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01-06- This is not a crush

Beds are placed at either end of the room, with a safe and storage box for items next to it, and a communal workbench in the middle of the room. On the other side of the door, against the wall of two windows, is a neck-high status monolith.

The room was larger than I expected and I had no complaints except for the rather low ceiling.

“Which bed do you want?”

“I don’t care which, I’m just happy to have a place to sleep.”

I sat down on the bed at the back of the room, and after changing my base in the window that appeared, I touched the storage box next to the bed and registered my name as the owner.

“Ashigara-yama, open this.”

“This box?  okay ……….? Fugi, Fugi!… Oh, it won’t open.”

“Okay, that’s enough.”

It doesn’t look like an act, and she can’t lift it. But if I touch it, it will open immediately. It seems to work well as a safe.

“I would never steal anything.”

“Yeah, but now I won’t have to wonder about you if I’m running low, will I? You should definitely keep all the money and valuables you get in your storage box too. I don’t want to be suspected of anything trivial.”

After I said that, I noticed a foul smell in the room.

No, it didn’t bother me as soon as I entered the room. That means that the source of the stench appeared after we entered the room. ……

“………… Ashigara Yama”


“So it’s you. It’s you!. When was the last time you took a shower?”

“Gabin!(shock!) I take a bath every day!”

“… in Arcadia?”

“…? Are there showers in Arcadia?”

Is there ……? That’s what I thought.

It made me sad to know that the girl in front of me was spreading this sour, yet animalistic stench. If you haven’t showered in a week or so, you’re in serious trouble.

I took out 20-coppers from my change bag and handed it to her.

“Fujima-kun, what is this?”

“Ten coppers for the shower. Ten coppers for a towel. You don’t have a towel.”

“Eh!, …… is this okay?”

I respond to her moist eyes with a nod of the head. No need to thank me. I just wanted you to get cleaned up quickly. I wanted you to get rid of a week’s worth of stench.

“Shower facilities are next door to the inn.”

I told her, as I pushed her out of the room. As I opened the window to expel the stench, I saw the dark brown hair who had just left the inn looking around curiously.

“Right, right”

The anxious expression on her face brightened up. She spotted the shower facilities in the direction I was pointing, gave me a big wave, and then ducked behind the building.



“Taking Results”


30 times.

↓ No correction

30 points


Judgment → D

Obtained 2 epee grasses.


“Oh …!”

“Boy, you’re getting good at this!  Hahahahaha!”

I’m getting the hang of it. I don’t care if you call me an epee grass master anymore, even though I got a D.

Collecting is a “mini-game” that starts when you touch a collection spot while wearing collection gloves.

<< Start collecting >>

The ground around the collection spot, a portion of it is gleaming white.

“Yo …!”

 If you touch the shining floor, another floor will shine.

“Yo …”

 This is the so-called Whac-A-Mole.

 Repeat this for 1 minute, and the number of times you can touch it …


<< Collection result >>


31 times

↓ No correction

31 points


Judgment → D

Obtained 2 Epe grass


“Huh …! Haha…! Alright, two more …!”

As I expected, I am getting better as I gain experience. I got two D’s in a row.

I now had ten pieces of epee grass. I looked at the collection spot a little farther away to see if I could find  Ashima.

“Fugigigi …”

She seemed to be struggling.

“Ashigara-yama,  let’s switch. Don’t force yourself to take the difficult life herb. Listen, it all starts with epee grass.”

“You’re so good at this! But I have a unique skill which is more advantageous than  Fujima-kun’s even if I don’t try.”

“Idiot. Don’t be drowning in the power you’ve been given. How many did you get?”

“Fu, two …☆” (wink)

“Yes, you’re out. Just take the epee grass today. And you’re not that cute so don’t ever do that again.”

“Gabin!” ( shock)

A smug face is only cute when a pretty girl does it.

In that sense, Ashima was on a fine line.

…… Well, that’s why I didn’t push Ashima away. …… I think.

<< Start collecting >>

Disgusted with my bad character, I whip my tired body into shape and start collecting life herbs.

