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01-21-What’s wrong with being a pain in the ass?

If you were to ask me what I want most, I would be able to answer without hesitation.

“Toru, if you want, you can have this.”

The thing I wanted most was right in front of me.

“Oh, is this the will of the Kobold?  Wow, ……!  Are you sure?  I’m so happy for you, Fujima-kun. Now you can use summoning magic!”

Ashima is as happy as if it were hers.

…… What, what, what is this?

While everyone else has cheat skills and is active, I’ve always been at a disadvantage.

I did think I should take a look at it someday, but I was resigned because I was powerless.

But I still wanted power.

The reason I’m here in Arcadia is not to earn money.

I’m here to enjoy the otherworldly life I’ve been longing for.

My longing scenery.

The scenery is neither a cheap hotel nor a collection.

It is a scene where the army led by me pushes and swallows a horde of monsters with overwhelming power and overwhelming numbers.

Not ten or one hundred.

It is a scene where more than a thousand summoned monsters swallow even the world.

Lydia’s offer of the Kobold will.

This is the first step.

I want it.

I want it so badly.

I want it so badly I’m drooling.

What? Will you give me?  Really?

I’m super lucky. You’re telling me, I can have it.

It’s free, right? Isn’t it free to sign up then talk? If I get this, will I use this summoned monster forever?

Lydia’s hand, I.

My hand reached for that too-beautiful hand.

“I don’t need it …………!”

I had to pull it back with all my might.

Don’t be silly, how could you pull it back?

With this, you might be able to compete with the monsters and not be ridiculed by the paripi.


“Ehehe …… I’m glad for you, Fujima-kun ……. Hee hee hee ……. Huh……? What are you rejecting ……?”

Damn it……! I want it……!

I want, I want, I want, I want ……!

“Mmm……! Lydia, take it back…..! Quickly……!”

I turn my face away and crawl back into bed.


Then I put a pillow in my mouth and howled.

To Ashima and Lydia, I must look like a madman. That’s true, too.

Because I want it so badly.

She must have been waiting for me to finish my roar, because after my voice faded and died, she called out again to my crouched back.


“It’s different……! This is different ……!”

“Huh, Fujima kun, ……?”

Arcadia is a world of pain and suffering.

It’s all I can do to make ends meet every day, and yesterday and today I finally got the hang of collecting, learning skills, …… meeting Ashima, and making use of formulations and such, and I’m finally making a profit and seeing signs of a future.

In this world, there is a kind of “power that can be given” that does not exist in the real world.

This is the [Unique Skill] that you receive when you first land in Arcadia. It’s also called a cheat skill.

I’m the [Olympus] with an aptitude for summoning, and Ashima is the [Atelier de Lumiere] with an aptitude for non-combat skills.

Summoners are especially unfortunate in the beginning. As you know, until you get the will of the monster, you are just an ordinary person.

Even with this disadvantage, I was ridiculed for being like a bug, a garbage collector, or a homeless person.

What the hell? That’s the power you’ve been given, right?  Swinging a sword, shooting magic, holding a bow and shooting arrows, those are the effects of your unique skills.

How can you be so high and mighty when you’re strong thanks to the power you’ve been given?

I’ll say it again.

A unique skill is a power that is given to you without any work or effort. In other words, it’s a cheat.

“So don’t give it to me. ……!  Please don’t give me any more. If you give me any more, one day when I wield my power, it won’t be my power. ……!”

Can the power we are given and wield really be called our own power?

Power that is not accompanied by one’s own effort and sweat, or even talent, can no longer be called power.

That’s why I can’t forgive it.

I can’t allow myself to twist my weaknesses and become strong only by the power of others.

That’s why I can’t forgive me.

I can’t forgive myself for that moment when I fell to my knees in hardship and bent over and turned to Kedoin.

“But through.”

The voice on my back again.

“This kid wants to be Toru’s summoned monster. …… See, so much.”

When I open my eyes, I can see it even if I turn my gaze away. There is a shimmer of blue that Ashima can’t see, a glow of blue that is too bright for me, a shade too bright.

“This monster’s will was dropped from the fourth Kobold I just defeated.”

“…… huh?”

“There was a Kobold who was fighting with Toru. There was a Kobold who injured his right eye. This was dropped from that Kobold.”

The injury to the right eye…… means that it is the kobold who pierced me with a spear and I butted his head with my last strength.

“Gruau …”

On the verge of death, I had the feeling that the grunt said, “Brilliant.

The “will” that dropped from that Kobold wants to be my summoned monster. ……?

“Toru. I asked you to make a potion for me. This is to make the request safe, secure, and quick…”

My chains of rejection are unraveling one by one.

Reasons that can be given to me are laid out, and they unravel with a clatter.

“Lydia, do me a favor.”


Lydia breathed a sigh of relief and held out a blue glow in front of her.


But I can’t untie the last chain, the chain of belief.

“I’ll have it saved by the night after tomorrow. This will, sell it to me for five silver.”

The lowest price I’ve seen. The bottom price of the Kobold’s will, which I found through the unmanned market for a week.

“I can tell. I know you’re okay with me being with you.”

