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01-02-What’s wrong if a summoner can’t summon

 It’s been a while since the discovery of other worlds.

 It was a long time ago when people used to say that you could go to another world by getting hit by a truck or stabbed by a demon.

 It was also a long time ago when stories of young men and women with no real talent were being summoned to another world and playing an active role in it.

 A fantasy of swords and magic, that’s the other world of Arcadia.


Toru Fujima

LV1/5 ☆ Number of rebirths 0 EXP0/7

HP10/10 SP10/10 MP10/10


▼───── Unique Skills

Olympos LV1

Gains great aptitude for summoning.

▼───── Equipment

Common Stick ATK1.00

Old rags (Upper)

Old rags (bottom)

Collecting Gloves LV1

Coin Bag -> 78 Copper


“Today is the day I make some real money…….”


 This is a cheap 20-copper-per-night inn called the Jade-barstool Hisui-Tei (Jade-pavillion).

 I turned away from the old stone slab at the entrance – the status monolith – and saw the reflection of a boy with bad eyes in the mirror.

 He has black hair that he cuts if it gets in the way. No, I think his face itself is in good shape. However, the cocky, yet languid eyes ruin the integrity of each part and give the other person the impression of a dark-hearted person.

 I sighed at the sight of the familiar face that was no different from reality.

 It’s been a week since I arrived in Arcadia.

 The amount of money I had at the start of the week, 1 silver = 100 cappers, was slowly being whittled down.

 Toru Fujima, Summoner.

 There are no summoned monsters yet.


The commercial city of Eschmerde.

 The commercial city of Eschmerde.

 It is the most developed city in Arcadia, with mines to the north, mountains to the west, the ocean to the east, and grasslands to the south.

 The city is filled with smiling faces, even though it’s a world where monsters can be found just outside the gates. This was a sign of the security and safety of this city.

 Well, from my point of view, I don’t care about that.

“Isn’t it Fujima-kun? Hey!”


 If going to other worlds is such a casual experience, then of course I wasn’t the only one who landed in this city.

 I pretended not to hear and walked along the cobblestones in the sunshine.

“Huh? That’s Fujima-kun, right? ”Hey, Tohru Fujima!

 …… Stop using my real full name.

 Since there was no point in ignoring him thus far, I turn around to limit further damage.


“…… Hey.”

 There he was, just as I’d expected him to be.

 Brown hair with permed ends, tall height, high nose, crisp eyes, and a refreshing accent.


 He was an ikemen (handsome guy) from my class at school.

The Arcadia System is a system that uses the dreams you have while sleeping to send your soul to a body in another world.

 High school students have the right to participate in the Arcadia System, and can go to other worlds at their own will.

 The high school I go to, Feng Academy High School, was the first high school to introduce the Arcadia System in the past, so there are an inordinate number of people who participate in Arcadia.

 In addition, those of us from the same school start from the same town. That’s why I sometimes bump into classmates like this.

“Where are you going now, Fujima-kun?”

“To collect materials.”

“Materials? What kind?”

 What the hell is this guy doing? You don’t really care where I’m going, do you? Where are you going? To do what? What time will you be back? Are you my mom?

“Don’t be so cautious. I might be able to help you, right?”

 The equipment of the handsome man was leather armor and a leather shield …… equipment that is reserved for rookies, but it looked shiny to me.

  The brown equipment is at least two ranks higher than my initial equipment, which consisted of full-body rags and a bone staff, and more importantly, the height and facial deviation were so different that even a wooden sword looked like Excalibur.

 I’m sure this Ikemen will say some condescending things after noticing that.

 I don’t like it…….

 Does he want it that bad?

    The status of ” I’m being kind to a shadow”

“…… ill.”


“Stone? …… Will, not stone. “Uiru.” {TN: Doesn’t translate well in english, Toru said a japanese word for “will” which is similar to “Ishi” which means stone, and then tried to say it again in English}

“Will……. Is that the name of an item?

