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03-05-Where the heart is… far away from the city

I touch the status monolith at the entrance of the inn.


Toru Fujima

LV1/5 ☆ Number of incarnations 0 EXP0/7

HP 10/10 (+5) SP 12/12 MP4/10

▼─────Unique Skills

Olympus LV1

Gains great aptitude for summoning magic.

▼─────Passive Skills

Level 3.


Level 2


Level 1

SP, Skill, Summoning, Escape, Walking, and

Transportation, grassland collection, sandy beach collection, sand collection

▼───── Equipment

Common Stick ATK1.00

Common Shirt DEF0.20 HP2

Common Pants DEF0.10 HP2

Common Boots DEF0.10 HP1

Collecting Gloves LV1



Ashigara Yamahiko

LV1/5 ☆ Number of incarnations 0 EXP0/7

HP 7/7 (+5) SP 16/16 MP 8/8

▼─────Unique Skills

Atelier de Lumière LV1

Gain aptitude in all non-combat skills.

Greater aptitude in the use of items.

Increased rewards from monsters.

▼─────Passive Skills

Level 3.

Mixing, alchemy, processing

Level 2

Level 1

Luck, SP, Dexterity, Escape, Walking


▼───── equipment

Common Shirt DEF0.20 HP2

Common pants DEF0.10 HP2

Common Boots DEF0.10 HP1

Gloves for Collection LV1



Kobo Taro (minor kobold)

Consumption MP 9 State: Summoning

Remaining Summoning time: 81 minutes


LV1/5 ☆ Number of incarnations 0 EXP0/3

HP15/15 SP10/10 MP2/2

▼───── Characteristic Skills

Minor Kobold LV1

Able to equip the whole body with armor.

Gains Aptitude for handling spears.

Kobold Box LV1

Has an item box that can hold up to 5 capacity.

▼───── passive skills (1 skill slot)

Level 1.

Dexterity, spear, defense, [walking].

▼───── Equipment

Spear of Kobold ATK1.00

Rags (Top)

Rags (lower)

▼─────Other Corrections

Olympus LV1

Skill books can be set according to the LV of the summoned monster.

All abilities of all summoned monsters, summonable time -> x1.1


I’ve been resting for over 20 minutes and my MP has only recovered 3. If I wait for my MP to fill up, I calculate that I have to stay at the inn for over 40 more minutes.

…… Well, if it is collecting, I won’t use MP and it will be okay. I thought so and closed it to hide my status from Ashima and the three of us went to the city of Arcadia.*

The landlady’s words were true and the townspeople did not react surprised at all when Kobo Taro walked through the streets. They reacted as if they were seeing a normal person.

We were skeptical, but we were reassured and headed for the Orpheus beach from the east gate.

When we arrived at the beach, I realized something important.

“ ……. I haven’t bought Kobo-Taro a pair of common boots. If you want to …… you can wear mine.”

“Fujima-kun, don’t you think your love for Kobo-Taro is a little too deep?”

When I came to the beach before putting on my common boots, the sand was too hot for me to collect. And there was a lot of glass and other things scattered around, so it was dangerous in many ways. I wanted to go back to the town to buy Kobo Taro’s common boots, but I had only 4 copper in my pocket.


Kobo Taro jumped around on the sand with his bare feet as if to say “I’m fine”. I wondered if Kobolds have a thicker sole than humans.

At the same time, I remembered the battle on the beach the other day.

“But the other day, the Kobold got a piece of glass stuck in the sole of his foot and it looked like it hurt. Kobo Taro, be very careful.”


We headed for the collection spot, paying attention to the scattered trash. Lucky, there are no people at all today.

“Ah, I guess I should have bought [Vigilance LV1]….. Kobo taro, I’m sorry, but could you keep an eye out for any monsters?”


As Lydia advised me yesterday.

If I summoned the monster after it appeared while I was gathering, the rapid consumption of MP would leave me drained.

