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01-17-Ashima is straddling me

Lydia and I parted ways, and we went to the armor shop for various reasons.


Common Boots 40 Copper

DEF 0.10 HP1

A simple shoe made of cheap materials.

Start here.


“hawawa, that’s a lot of …….”

“But it can’t be helped. The initial investment is necessary to do anything. And stop that voice.”

“Un, Fujima-kun, you never waver. ……”

Perhaps getting used to my venom, Ashima returned her gaze to the product shelf as if it was nothing.

By the way, we were barefoot until now, but we went to the sandy beach east of Eshmelde to acquire the “empty bottle” that is the material necessary for mixing potions.

“geez!  Sandy, hot!  My feet are hot!”

“Huh, glass!  There’s a lot of glass fragments down here!  It’s dangerous to step on them, Fujima-kun!”

The temperature was not that high, but the sand was hot from the sun, and there were glass fragments and trash scattered all over the place, making it difficult to collect.

“80 Coppers, pleasure doing business.”

I left the store with the ridiculous old manager who served me with his shoulders and elbows and went back to the inn.

I cleaned my feet and then equipped my common boots.

“Ehehe … how about it☆?”

“How about…” Barefoot Ashima“has become” Ashima equipped with cheap shoes”

“There’s a little more to it than that, isn’t there? Like, you know, it looks good on you.”

Ashima spins around on the spot.

“Something a little more … That’s right … I want you to stop showing off.”

“Fujima-kun, you’re really unflappable, aren’t you?”

With this, we were all set. As we headed for the beach, the clock in the central plaza read 3pm.


Collection Results


39 times

Collection LV1→×1.1


42 points


Judgment→ C

Orpheus sand x3


Even though we came here to collect empty bottles, it doesn’t mean that we can collect empty bottles as they are.

First, two “Orpheus sands” are [alchemized] into one “Orpheus glass”.

After that, the Orpheus Glass is [processed] into the Orpheus Bottle, and finally the potion blending material, the so-called empty bottle, is complete.

This Orpheus bottle is actually sold at the Eshmelde item shop at a low price of 5 to 6 coppers.

Lydia has been buying empty bottles from the store, and it seems that most people who mix potions are similarly taken care of by the item store.

The reason we came all the way to this beach to pick them up is for Lydia, a potential business partner for the long haul

“It’s better to start with something that’s within your means, whether it’s gathering, smelting, or processing. It will give you more experience and you will make more money.”

That’s what she advised us to do, and that’s why we’re collecting Orpheus sand, an easier first step than epee grass.


Collection Results


44 times

Collection LV1→×1.1


48 points



Orpheus sand x3


“Geez, seriously, I thought I was gonna get a B.”

Lydia was right, it was indeed easier than the epee grass, and it was easier to get a high score here. The white light is large and easy to touch, and the next glowing spot is somewhat predictable.

“Fujima-kun, I got a C for the first time!  That’s three Orpheus sands!”

Even Ashima, who seems to be blessed with good skills but not so good at collecting, got a C. Oh man, I’ve got to make sure I don’t get overtaken.

“So, ……. Hey Ashima, my bag is almost full. How about you?”

“I’m sorry, I’m going to go in a little further. ……”

“It’s okay to go at your own pace. I’ll be back in one more cycle. If you’re exhausted here, we’ll have trouble later.”


After this, Ashima will have to,


Orpheus Sand x2

Alchemy ↓

Orpheus Glass


Orpheus bottle


Somehow, work that seems to be difficult is waiting. If she runs out of physical strength and SP here, she can’t move with a large amount of sand packed in the leather bag. I just wanted to avoid that.

Leather bag 1


Orpheus Sand x 30



Leather bag 2


Sand of Orpheus x 30



“I’m sorry, Fujima-kun, for having you carry my luggage. ……”

The two leather bags were filled with sand.

It was heavy, as it should be, but even Ashima could carry it, but it looked so hard that her face turned red and she went “Fugigigi …!” So I managed to carry the two leather bags and somehow made it back to the inn.

“It’s okay … I’m fine …”

I tried to be strong, but it was too much. I lay face down on the bed.

“Oh no, you have to take off your shoes. …… yosh, yosh……”

“Gua …”

I had no strength left to resist the humiliation of having my shoes removed by Ashima. Damn, my back hurts. ……!

Because of the nature of collecting by touching the glowing ground, I had to kneel on the ground to collect them, which also hurt my back. Then there was the transportation on top of that.

“Damn, I don’t want to get back pain in the first year of high school, not fashionable at all”

“That’s what happens to anyone who carries a heavy load like that. ……”

A worried voice. Damn, I was too reckless in trying to not reduce Ashima’s strength and SP…….!


The hard spring creaked.

A soft weight from my thighs to my waist.

“What? Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?”

What the hell is this? I’m lying face down, and Ashima is straddling me.

“Please be still. ……”

Whoa, whoa, scary, scary, scary!

What is she going to do?

She’s going to kill me for spitting poison all over the place!

Even if it’s a fantasy world and you have to kill me, at least kill me in combat!

Goo…… goo…… goo…….

Despite my anxiety, the hands on my back put a soft and gentle weight on me.

“Oh …! Ku, hey, really, oh, oh …!”

It’s a massage.

Ugh, oh, no, no, feeling, good. ……!

“You have a tired body, Fujima-kun. ……? You’re really tense here.”

“Oh, oh, that’s enough, that’s enough! , It’s embarrassing.”

Accompanied by my scream, Ashima’s hands slowly move from my back to my waist.

“Guh …! Hmm …! Hmm …! Hey the ass is a no go, this lewd, oh, oh …!”

“If you have a bad back, your buttocks will be stiff. Here, here is good.”

“Don’t suddenly lose your character. ……!  But it’s true, it does feel good ……!”

“Huh … Fufu …. That Fujima-kun is gasping with my hands …. I’m feeling better …”

“No, wait a minute!  Stop being so scary all of a sudden!”

For some reason, I was more tired than Ashima, who was supposed to have done the labor of massaging me for about ten minutes, rubbing my shoulders, back, hips, and legs.

“Oh man, …… that was so good, …… I’m going to sleep, ……”

“Can I sleep? There’s sixty pieces of Orpheus sand, we can’t turn it over here, so I can’t open the leather bag until I reduce it by half with alchemy at least.”

“Oh, ……, seriously, ……, hey, if I take a nap, I won’t wake up in reality, will I ……?”

“I’ll be fine. Though I think it would happen if you sleep through the night. …… If you want, I can wake you up when the leather bag is empty.”

“Oh, ……, please. …….”

And so I fall into a gentle slumber.

Sorry, Ashima.

I couldn’t be there to witness your first alchemy.

I don’t even know if I said those words.

I felt like a comforter was being pulled over me.

Only the back half of my body, where Ashima had pushed me, was warm and fuzzy.

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