With the workbench I’ve come to acquire, using Ashima’s skills, I’ll be able to mix Epee grass and Life herbs into medicinal herbs and sell them. …… That’s what I’m going to do today. I have to collect the same amount of life herbs as the ten Epe grasses I’ve collected.

“Yo, ho, ho …!”

“Oh, …… Fujima kun, you’re amazing. …… You’re so much better than me. ……”

There was no time to react to Ashima’s voice.

Now I just have to move my hands at high speed, looking for the white light.

“Ah? It’s Jimiko and Fujiki!”

“Oh, …… Takagi-san…….”

I don’t know who this “Takagi-san” is that Ashima muttered so weakly to herself.

But well, based on Ashima’s reaction and the fact that she still mispronounced my last name, I guessed that it was one of the top caste girls, looking for the white light.

“What are you doing on the ground, Fujiki?  Gross. You look like a bug. Pfft, gross.”

Is that bad?

We’re just trying to survive, you know.

I’ll be anything to survive. I’ll move like a scurrying insect. And who the hell is Fujiki?

I don’t care what you guys think. ……

“It’s ……, not creepy.”






“Taking Results”


20 times

↓ No correction

20 points


Judgment → E

Acquire life herbs


He looked up, leaving the reward for his last-minute success on the ground.

There were six of the top caste in the class, and only one girl who stood up to them, trembling, even though she had nothing to gain.

Six people who are stunned.

From their point of view, it must feel like being barked at by a dog that never barks.


…… But what surprised me most was.

“Hmm, hmm?  Well, if it’s Jimiko and Fujiki, they’d be a good match, wouldn’t they?”

Bitch A finally swears and turns herself around, as if she doesn’t like it when she’s not on top.

A few of them were stunned and turned away to follow suit.

The last one left was Reina Akari.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I …”

Ashima’s shoulders are still shaking.

I finished the collection, but remained on my knees.

The way we both look at Reina Akari is no different from the way we look at the other five.

“U …”

With confusion, hesitation, and perhaps regret etched on her neat face, she looked on undecidedly.

“Reina!  What are you doing?”

“U …”

She gave us another dismayed voice and bowed to us and left.

The onomatopoeia “hena hena” (bending) seemed to fit her perfectly, and Ashima sat down.

“Oh ……, that was scary …….”

“You ……”

How much courage did it take to do that?

How scary it was to face the bare malice?

Shady people don’t protect others.

If someone was going through that, I would keep my eyes down, my face down, or even my arms down and pretend to be asleep.

 To protect my own world.

 That’s why I thought that Ashima, who was being bullied, was a shady character. But I was wrong.

Or was there something I wanted to protect even if I forced myself?

That’s enough.

I’m sure I was the one who was most surprised by Ashima’s voice.

I wish I was relieved.

I wish I could pretend I couldn’t hear it.

I don’t know what they’ll say at school tomorrow.

Even I regret the courage I mustered that day.

I was so nervous that I couldn’t face Ashima, who stood up to protect me from malice.……

“You … are you stupid?”

Even after all this time, I still can’t be honest, and I spit venom.

“Haha …… I think you might be right …….”

“Why didn’t you just leave me alone?”

Was it out of gratitude for picking her up just before she collapsed? Or did she have some kind of assurance that she would be okay even if she told those guys off?

“Feh … but I know it’s hard because no one would help me in such cases …”

It was neither of those things.

“That’s your story, ……. Don’t take pity on me because you think I’m with you.”

It’s not anger or frustration that makes me spit venom.

I was at a loss.

For the first time in my life, I was valued more when weighed with something else.

Doh, doh, doh. …….

What the hell is this? 

“What’s the matter, Fujima-kun…. Is your chest hurting?”

A not-so-beautiful, unassuming face approached me.

“Hey, stop.”

I’m telling you. I swear.

I don’t believe in God, so I swear to myself, I’m telling you.

This is not a crush.

…… Just.

“How do I get you to believe me?”

Reina Akari asked.

Trusting others is difficult.


At this time, I certainly thought that I could believe in someone other than myself … yes.

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