So I summoned the monster in advance and returned to the inn during the 110 minutes that Kobo Taro was there.

By doing so, I get used to summoning while earning money by gathering and I can learn the [Summoning] and [MP] skills.

Lydia said that if I repeated this process for a month or so, I could become a fledgling summoner.

But there’s no way I can wait that long.

The flower of a summoned monster is in the battle. It would be pitiful to let Kobo Taro devote himself to vigilance for a month.

So, I changed 30 days to 29 days. Four weeks to three weeks. Three weeks to one week.

I’ll become a full-fledged man as soon as possible.


《Results of collection》


39 times

Collection LV3 -> x1.3

Sandy beach collection LV1 -> ×1.1

Sand collection LV1 -> ×1.1

61 points



Sand of Orpheus

Glass of Orpheus x 2

Obtained white sand from Orpheus


“That’s strange….”

I don’t mean to cut corners.

I’ve learned [Dexterity LV2] and [Skill LV1], but I don’t think the effects are showing.


Collection Result.


41 times

Collecting LV3 -> x1.3

Sandy beach collection LV1 -> ×1.1

Sand collection LV1 -> ×1.1

64 points



Sand of Orpheus x 2

Glass of Orpheus

Obtained Orpheus White Sand x 2


“Hah, hah ……!Ah, shit…..”

Fifth collection. It doesn’t deviate as much as I would like. No, I wonder. My hands are moving. More than yesterday.

But my brain doesn’t work very well and I get tired very quickly.

“Fujima-kun, it can’t be helped. …… Yesterday, Lydia told me……”

Ashima, who finished collecting the samples at the same time, turns a worried face toward me.

“You haven’t used any MP until yesterday. You’re working very hard to recover the MP that your body consumed in the summoning….. so she said that the natural recovery of SP is slow and you get tired…..”

Ah. Yes, she did say that.

She did say so, but…..

If I care about that, it’ll never go away ……!


《Results of the collecting》


27 times

Collecting LV3 -> x1.3

Sandy beach collection LV1 -> ×1.1

Sand collection LV1 -> ×1.1


42 points


Judgment → C

Obtained Orpheus Sand x 3


How long will it …… last?

I cower and punch the sand.

Ninth time collecting. Finally down to a C grade. Twenty-seven touches. This is less than Takagi and Touri who don’t have [Dexterity] or [Skill] skills.


Kobo Taro is really great.

I just told him to be wary of the monsters.

And yet.

What do you think Kobo Taro was doing?

He was on the lookout, picking up trash scattered on the beach.

Who said that summoned monsters have no ego?

The one who said they had no heart at first.

If this isn’t Kobo Taro’s heart, what is it?

Ashima is consistently getting C’s. While not taking a break, she has collected more Orpheus sand than I have.

I can’t …… lose, can I?


Collection Results.


12 times

Collecting LV3 -> x1.3

Sandy beach collection LV1 -> ×1.1

Sand collection LV1 -> ×1.1

18 points


Judgment → X

No gain


“Kobo Taro, can you carry Fujima-kun on your back? I’ll carry all the leather bags.”


“Oh, that leather bag is the heaviest one…… You are very strong, aren’t you, Kobo Taro, carrying Fujima-kun and even the leather bag……”


“Wow, Fujima-kun, did you always carry such heavy luggage by yourself? It’s reckless. ……”

“Gruff ……”

What …… is this?

What the hell is this?

Please don’t do this. I can still do it.

I’m embarrassed. Hey, Kobo Taro, put me down.

Hey, Ashima, you can’t carry something that heavy.



My words may or may not be voiced. Neither of them responded.


Ashima collected more sand than I did, even though she was the main mixer.

Kobo Taro, who should have no ego, was not only vigilant, but also voluntarily picked up trash.

Quiet beach in the morning. The sound of the waves, which should have been pleasant, is far from the stillness and now it is just depressing and annoying.

Among the three of us, I was the only one who was a bum, no matter how you look at it.

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