oh …!”

The vomit bitch looked back at Akari with a look of shame on her face, as if she had only just realized it. Seeing that reaction, I was convinced that the girly blonde bitch in front of me also knew about that thing.

“What are you guys doing?  You don’t care what happens to your friends? And you, Akari, what kind of masochist are you?  What do you think you’re doing going out alone at night?”

I know.

Because I saved her.

That’s why I can’t forgive you.

In a town full of strong adventurers, a young and beautiful woman goes out alone.

You can’t complain no matter what happens to you.

…… In fact, Akari has been scarred once in real life.

So I can’t forgive you.

If Akari is attacked again and becomes a victim, the courage I had that day – would just be me being a clown.

That’s why I found out about these punishment games.

I don’t think Reina Akari, who was attacked once, would be wandering around the city at night by herself.

So she can’t be alone.

Akari Reina, who replied that she was alone, was lying.

Therefore, it is decided that there was someone nearby.

…… See, I knew it. I’m sure i’m right.

“If what you guys are saying is true, it might be too late to start looking for her after leaving Akari out there alone for half an hour. There are five members to look for her. It’s a safe setup where you don’t need to be attacked yourselves.”

“Huh, Fujima-kun…..?  Could it be that yesterday you asked me if I was being bullied……?”

“You can’t stop her going out alone in an unsafe night town…. let alone Akari.  Akari being alone? What are you talking about”

That’s why I discovered it. Your punishment game.

Bitch’s face is dismayed.

Akari was stunned.

“I’m sorry, Kana … I didn’t really think about you … I’m really sorry.” {TN: Kana is Reina’s nickname I guess}

“No, it’s my fault. …… I ran away because I was scared of the boys. ……”

I turn my back on those voices and start walking.

Even after spitting it out, my mind still couldn’t clear. The blue sky of spring was just looking down at me indignantly.

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  1. That feeling when the misunderstanding emotional wreck is more decent than her “friends”… I mean, I’m no better when talking about interpersonal relationships, but at least I know what my friends fears are

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  4. I feel like there’s a misunderstanding somewhere, but not 100% of a misunderstanding.

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