“I need it to get a summoned monster. The monster’s will.”

 I’m not happy with this guy, but I was in dire need of some straw to cling to.

 By using the “Monster’s Will” that the monster drops, the summoner can summon that monster.

 But unfortunately, as a summoner who doesn’t have a summoned monster yet, I’m just a regular person. I’m just a shady guy. There’s no way I can defeat a monster.

“Yuma, what are you doing? Let’s go.”

 There were many voices calling out to the handsome guy in in front of me.

 There were two boys and three girls.

 These guys, along with the handsome guy in front of me, make up the top of the caste at my school in my class.

“They’re all so impatient, ……. Fujima-kun, you said the will of a monster right? I’ll keep that in mind!  Anyway, how about it? Let’s go together…”



 The leader of the girls who were hanging out in the back interrupted the handsome man’s voice while shaking her head.

 ”Ah. I really hate it. Why are you doing inviting such a guy?” The sharp eyes, long straight blond hair, and high-flying posture say.

“Un ………… See you later, Fujima-kun!”

 The handsome guy showed a little hesitation and waved to me.…… that’s fine. The paripi (party people) should take care of the paripi. Shady guys like me on the other hand, will take care of themselves

 That’s the way it’s always been.

 The six of them leave.

 The only girl among them who knew my name was giving me a sad look.


 Arcadia is a world like a game. But it’s as hard as reality.


Collection results


17 times

No ↓ correction

17 points



Judgment → X

No gain


“Boy, you failed again! Gahahahaha!”

“Hahaha …… you suck …… haha, haha.”

 In fact, it was more worldly than reality because I was a high school student, working hard and sweating and trying to survive every day.

 You need money to live.

 I spent a week looking for a cheap place to stay, and it cost 20 coppers per day.

 I had to cut down on my daily food expenses to 30 coppers.

 Drinking water was 20 coppers.

 10 for a shower.

 That’s about 80 coppers a day. It costs more if I want to wash the dirty, dark brown rags I wear.


Collection results


21 times

No ↓ correction

21 points


Judgment → E

Epee grass is acquired


“Okay ……!”

 What I got was green grass. Unlike the weeds that were spread out all over the place, it was a deeper green grass with buds.

 This grass is the lowest grade of grass you can get, and sells at the lowest price at five coppers. However, it has many uses. It smells good and is effective at removing dirt, so it can be ground up and used as a detergent, or mixed with other grasses to become a medicinal herb.

However, the reason why such a convenient thing is the lowest price is because it’s overflowing everywhere.

 Once you pass through the south gate of Eschmerde, you will see a number of collection spots glowing white on the grasslands as far as the eye can see. Since most of them have epee grass, the price has fallen to such a low level that supply has caught up with demand.

 The further away you get from Eschmerde, the closer you get to where the monsters live, and the higher the chance of encountering them. That’s why the collection spots around the city were rather safe places for dropouts like me and locals who didn’t have the ability to fight.

“Okay, I guess I’ll leave it at that! See you later kid. And don’t die! Gahahahaha!”

 When I looked up at the loud voice of a local – a hobbit man – he was already on his feet.

 I just glared at the man’s back and looked down at the collection points again.

 Incidentally, the money you earn in Arcadia can be converted into real money through the terminal.

 The market may fluctuate, but basically, one copper is ten yen. This epee grass, which can be bought for 5 coppers a piece, is worth 50 yen.

 There seems to be a reason why you can’t exchange real money for Arcadia money, so it’s not a system where the richest people in reality win. But if you’re rich, you can spend your winnings in Arcadia without worrying about it.

 …… Anyway, I can’t afford to exchange this money for real money right now.

Collection. Collection Collection, collection.

I couldn’t gang up like the paripi and my classmates earlier. The only way for a summoner like me without a summoned monster to make ends meet is to collect.

 This is how I make ends meet every day.

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