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02-08 After I’ve become worthy… because I’ve decided so.

Mana flies came to Eschmelde today.

Does this life form, which lights up the darkened world, come to the city when it gets dark? Or is it always glowing in the city, and we just can’t see it in the light?

“Damn it, I’ve been put to sleep again ……”

After returning to the lodge from the beach, I received another massage from Ashima, who thoroughly relaxed my languid, aching body, and I fell asleep easily with a sense of weakness after the gushing pleasure passed.

“Without hesitation, she rubbed the soles of my feet. ……”

You don’t want to touch the soles of men’s feet. I definitely don’t.

When I woke up, Ashima was not in the room. The workbench was clean and tidy, which meant that Ashima had completed her work while I was asleep.

I left the room and went downstairs.

“Good morning. You look like you’ve been sleeping a lot.”

Before I could finish going down the stairs, a husky voice turned on me.

“Good morning, landlady …….”

I checked my watch and it was 8pm. That means I’ve been asleep for about four hours. ……

“Was it Ashima ……?  That girl went to the showers about twenty minutes ago. Oh, speak of the devil.”

The door of the inn opened and Ashima appeared, wiping her head happily with a smile.

“Fu nya? Fujima-kun, you’re awake?”

“Sorry I fell asleep quite a bit ……. I’d appreciate it if you’d stop trying to be cute, that …….”

“Can you stop saying it with low enthusiasm !? It’s realistic and hurts more!”

The place became noisy at once. The landlady doesn’t blame us for anything in particular,……, but I wonder if there are any other customers in this cheap inn besides us?

“It’s dangerous. Don’t go out alone at night.”

“Wow, that’s very kind of you to say. …… But let’s face it, no one’s going to go after me. ……”

“Idiot, not all people like steak, foie gras, and spell dishes like ’00 style with 00’. There are also those who prefer simple stews.”

“Also, your point of view is completely oden!”

Ashima turned to me in protest, saying, “Gabin!”

“It’s …… fine. I’m just oden anyway. ……. Just a convenience store oden that gets discarded when it gets too soggy. ……”

“Did you know? Convenience stores are losing money on oden because they waste too much. But if they don’t serve it, other convenience stores will take their customers, so they keep doing it. It’s a tough world, isn’t it? ……”

“I thought you’d be following me up!? What are you doing worsening it!?”

The landlady, biting back a laugh at our appearance, said

“Well, I heard. You guys are going to save up 5 silver by tomorrow? Are you going to get it?”

“… By the way, where did you hear that from?”

“Where did I hear that from? You were screaming at the entrance this morning, ‘I’ll definitely save up 5 silver by tomorrow!”

It was Ashima. When I glared at her, she deliberately looked away and started whistling. She couldn’t whistle at all.

“…… It’s not so bad. I think I can do it.”

“Wow, that’s great. Just a few days ago, you were barely living and eating.”

“It’s the same now. The standard of living hasn’t changed much.”

“Well, don’t be too hard on yourself, okay?  I’m happy to see the people who live here become great. But I’ve seen a lot of people make mistakes in their haste.”

The Landlady returned to her room with a fluttering wave of her hand.

Back in the room, Ashims opened her storage box.

“Earlier Lydia came and bought a medicated bath, but was it okay for me to sell it without permission?”

She held out a bag of coins to me.

“Of course it’s okay. It’s fine since we live together. It was a good decision …… What’s wrong with this?”

Three silver 98 coppers. That was an amount we’d never seen before. What? When I opened my storage box, I was surprised to see that I still had 1 silver 10 coppers left after deducting the cost of food, water and accommodation.

“Hey, hey!   There’s no way I’m stealing from our living expenses!”

“No, I don’t suspect that at all. It’s just that there was so much money that I thought you might have added our living expenses. …… What’s wrong with this?”

“Ehehe ……. I sold seventeen bottles of medicinal baths for four silver and eight coppers. I didn’t feel comfortable using them without permission, but I only took out 10 coppers to allow me to shower, so that’s 3 silver 98 coppers.”

Seventeen bottles. Even if you overcome all the odds, the maximum number of medicinal baths you could make would have been thirty-two.

You will fail at the point of mixing epee grass and life herbs into medicinal herbs.

Even at the point of smelting two units of Orpheus sand into Orpheus glass, it fails.

It also fails when processing Orpheus glass into Orpheus bottles.

And finally, the preparation of the liver, which uses herbal and Orpheus bottles as medicinal baths, can fail.

Seventeen bottles. 4 silver 8 coppers.

Isn’t it enough?

“Sorry, Ashima. I’m sorry you had to work so hard while I was sleeping peacefully.”

“No, it’s fine. No matter how you look at it, Fujima-kun is doing the tougher and more dangerous work. What do you want to do now? We’ve already saved up the goal of five silvers.”

Certainly, as Ashima says, if you combine the 3 silver 98 copper here and the remaining 1 silver 12 copper of the living expenses in my storage, it is 5 silver 10 copper. The target of 5 silver has been reached.

“Living expenses are living expenses, and I want to keep two silvers. I’d rather spend the remaining three silvers and ten coppers to learn skills for both of us.”

“What? You’re going to use it?”

“I’m going to use it. I’ve found out the hard way that skills are extremely powerful in this world. I’ll use it to strengthen the both of us and earn five silver tomorrow.”

……Still not enough.

I can’t have a summoned monster until I can earn 7 silver, which is the sum of 2 silver for living expenses and 5 silver for Kobold’s will.

The load wins too much.

It doesn’t match my size.

I’ll get that blue glow when I’m worthy.

Yes, I decided.

“You’re  still annoying …. Fu fu”

“Don’t laugh.…… Let’s go.”


I felt as if Ashima had looked into my heart, so I forcibly stopped talking and we left the inn together.

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