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02-17-Harvest of Beliefs-When you can face it with dignity

…… that. Ceiling.

It is not sunlight. …… This is the lantern’s, artificial light.

“Fujima-kun! ……!”

“Hmm ………?”

As soon as I tilt my head to the side, Ashima rushes to the side of the bed and bends down.

“Fujima-kun is an idiot. ……! You’re really …… stupid ……!”

Something about this girl, she’s crying all over again. ……

“But I was more stupid …! I’m sorry, Fujima-kun, I’m sorry … Uuuuu …”

“Hmm …?”

I don’t understand. When I half raised my head, I found Lydia sitting on the other side of the bed, her beautiful face, colored orange by the lantern, turned to me.

“Toru is a real idiot.”

“… Hmm … Maybe I … died again?”


Eh … why?

As usual, I have no memory of what happened before I died.

I kind of remember the part where I took a shower. ……

“Fujima-kun, you fell down behind the inn. Blowing bubbles.”

“I went to the back of the inn …… oh yeah, I think I went …… to wash my common shirt and common pants.”

“I was so startled that I called for help in a loud …… voice, but the landlady wasn’t there, and I didn’t know if there was a doctor or not, so I thought I had to let you rest in the room anyway, so I carried Fujima-kun on my back.”

“You? Me?”

How did you do it with your tiny body except for your breasts? ……

“Gusuu … Then …! I saw a green light in the middle of the stairs …! Looking back, Fujima-kun was shining green …! My back was lighter …!”

And when I got back to my room, on my bed,

《119 minutes until resurrection》

The window display said.

“I’m sorry Fujima-kun …! I knew that you were very tired, and because the bed got dirty, I kicked you out to the shower …!”


Is this girl crying because she feels responsible for that?

“You don’t have a single thing to apologize for. …… I mean, how did I die? No way!, death from overwork?”

“Maybe so. Organ failure due to SP depletion”

Lydia tells me from the bed on the other side.

“You should do what’s right for you. Toru, you’re lvl 1 and your SP is not too high. If you’re ‘desperate’, you will surely die. If you work too hard, it’s natural that you’ll die.”

What a gap in the language! It’s true that “Desperate” is “Desperate” in English, but “Must Die”  if the kanji is translated directly into English.

However, according to Lydia, it is not uncommon in Arcadia for people to die after working hard, and this is especially common among the heroes of other worlds.

The cause seems to be the “status” that doesn’t exist in reality.

Status can also be used in reality as a tool to objectively evaluate athletes and other players, revealing batting averages and winning percentages, and evaluating that if this guy’s pitching is a B, then that guy is an A.

But status in this world is like a game, with HP, SP, and MP, although we don’t know who is watching and who is evaluating.

As those of you who have played RPG role-playing games know, when you run out of HP, you are disabled in battle, put in a coffin, or even killed. The king, who has given you only a small amount of gold and a copper sword, will scold you unreasonably. If you are unlucky, you may be reduced to ashes.

In the other world of Arcadia, when your HP reaches 0, you are enveloped in a green light and revived at your base after 120 minutes, but according to Lydia’s story, when your SP or MP reaches 0, you become what the game calls “status abnormalities” and become unsteady, hallucinated or delirious. And if I leave it without rest or recovery, it seems to affect my HP.

In my case, Lydia says, I kept using SP by collecting and moving, and even when I exceeded the limit, I continued the ‘exercise’ of collecting, moving, showering and washing, and as a result, my HP reached zero and I died.

Well, it’s true, I was a bit flustered earlier.

“’Ashima, you don’t have to cry. You don’t have to feel responsible for anything.”

“If you think I’m crying because I feel responsible, …… you’re even more of a fool, Fujima kun.”


“Then did you put some drops in your eyes?”  I am not brazen enough to say that, “You were worried about me, weren’t you?   “I’m sorry ……,” and there is no way I can gently put my hand on Ashima’s head like the hero of a novel.

That’s why,

“I’m sorry …. I’ll be careful.”

That’s all I said to end the conversation. Ashima noticed my intention, rubbed her eyes with her arms, and sighed.

“Hmm … Is it death from overwork, or is it burnout syndrome? Hmm … Anyway, the belief that I didn’t bend until I died twice came to fruition.”

Beliefs bore fruit.

It sounds like a strange Japanese word, but that’s what it means…

“Did we save …7 silvers? 7 Silvers means that you completed more than 30 medicinal baths of 24 copper, right?”

I can’t believe it, and I look at Ashima with anxiety.

“Fufu …  How many materials do you think Fujima has collected already?”

Ashima finally lights a soft smile on her face and stands up easily.

Then, she heads to the storage box. From there, with a clinking sound, she places a bottle filled with green liquid on her workbench.

When Ashima said, “Look,” the workbench was lined with bottles of the toxic liquid.

“Hey you, this is …….”

Ehem, she fluttered her eyes, glanced at me once, laughed softly, and then

“Lydia san, we have forty-six bottles. Please do business with Fujima kun.”

“I understand. I’ll take it all, here, Toru.”

What the heck is this?

Lydia’s left hand was placed on the back of my right hand, which was pointing upward, and her left hand was placed on the palm of my hand, which was a little sweaty. Lydia’s right hand, thin, supple and soft, was on it, and when it moved away, a few coins were on my hand.

Four familiar copper coins, one recently seen silver coin, and one larger silver coin I had never seen before.

“Eh, eh, hey, what’s this?”

“A large silver coin. 10 silver a piece. Eleven silver and four copper for forty-six medicinal baths. Thank you for your business.”

Lydia bows her head lightly to me and holds her hand out in front of a group of medicinal baths, and one by one, the bottles vanish, whether by storage magic or not.

11…… silver?

“Fujima-kun, that’s not all, okay?  You collected Orpheus white sand, but I have 30 units …… of leather bags, so if you sell them to Cocona-san, you will receive 2 more silvers and a leather bag.”

Oh, seriously.



I finished collecting, showered, washed …

Me, I felt accomplished. I thought, “If this is all I have, I’m not going to be okay.”

So I did it and …… Ashima is right, got burned out.

13 Silver 4 Copper and a leather bag.

Even after living expenses and leather bags are taken out, each person earns more than 5 silvers.

It’s okay.

Now, it’s okay.

It’s not up to anyone else, it’s up to me.

Now I can face “him” with an open mind.



A short exchange.

But I am sure that all three of us here understand. What is going to happen now?

A blue shimmer in Lydia’s hand.

The emotions that thrilled my heart were crushing this time.


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  1. I was certain that he messed up the herbs and made a toxic substance when washing. Like bleach and ammonia for one.

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