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02-16: Why I hate it

I guess it’s called relativity. It was just a moment before noon and into the evening. I collected silver for the purpose of saving seven silvers by nightfall, including living expenses.

I Collected epee grass and life herbs, bought black bread, returned to the inn, i left my luggage and Ashima’s black bread, and went to the beach, taking a bite of the black bread. I ran into a monster, ran away desperately, and went back to collecting again. ……

It was a dizzying day. Maybe Ashima was right and if I had saved up yesterday instead of buying the skill book, I wouldn’t have had to go through all this trouble.

Still, I was hesitant to spend two days’ worth of profit on me alone when we were both living shoulder to shoulder.

Summoning is a given power.

It is a given power that has not yet seen the light of day.

That’s why I wanted to get the “monster will” needed for summoning on my own.

I don’t think it’s cool if everything is a given power.

An old man who lived a normal life is reborn, and is a warrior with cheats, and is “amazing,” “great,” and “master!” I’m not sure I’d like to see that.

The only reason the hero is so strong is because he’s a cheat.

In other words.

“Wow cheat!” “As expected cheat!” “Go cheat!”

This is what I’m talking about. Not cool, right? It’s more of a bad word, isn’t it?

And yet, the main character, a former old man, does not seem to be offended.

What? Isn’t this normal? Did I do something wrong again?” The situation is so intoxicating that you just need to be by yourself.

Idiot. You’re just another Nobita, without Doraemon, you can’t do anything. Shizu-chan beside you is in love with your cheat, not you. Cheats are so wonderful!” I’ll tell you that.

And yet, the protagonist (an ex-an old man) doesn’t particularly reveal the fact that the source of his strength is a cheat, and goes on to enjoy beautiful women …… nectar.

When Doraemon stops working, Nobita stands up “by himself” and repairs Doraemon in the distant future.

But what are you going to do when you run out of cheats? Are you going to live on the heroines you’ve acquired through the power of cheats?

Is it going to be like “I lost my power, but I’m fine because the heroines are too strong – the beautiful women like me too much and I’m rather not fine at night”? Ugh, as long as the synopsis and one episode are solid, it will be popular.

I’ve been spitting in the face of cheats like that, and I don’t want to be one.

Even if I use a unique skill called [Olympus] and am unmatched by summoning magic, I want to stand with pride in me.

So I’m going to get power, by my own will and effort.

“Fujima-kun, you’re trying too hard. ……”

“Shut up ……, if you have this much ……, you’ll be fine …….”

“Ah!  Fujima-kun, no, don’t fall on the bed like that!  Hawawa, you’re soaking wet. …… Moo, please go to the shower first. ……”

“Hmm …. Yes, that’s right. I’m going …”

Whipping my wobbly body, I left the inn, taking out a towel hanging on the window sill, a top and bottom rag, ten coppers from my living expenses, and a couple of piles of epee grass.

I take a lukewarm shower, rub the epee grass, which has a cleansing effect, into a lather, and wash my body and hair.

I wiped myself more messily than usual with a towel and changed into rags. Hmmm, for some reason, the crotch is more stable than the common pants.

I call out to the innkeeper and wash my sweat-soaked common shirt and pants with epee grass in the back of the inn.

Ooooh, it’s so cold.

The water, it’s cold. ……




…… that.

What is this?

Why am I lying down?

Where is this place?

Behind the inn ……?

Hmm … Ashima …?

Why is she running over here in a hurry?

“Fujima-kun! Fujima-kun, Fujima-kun! ……!”

Stop, you’re too close to my face.

Not a very pretty face. ……

─ ─ But somehow, that face that shakes me is so close.

“Why !? Why !? Fujima-kun! Fujima-kun …! Someone! Is there anyone !? Fujima-kun …!”

I’m here. Don’t make a big voice. It’s embarrassing.

…… but somehow the voice didn’t come out of my mouth.

It was as if I had forgotten how to move my muscles.

If you can’t speak, you don’t have a choice.

…… but I have to do this.

While lying on my side, I put strength into my left arm, which is not under my body. …… move a little.

Hang in there, me.

Somehow I managed to bring my left arm to the face of the Ashima in front of me, and then I put strength into my hand, then my fingers, and so on.

Again, I’m going to move.

“Fujima-kun, Fujima-kun!  ……Fujima, kun?”

A plain face, neither particularly beautiful nor to my taste. Her large eyes are her only charm.

I don’t even like her that much.

I’m not sure I like her face at all. …… but I hate her face the most right now.

My left thumb gently wiped the reason for my dislike, which overflowed from Ashima’s right eye.

“Fujima ……-kun ……”

Ah …… fool.

You can’t wipe your left eye with your left hand.

Now I realize such a natural thing.

It can’t be helped.

I’ve never been involved with people as I am now, so I’m an elite shady person.

…… Ah, manafly.

Eschmerde is about to switch from sunset to night.

I slowly let go of my consciousness, regretting the fact that I still had half a reason to dislike Ashima’s face.

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