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03-04- Kobo Taro is too cute, isn’t he?

Morning in Arcadia.

♪ Mmm-hmm ♪

“Nn-ah ……”

The good humming gets closer and farther away. When I opened my eyes, Ashima was still humming in front of the status monolith.

“Nn-ah. …….”

“Good morning, Fujima-kun.”

As I half-rose with a sleepy-eyed gaze, Ashima turned her large, round eyes toward me.

“Good morning…..”

“You’re still a sleepyhead in the morning, aren’t you?”

“Nn ah…… ginger …… hey?”

Ahh …… all I can remember is MonHan XXX, which I played all the way to bed. Ahhh …… I wonder what’s wrong with the way it behaves getting harder and harder with each new enemy.

“Black bread and water, I’ve already bought them for you.”

“Nnhhh …… Thanks as always ……”

“No problem. When you’re ready, let’s go collecting!”

…… something’s getting awfully intense.

No, Ashima is always high tension, but what the heck.

“You seem more motivated than ever.”

“Eh……Is that so? that’s not true!”

No, it’s obviously not right. I said I was always sorry, but I’ve never had her buy me food before I woke up. Well, that’s because I was the one who managed the money.

By the way, yesterday.

“Please let me manage 2 silvers of the living expenses. I think it will be easier for you to manage your skill books and other expenses, Fujima-kun.”

She said so and I left it to her.

“Hey, shouldn’t we split the cost of living, or at least the profits? That way you can buy whatever you want.”

“I’m working for Fujima-kun and I’m fine with the way things are. I’ve been getting too much up until now, so I’m fine with just getting a little bit more on a whim when you remember me.”

Ashima’s chest heaves as she says this.

How can I say this, this girl has a real slave’s heart?

“But today is the fifth day of living together with you, isn’t it? Your one-week employment period will be over soon.”


“I just heard a voice that girls aren’t supposed to make….. Well, it’s expected of you……”

“What do you mean by that? I’m still biologically a female, after all!”

“What a sad self-defense, my bad…..”

“Fujima-kun, you have a malicious streak in your apology!”

The conversation was noisy and the matter was lost in a heap of confusion.

What am I going to do when her employment period expires?

What is Ashima going to do?

I don’t know.

But I was afraid to hear the answer to the question, to the extent that I would not rehash the subject that had become a moot point.


After summoning Kobo Taro at the inn and taking a break, I purchased skills at Cocona’s store.

I paid 2 silver 50 coppers for 6 skills: [SPLV1], [Dexterity LV2], [Skill LV1], [Summon LV1], [Walk LV1], and [Transport LV1].

Ashima got 4 silver 30 coppers for 7 skills: [SPLV1], [Dexterity LV1], [Collecting LV2], [Alchemy LV3], [Processing LV3], [Walking LV1], and [0 FortuneLV1].

And for Kobo Taro, 4 skills of [Dexterity LV1], [Spear LV1], [Defense LV1], and [Walking LV1] for 1 Silver 20 Copper.

Let me explain the new skills that Cocona told me about.

[SP], as the name implies, increases SP.

[Skill] is a combined skill of [SP] and [Dexterity], and corrects both of those abilities.

[Summoning] gives an advantage in all kinds of summoning magic.

[Walking] increases walking speed and alleviates the SP that decreases while walking. In other words, walking becomes faster and less tiring.

[Carrying] makes it easier to move while carrying a load.

[Spear] makes you better at handling spears.

[Defense] increases defense as it is.

The “0” in “Fortune” seems to refer to the “Uncommon” skill.

What are Uncommon Skills, then?

Common -> 0 Uncommon -> ☆ Rare -> ★ Epic

Is the order of strength apparently. Therefore, 【0Fortune】is a more valuable or powerful skill than the unmarked common skill, even if it is not rare.

The effect of 【0 Fortune】is that when probability is involved, an upward correction is applied.

In Ashima’s case, it is insanely advantageous. Because probability is involved in mixing, alchemy and processing, all of them are corrected upward. I wish I had bought it earlier.

Not only that, but it seems that, for example, the crate opening rate, item drop rate, and rare item drop rate will also increase when monsters are defeated in the future. Amazing Uncommon skill.

“Nyafufu. Thank you so much… Onii-chan, you’re so generous…”

Cocona looks happy as we shop for a total of 8 silvers.

“I feel like I’ve been holding out for something I wanted until now, and now it’s exploded. I’ll be back.”

“The white sand of Orpheus is waiting for you, too.”

As I left the store, Ashima called out to me in a huff.

“Hawaawa ……Fujima-kun, you can’t do that. …… I also can’t let you buy so many things for me…….”

“What are you talking about? I paid Lydia five silvers yesterday. It’s not even close to enough.”

“Fu… hey… is this okay? We even spent the living expenses I made, you know? The only material we have is homomo grass and our total wealth, four coppers…..”

Yes. For the first time since we started living together, we had access to unsecured living expenses.

“We already paid for today’s lodging, didn’t we? And we’ve had our breakfast so we won’t need the money until noon.”

“Yes, but it’s not like Fujima-kun…… because when it comes to money, you don’t cross a stone bridge…..”

“Hey, I’ll at least cross a street. We’ve made some progress so it’s fine. It’s …… efficiency.”

Yes, I would usually leave it as I always do. I would leave 2 silvers for living expenses. I would leave it no matter what, even if I said it was efficient.

…… but it can’t be helped.

Yesterday, I spent 5 silvers on myself.

I wanted to spend it on Ashima to make up for it.

But Ashima doesn’t like that kind of thing. She is easily frightened and fidgety. Then I would have to buy one for myself.

And that’s why the cost went over the top.

I’ll never say …… that.

Well, anyway, we now have four coppers in our possession. We won’t even be able to eat lunch unless we get Ashima to do some concoction with the materials we’ve collected from gathering.

…… No, seriously, that’s not like me.

“I’ll go. Kobo Taro, can you set the skills yourself?”


<<Kobo Taro sets [spear lvl. 1]>>

A message window appears at the edge of view.

“Oh you really can do it. Great job, Kobo Taro. But you’re still in the middle of the city. You don’t need the spear.”

“Garu ……?”

Kobo-Taro seemed a little impatient when I pointed this out. As he did so

<<Kobo Taro sets [walking lvl. 1]>>

“This is ……?” He made sure to choose the correct answer himself.

“That’s right, Kobo-Taro. You got it right.”

I patted him on the head and Kobo-Taro looked relieved.

“Kuun ……”

He mewed weakly. Oh no, isn’t Kobo Taro too cute?

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