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Just another Isekai Lover~

01-18-For the first time in my life, I had to lie to myself

“Welcome nya ♪”

The skill book store across the street from the inn, where we are welcomed by Cocona, a cheerful quarter cat lady.

Visited for the second time today. As usual, there were no customers.

“What? Just you, On-chan?”

“Ashima is in her room frantically smelting. Let me see your skill books.”

“Yes, yes, ♪”


Toru Fujima

96 Copper


▼ ───── Status

SP LV1 30 Copper

Physical Strength LV1 (New) 50 Copper

Technique LV1 50 Copper

▼───── Battle

Escape Lv1 30 Copper

───── Magic

Summoning Lv.1 30 Copper

───── Production

Collection  LV2 (UP) 60 Copper

Sandy beach collection LV1 (New) 50 Copper

Compounding Lv1 (New) 30 Copper

───── Action

Walking LV1 30 Copper

Drive LV1 30 Copper

Galloping LV1 30 Copper

Carry LV1 (New) 50 Copper

───── Others

Calmness LV1 30 Copper

Endurance LV1 30 Copper


“Oh, I’ve grown some things.”

“That’s the proof that Oni-chan is doing his best ♪”

Is that so?

…… Is that right?

I don’t know why I’m saying this now.

I’m doing my best … Well, I feel like I can’t help it because I have to do my best to eat.

…… Now, there are a lot of skills I want, but as usual, I don’t have the money. I’ll have to narrow it down quite a bit.

“Does it improve a lot when you change [collection level 1] to [collection level 2]?”

“1.1 times the collection correction becomes 1.2 times ♪”

“Ngu …… it’s strong.”

Once you learn it.

“Orpheus Sand” will be judged as B,

“Epee grass” is judged as C,

“Life herb” may be able to aim at the top one by one with a D judgment.

“What is the newly grown [sand beach collection LV1]?”

“It’s just like the name says, you get 1.1 times the collection compensation when you collect on the beach.”

“Does it duplicate the [Collecting] skill?”

“In the case of Onii-chan, 1.1 x 1.1 equals 1.21.”

Seriously? If I learn this, I’m sure I’ll be able to get a B in “Orpheus Sands” and even an A if I get used to it.

But that would have to wait. Now I have to go to the grasslands to collect for medicinal herbs.

“Isn’t there a skill like [plains collecting] or [grassland collecting]? I’m going to pick up epee grass and life herbs from now on.”

“There’s [Collecting Plants]. “Yes, there is. But oni- chan is too inexperienced to read it.”

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been collecting nothing but epee grass on the southern plains for about a week. If I’m inexperienced there, how come I can learn the sandy beach I just picked up for the first time?”

“I think you have an aptitude for it, but I think collecting Orpheus sand is better suited to your size than Epee grass. It’s easier to learn skills by doing the right thing in the right place than by doing a lot of things at the same time.”

Cocona-san told me what Lydia said earlier, and I’m convinced.

…… I see, I must admit that it is indeed a good idea.

The collection that the Paripi made fun of. They said that even the collection of epee grass and life herbs was too fast for me.

“Well, minor skills like [Grassland collection] and [Limbo Dancing] are more difficult to learn than common skills like [Collecting] and [Combat].”

What the heck is that [limbo dancing]? I’m sure that high-level limbo dancers do it with a very low posture.

“All right. Then give me the skill book for [Collecting LV2]. The rest…”

That’s how I spent most of my entire fortune ……96 Coppers, except for living expenses, and once I returned to my room.


Ashima wasn’t humming.

With a serious look on her face, she stared at the worktable on which a leather bag filled with sand was placed.


《Alchemy result》


Orpheus sand x 2


Alchemy success rate 59%

Atelier de Lumiere → × 1.1

Alchemy success rate 64%

Acquired the glass of Orpheus


“OK …!”

I could see Ashima’s doing a guts pose with both hands and expressing joy.

“Heehee ……, I think I’m a genius …….”

“You’re even babbling to yourself.”


It seems that she didn’t even notice me when I entered the room. Well, that’s right, she was so serious.

“Huh, what happened Fujima-kun? You went to get Epe grass and life herbs …”

“I bought a skill book and had six extra coppers. I came to put it in storage.”

“Seko …” (Meticulous)

Ashima’s face looked turned off.

My boyfriend and I went into McDonald’s on our first date and I said, “I’ve got a coupon for fries and two burgers for 110 yen. And water, please. And fries in large, of course,” he said, pulling out a 370 yen coin that was a mixture of one yen and five yen coins, looking at her boyfriend who looked back at her shamefacedly and said, “You should order some too.”

“Shut up. From my point of view, the set is a waste of money. Do you know the cost of a Coke?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

With Ashima’s screams at my back, I stored the six-coppers in storage and pulled a book out of the leather bag on my back.

“This, I came to do this while coming to deposit the 6 coppers.”

“Feh ……?  Ah ……[processing lvl 1]’s skill book ……”

I bought [Collecting LV2] at 60 Copper.

I bought 【Processing LV1】 at 30 Copper.

Alchemy LV1 was also on sale for 30 copper, but when I left the room, she was already past the turnaround point for the smelting process, so I thought that for now, Processing LV1, which turns Orpheus Glass into Orpheus Bottles, would be more useful.

“Well, well. I’m off to collect. You can read that skill book when you can. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

Yes, this is efficiency.

Investing to make money efficiently.

I told myself that and turned my back to the room, but something soft wrapped around my wrist.

“Please wait …”

It’s not déjà vu …….

That’s exactly what Lydia did to me when I tried to leave the deserted market earlier.

But the other party is different.

On the other hand, she was too beautiful.

On the other hand, there is the plain-looking Ashima.

And yet.

“You should do what’s right for you.”

No, that’s why, isn’t it?

What, what, what, what ………….

What’s this?

What the hell is this?

“I’m glad you did the play.”

What, what, what, what ………….

“Even I can understand it, you know. There’s no way you can’t understand Fujima-kun, right?”

What, what, what, what ………….

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you? You took half of the money with you, 96 kappas. You purposely left a fraction left over so that I could come back to this room naturally.”

“That’s not it, right?”

You idiot.

If that’s the case, it’s that thing, isn’t it?

I can’t do anything embarrassing like giving a gift, so I’ll just give it to you as an “incidental” gift, it’s like I made a play for you.

There’s no way I’d do something like that.

Even if someone blamed me, I do not blame myself.

I’m not lonely. I‘m solitary.

Even though I was humiliated by others, I did not break down.

Even if I broke my knee, Toru Fujima was only me.

Even though others deceived me, I never lied to myself.

You have to keep your hands on the ground as you please.

Ashima is no good.

She makes me weak.

The tension in my muscles is being released.

I try to land on my tall heels and say that I can survive on my own.

It melts the cold heart and tries to break the closed shell.

It’s only been two days since we talked for the first time.

“That’s not it!”

I said that again, shook off the warmth that made me weak, and left the room.

“I’m sure I’ll be of use to you, Fujima-kun. ……!”

After leaving the inn, a voice that weakens me pours down from the window on the second floor.

“It’s okay at your pace”

That’s all I said, and this time I turned my back on the inn.

I’m doing this for Ashima? I even put on a play?

…… That can’t be true.

It can’t be. It’s impossible.

Maybe I’m already weak.

For the first time in my life, I had to lie to myself to cover up the fact that I was weaker.

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