It’s not Lydia or Ashima that I’m talking to.

It is the will of the Kobold, still glowing blue, but strangely no longer dazzling.

“That’s why I don’t… want…. to… just… take… you.”


“Why does that happen !?”

Lydia’s voice and Ashima’s voice pass from ear to ear.

I’m having a conversation with this guy right now.

In fact, the moment I said no, the blue glow faded as if to say, “Too bad ……”.

“I’m not taking you. Instead, I’m going to get you. I’m going to use my power to… get… you. Until then, I want you to wait for me.”

The monster’s will glowed once again. The light gets stronger and stronger until a blue beam of light from the window of the room illuminates the night of Eschmerde. The room is now completely blue.

“Lydia, please. I don’t want another Kobold’s will. I want this one. I’ll save up five silver by the night after tomorrow, and I want you to keep it for me.”

Lydia’s ice blue eyes widen, but it’s only for a moment, and then they return to their usual lukewarm look. Then.

“Mmm. I understand. If Toru is okay with it.”

As if giving up, she drowned out the dazzle in the room by simply saying, “Storage.”

“Toru is a pain in the ass.”

“Shady people are basically troublesome.”

“Fujima-kun is particularly troublesome, isn’t he?”

“Hey,  Ashima? Didn’t you notice the boomerang stab?”

I mean, we’re alive. If you’re alive, you’re going to be bothered by something.

What’s wrong with being a pain in the ass?

“I’m going to start mixing.”

“It’s getting late, so I’ll just get the medicinal herbs.”

“Of course. Oh, by the way, Fujima-kun. Thank you very much for the [Processing LV1] skill book. I was able to read it successfully, and now my success rate is …….”

“Oh, yeah, that happened too. It’s just a coincidence.”

“Ugh, you’re still a pain in the ass. ……”

“What the hell, you bastard ……, don’t talk while mixing!”


Formulation results


Epee grass

Life Herbs


Success rate 68

Atelier de Lumiere → ×1.1

Compounding LV2 -> x 1.2

Decreased concentration → × 0.4


Mixture success rate 35





Material Lost


“”Aaaaahhh …………””




“… Tehe ☆”

“Don’t fuck with me, Yamashimako.”

“Aaah! Aaah! You said it! You really said it! We’re all creatures that make mistakes!  Why don’t you give me a little more warmth!”

“Don’t talk so high and mighty about it!  What’s this ‘decreased concentration -> x0.4’!”

“See, heroines are cute when they’re a little screwed up…”

“How can you say you’re a heroine next to Lydia? …… I really respect you. By the way, I’m about to puke, so stop that winking. ……”

“The way you say it hurts me twice as much!”

When we’re talking about splashes,

“…… fufu …… hahaha …… hahaha ……”

“What ……?”

Lydia laughed, as if to explode the emotions she had been holding back.

“I’m sorry ………. Pu … Fufu …”

Lydia, who was too beautiful and had no expression, laughed.

…… Excuse me, but I thought I could laugh properly.

The appearance of laughing with the mouth open and the appearance of hiding the face and enduring laughter are unbelievably cute.

“I’m sorry for calling myself a heroine ……, I’m really just a piece of cattle dung being raised by a mob …….”

“Wow, shit from a heroine, that’s a hell of a fall. You don’t have to be so self-deprecating, no matter how bad it is.”

“Huh, Fujima-kun, ……”

Shady people know shady people.

What you want from a self-deprecating story is a giggle that only your own kind can understand, or a follow-up that says, “That’s not true.”

“At least stop at mob livestock.”

“If you’re going to follow me, at least follow the mob properly!”

“Hahaha …… hahaha ……”

Mobs, heroines, Lydia wouldn’t know what they meant, but Ashima’s momentum alone made Lydia laugh. Apparently, she was on point.

I looked at the window and saw that the manaflies that light up the darkness of Eschmerde were gathering at the window of this room.

When I tapped on the window, they all lit up warmly and then took off in a huff.

I wonder if I did a bad thing …… and, when I opened the window as if to cheat, with the cool breeze、

“Oni-chan Nya!”

The voice of Cocona, who seemed to have closed the store diagonally across the street, came in from outside.

“What’s wrong, anchan?”

There is also a figure of an affectionate landlady who probably went to pick her up despite being near.

“What’s wrong … there’s nothing wrong though.”

The stillness of the night brings my mumbling to the two people across the street.

“Is that so? … But, Oni-chan, it looks like you’re having fun.”

You look happy.

That’s what she said, and I covered my face with my hands, wondering if maybe my face was smiling.

“Really. You always look like it’s the end of the world.”

“Please leave me alone. ……”

What kind of face is the end of the world?

……Well, I’m sure that my murmur has arrived, with the voice of Ashima still buzzing and Lydia laughing every time Ashima has said something, and they just felt like we were having fun.

…… Yes, I’m sure it is.

The manaflies scattered as they took off and flew around, lighting up Eschmelde as if the moonlight wasn’t enough.

They’re all so nosy.

I looked up at the moon, looked at the sky, bowed lightly to the proprietress and Cocona, and closed the window.

When I looked back, their smiles were still lighting up the slightly cold room.


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